Digital Retail

Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA), your foundation for digital transformation

I need to...

Enhance customer experiences

Build a 360-degree view of customers. Dynamically engage them. Predict and personalize experiences.

Increase associate productivity

Empower employees with digital tools and information. Virtualize service and support. Digitize processes.

Protect and enhance my brand

Mitigate theft and fraud. Secure physical and digital assets. Simplify compliance.

Optimize business operations

Integrate supply chain partners. Optimize real estate. Boost adoption of new products and services.

Thrive in retail

Make digital disruption work for you. Here are some industry solutions to help you thrive by leveraging consumer insights and digital capabilities.

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Cisco can help you…

Create experiences

See how Cisco helped Domino’s deliver a digital experience to its customers and drive sales.

Empower associates

Learn how to boost your store's revenue by transforming your retail associate productivity.

Manage risk

Read how Barilla provides transparency into its supply chain with digital transformation.

Improve operations

Find out how the Wanda Group uses business intelligence to grow its operations.

Cisco DNA for Retail

See how Cisco DNA for retail provides the foundation for your digital transformation.

Get started

Welcome to the world of consumer 2020

Ready your digital network for the consumers of 2020.

Discover how

Why Cisco in retail

Cisco provides the technological innovations necessary to empower retailers and the consumers of 2020.

News and events

Digitize your business: NRF Big Ideas Session

Understanding the value at stake in digitizing a retail experience can help retailers most effectively compete and win.

Boost associate productivity

Learn how to create an in-store customer-first experience.

Become a digital retailer

Start your journey to digital transformation and become the retailer of the future.

Change management for retail

A strong change-management program allows you to move your business to the next level.

Hackers love retail

Discover the ways that your retail organization can stay secure.

Secure your retail business

Use a secure, automated, intelligent network to protect your customer data and your brand.

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