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Brilliant game in the vein of having the depth of XCom and the skin of Warhammer 40k. Also contantly updated. Highly recommended.

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Looks like arse but plays like a dream. Loved it


The last Samsung I owned was the s6. I found I had to debloat it with custom ROM before I found it acceptable. I'm currently a pixel user so i really want a clean OS and with safety net etc the old root and custom is not an option for me about (pay, etc). How more toned down is it in the so generation?


Galaxy S2. Old but you shouldn't care if it's just books and browsing. Super light and 4:3

Skyatp. Cloud based, GUI.

Sky Enterprise, Sky atp is the malware sandbox

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I stand corrected

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I swear many of these companies choose a chassis design first and think about cooling performance after the fact. Does anyone else find the thin & light laptop trend massively irritating? Compromising performance, user access to components, and longevity for a slight reduction in thickness and weight just doesn't seem worth it. Imagine how much better the battery life and cooling performance could be if they didn't set these silly thinness targets.

Laptops like this are a fashion statement or status symbol more than a usable device in my eyes. They're basically meant to be used for a couple years until a vital component dies from long term heat exposure. Then you'll throw it out or sell it for peanuts because it'll be out of warranty and board level repair costs will be more than a comparable performing laptop in that years market.

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I reckon with 8th gen U and a 1050Ti it would have been fine. If they had that config and LTE I would be all over it.

Og pixel, works 100% except battery vs starting to degrade and body getting all scuffed despite being in a case

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iPad is the only option for tablets. Wasting $400+ on an Android tablet is a waste.

Little to no support, with the iPad you will get like a good 4-5 years of updates.

Poor hardware for the price, typically with Android tablets they use a last gen chip for the high end tablets while Apple uses a modified more powerful version of their current.

The Apps suck.

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I'm fine with my pixel C. Browsing, ebooks, videos, pdfs all work fine. If I need to do work I have real computers

Original Poster1 point · 8 days ago

That sounds like a reasonable decision.

Does it compare to the M5 performancewise?

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CPU GPU is a lot worse

Templar battleforce Shadowrun Shadowrun Dragonfall

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If you read many novels where chaos marines are present, they die at such a horrific rate, you would think there wouldn't be a single veteran of the long war left.

Chaos recruiting and replacement is not nearly covered enough in the novels, always a bit too glossed over for my taste.

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well TBH thats not really any different from a loyalist chapter that needs tens of years to bring recruits through and only 1 in 100 or so survive etc. but then they end up dying at the same rate as Imperial Fists....

chaos recruiting LOL - "come join our brotherhood where we worship she with many titties", "hey you there! do you want to become a rotted putrefacting carcass?", "don't be afraid of that drooling beserker he's actually really happy underneath all that rage"....

Yeah but i mean the logistics of the situation seem way worse.

I mean if you are training people in the eye of terror, mutations are really common, so you might have to kidnap 10000 little kids in the hopes that one could make it to age 10 or so without mutations just to implant the gene seed in him.

I cant see the traitor legions playing nanny to 10000 little kids lol.

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It's 40k, the numbers are made up and logic is meaningless:)

Ignore the other guy. "Developing IP Multicast networks" and "Interdomain Multicast Routing", both of which have been the CCIE RS go-to for years.

Note that they are old and you'll have to skip sections but they cover the nuts and bolts really really well. PIM-DM, PIM-SM are still the same, nothing has changed. Ditto with Anycast RP and MSDP.

Routing TCP/IP is absolutely not sufficient unless you have a lot of day-to-day multicast XP which by your question I'm guessing you do not (outside of IP broadcast and stock exchanges, who does).

Original Poster1 point · 10 days ago

What about the new Multicast books that came out in 2016. Any good?

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No idea sorry

Is it only me or is the pill idea retarded. Pie controls shit all over pill. No need to always move thumb to bottom, no screen real estate required. Sweeping in from side is just so natural

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I was strongly considering buying the Matebook X Pro over my XPS 15 (16/512/4K), the only thing that deterred me was the lesser graphic card and the fact that I would be purchasing a Huawei product, who's service / quality assurance may not be as consistent as others. Additionally, I live in Canada so the return / repair options for a Huawei were more limited. All the reviews and videos I've watched on the Matebook have blown me away.

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The other thing is that I'm now super wary of throttling/heat issues on all these thin-n-light laptops. The huawei may be better in this respect with a less power hungry GPU and also the option of no dGPU?

There are tonnes of stories on the XPS15 throttling under load until/unless thermal repasted and/or undervolted which is RIDICULOUS for a 2-3k machine. I would have easily accepted a few mm more thickness to avoid this.

The problem is that most reviews don't go over this problem you have to wait until there are enough users in the wild

Englanders calm down your karma is bitch its "not coming home". Everyone is just making fun of you.

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You do realise it's being sung with least 50% in irony if not more.

Original Poster1 point · 15 days ago

Oh I realize this I just want to make the most of the resources available to me.

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If you don't care about efficient use of your money and you are OK with spending several thousand quid on a small bump in your chance of passing the written then go wild, of course it will help you pass... the written, which is perhaps 20% of the journey (if that).

Honestly, if money is no object, then why are you even asking? :)

Original Poster1 point · 14 days ago

If you don't care about efficient use of your money and you are OK with spending several thousand quid on a small bump in your chance of passing the written then go wild, of course it will help you pass... the written, which is perhaps 20% of the journey (if that).

Haha, it was more asking about INE as training provider then if I should do a bootcamp or not.

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fair point, I guess I'm digressing.

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Maybe because the galaxy s9 is the exact same phone as the galaxy s8?

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And for those of us not in the USA or China we get a hot power sucking CPU. thanks to XDA/anandtech this single reason eliminated any desire to get one

Original Poster1 point · 19 days ago

It was my understanding that the MED is automatically 0 between IBGP peers. Is that not true?

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I've never heard of this... Unless it's a Junos specific quirk

Oh man this is my fucking life. People who don't live like this can just never understand no matter how well you've described it.

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Preach it!!! People without kids have NFI

United Torah Judaism MK Yisrael Eichler pushed back against the notion that the men’s behavior on the flight was illegitimate, saying Wednesday in the Knesset plenum that claims the women were in any way humