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wintermute000 commented on a post in r/networking
wintermute000 1 point

You don't need to know the ins and outs of AD or server physicals. BUT you need to have a HL grasp of the stack and where the components fit. Beyond that, there are 3 skill-sets you should focus on:

  • linux. linux is everywhere. Get good at linux. It will also be heavily leveraged as you accept your software-defined / devops overlords (puppet/chef/ansible/terraform, python, docker, k8 etc. - its all linux). Around 10 years ago I forced myself to use a linux desktop as my daily driver for 6 months, did the trick...

  • VMware - I nutted out a VCP-DCV precisely so I can talk to the server guys in their language and untangle their requirements. Did the trick, now I can even tell them hey you know there's a better way of hooking up XYZ right....

  • Cloud. AWS courses are cheap as chips and the free tier is 12 months, there is zero excuse not to have the basics down.

Certs is part of networking IMO, you should know the basics, and if you don't, you'll be made to do so as soon as you start dealing with netsec.

wintermute000 commented on a post in r/networking
VA_Network_Nerd 47 points

Reality: Good Networkers already have Good Jobs with Good Employers.

If you want one, you have to PULL them out of said good job.

What do Good Networkers want?

  1. More money.
  2. Better Projects.
  3. More Training (to support those projects)
  4. A fair on-call rotation.
  5. Good Leadership & Management.

If your published position description doesn't have a clear salary range written in black & white, you are hurting your chances of enticing one of us out of our current situation.

If your published position description doesn't provide a clear description of what we will be working on immediately and in the near future (as in budget approved) you are hurting your chances.

This topic was the subject of one of my own threads 3 years ago.

Key point your leadership needs to embrace:

  1. All the good, experienced people already have good jobs.
  2. If you aren't willing to give those good people what they want/need to entice them away from their current good jobs, then you need to develop a good pipeline for developing talent.
    • Hire smart but inexperienced people and train them & give them experience.
    • Develop strong internship programs to attract smarter young people.
    • Give people clear reasons to stay as they develop their career experiences.

But that's just my opinion.

wintermute000 5 points

We also want the chance to play on the bleeding edge. SD-anything, cloud, DC fabrics, etc.

You're not going to attract the talent if the job is dealing with regular old campus switching for example.

wintermute000 commented on a post in r/hardware
JonWood007 0 points

Oh hey look, 8 core ryzen finally keeps up with my 7700k!

That's kind of a sad statement.

wintermute000 4 points

And smashes it for multi thread productivity. Your point being??? You do realise other people have things to do other than gaming?

wintermute000 commented on a post in r/hardware
rstune 1 point

Does that include a 4690k in your assessment? I have it paired with a gtx 970 now but contemplating a 1070 later to make it last another 2 years... At least until zen 2 shows up.

wintermute000 1 point

I'm Haswell as well I would wait one more generation. Especially for Intel to incorporate spectre and meltdown fixes in hardware.

rstune 0 points

im jumping ship to AMD. just a question of when, i had intel since the mid 90s but i really hate how they have been changing sockets and limiting upgradeability motherboards over time in the last decade.

wintermute000 2 points

I'd still wait, unless your system is not good enough for your use case. Even with a 1070 you're talking what 10-15 percent more frames which is not worth the bother for a gaming use case. If you wanted the Cores for rendering etc different story

wintermute000 commented on a post in r/GameDeals
vampirecosmonaut 13 points

Same here. I hated how completely useless they were on their own. It’s one of those games where the real boss is the UI.

wintermute000 10 points

Yah that basically tipped it from a 9 back to a 7. Loved everything else in the game but the micro got old

wintermute000 commented on a post in r/australia
butters1337 32 points

Effectively Banks went hog wild during the housing boom, failing to follow most of the banking rules imposed upon them. So far it has been revealed that they were:

  • Lending to people who had no business borrowing money both knowingly and unknowingly
  • Charging fees for financial advisory services they did not actually render
  • Huge conflict of interest with financial advice they actually were providing by pushing customers towards their own products against their customers interest
wintermute000 1 point

It's out today that they were charging dead people lol

wintermute000 commented on a post in r/networking
derrickwmartin 6 points

APIC-EM is a massive pile of steaming shit Cisco put out before it was ready. There’s a reason it’s free and they were giving customers a free UCS server to run it on. APIC-EM was/is the very early beta test for DNA. Even then DNA Center is stupidly expensive to achieve what other solutions can do at a fraction of the cost.

wintermute000 1 point

If your aim is only ztp. The fabric stuff and wireless workflow integration is 2 years late but exactly what's needed. Also, assurance sells.

And yes apic em was nasty embarrassing.

wintermute000 commented on a post in r/todayilearned
rageofbaha 1 point

Youll never reply to this but im gonna say it anyways, im no genius i was tested around 135 IQ in grade 9 then 130 in grade 12, a bit above average but the thing is stupid people drive me crazy, now if i was actually way smarter than everyone like this guy i would just never leave my house to not have to deal with idiots

wintermute000 2 points

Yah people who don't get obvious things infuriate me too. Not a genius either lol just impatient.

wintermute000 commented on a post in r/printSF
PlaceboJesus 36 points

This is a tough one. The trope is old, like ancient mythology old.

But the difference between clichéd doorstop and best seller is execution, isn't it?

There's bound to be some farm boy of hidden potential rising to greatness and the top of the best sellers list in the next few years.

wintermute000 25 points

It's called the heroes journey and yeah it's everywhere not just sci-fi. It's a very common model if you will

wintermute000 commented on a post in r/networking
longlurcker 1 point

They touch on the ASA Rest and Alot of NXOS Automation. I do alot with datacenters and have recently wrote a manual process to add vlans to Vcenter, UCS, and Nexus. I guess now I should automate it.

The thing that made me laugh through this whole things was how quickly I could manually write up Technical Tickets and Scripts in CLI/GUI to do this and how long it would take me to use Rest and API plus Python. It would take me 10x as long to do it the way this course taught it. The idea is I guess if you were doing this for 10's of thousands of pieces of equipment. I think that will be my next step is to start making work for myself.

wintermute000 1 point

try leveraging ansible. Individual python scripts I agree are pointless except for niche scenarios such as super elaborate on-box EEMs, and nobody is going to homebrew an orchestrator. A quick script can sometimes be useful for pushing mass changes in absence of Prime etc.

However, Ansible is easy to leverage and if you have some python familiarity you'll get going much faster + be able to leverage dynamic inventory. Its also all the rage in devops/linux land so its a tool well worth learning. Heck you can even move the pieces around AWS for it (though cloudformation/terraform dominate).

I deploy with ansible as much as possible, even if its just for the heck of it (I don't need any more CLI practice lol).

Moving forwards, as much as REST is easy, NETCONF-YANG will become the standard I believe. Its already gaining ground in SP land. Everyone wants a common target for orchestration and it simply got there first, as much as a million network engineers tried to grapple with parsing XML and cried out in horror.

wintermute000 commented on a post in r/Android

S9+. First unit had a fault screen. Second unit gets hot on seemingly light use and then starts throttling very hard.

Also i can't charge + use it as a GPS because Samsung disabled that so I instead of topping up during my morning drive, I lose about 10% between my house and my destination. And with the +'s shitty battery life, that 10% makes a big difference.

wintermute000 1 point

What you can't use GPS if it's plugged in???? Instant no buy!!! I use Android auto, deal killer

wintermute000 commented on a post in r/Android
MrJuhziz 38 points

Provide a headphone jack

Sd slot

Wireless charging

Stereo speakers

Provide updates for 24 months, at least for your flagships.

Proper QC

Can the LG children provide this?

There is more qc and support from dead Pharoah s than LG.

wintermute000 16 points

Also don't charge Samsung prices and offer a last gen processor Fixing the software wouldnt hurt but I suspect the domestic audience likes it

wintermute000 commented on a post in r/politics
TheScientist889 34 points

The second description describes one of my brother in laws. He is dad is a surgeon who makes $800k a year in a bad year. He was recently pulled out of Georgetown (where I graduated from and one of his brothers as well) because he was smoking tons of weed and not adjusting well. They were all home schooled in a conservative catholic family and he just went crazy when he got to college.

His parents decided to send him to a tiny very conservative catholic college instead. In the semester where he took time off from school, he tried coke.

I am a black kid from the hood. My first memory is a dead body and in order to get to where I ended up, I had to win a lottery I was entered in at birth to be bussed to a rich white suburban school district which required 4 hours or bus travel every day from 1st grade till high school graduation. I kept my nose clean and never tried any drugs, had to isolate myself and had no friends as a kid as the price I willingly paid to ensure that school was my primary focus. The sense of victimization this kid has is mind boggling.

Here is a kid who had to be pulled out of university for excessive drug use and even used coke and he sat there with a straight face and told me that black kids don't get punished for illegal things that they do and it is unfair. As if he has ever had to face consiquences for his actions. I knew this wasn't coming from personal experience because his town is 97% white (I looked it up and have been out there for years at this point). He has no idea what black kids are or aren't punished for and mass incarceration clearly begs to differ from his statement. He then went on to tell me that he was being denied opportunities to work in Ibanking because he was white and unqualified minorities were getting internships over him. I work in Pharma in Business development and have interviewed and worked with investment bankers in the past and I know for sure this is bullshit since that is one of the whitest industries around. He has a huge issue with affirmative action but sees no problem with Legacy admissions which he has benefited from twice. His older brother was at Georgetown before him and both of his parents went to the small catholic college he transferred into. By any measure this kid has had an easy life. He couldn't have survived in my world if he had been born into it.

wintermute000 1 point

The rich fuckers from university I went to were all like this. Had no idea outside their cosy worlds but felt entitled to lecture everyone else on stuff they had no idea about.

MannyMantis 13 points

I will never understand why anyone who is poor, working poor, middle class, female, or a minority would vote Republican.

wintermute000 2 points

Guns abortion jebus, add too much FOX.

wintermute000 commented on a post in r/NintendoSwitch
oakenspirit 1 point

Oh! That looks nice.

wintermute000 3 points

it gets old eventually but whilst it lasts its hypnotic. I played the sh1t out of it on tablet and the multi was already dead - if multi is actually decent then it could be even more addictive.

wintermute000 commented on a post in r/Whatcouldgowrong
Captbv 20 points

I heard about this guy that was special forces and came home to see his bartender girlfriend when some drunks jumped them in the parking lot, he ended up killing one of them and was sent to jail because his hands were deadly weapons! But on the way home the airplane was hijacked by the other prisoners and he had to throw Dave Chapelle out of the airplane and make friends with Cyrus the damn Virus.

wintermute000 1 point

Lol never even registered Chappelle

wintermute000 commented on a post in r/hardware
volts-amps 2 points

Yes please.

The cheapest one I can find that ticks all those boxes is still like four hundred bucks.

wintermute000 1 point

Ha it's around 600usd where I am. Add on the cost of the card to push 2k > 60fps and yeah no I'll wait thanks. Also gsync I have a 24" 1080p 144hz but the colours are terrible, I try to forget LoL but can never go back to 60hz

wintermute000 commented on a post in r/networking
bmoraca 6 points

I disagree that it simplifies your network management. It simplifies Layer 3 because all SVIs are in one place, but it absolutely does not simplify the identifications of your fault domains, and I'd argue it doesn't simplify deployment either.

You'll disagree, of course, but I've seen shared control planes explode too often to trust them at the core of my network.

ECMP with routed access is a 100% more scalable and more fault tolerant solution. Let your application developers and phone system people bitch about required L2 adjacency all they want...99,999 times out of 100,000, they don't actually need it.

wintermute000 2 points

I've had this religious debate a thousand times. 999 times client demands layer two everywhere and demands a stack because muh routing too hard

wintermute000 commented on a post in r/ccie
a_cute_epic_axis 2 points

For what it's worth, I didn't get many IS-IS related questions on the written exam at all. Your mileage may vary, but don't expect that you'll need to know it as well as the other IGPs or BGP.

wintermute000 2 points

Nowhere as many as on OSPF/BGP/EIGRP but enough that it matters.

I'd say you need a CCNP level understanding including basic database / PDU. However, you won't need to be able to interpret the db from scratch unlike OSPF for example.

I still think its not really fair given that its not covered in CCNP RS AND you won't need it in the lab either so its frustrating to study knowing that you won't utilise it in the real thing - keep it in SP track or start introducing it earlier. TBH I've never seen it in the wild in enterprise, but I'm not in the US (and yeah yeah yeah I know TRILL/fabricpath is ISIS under the hood)

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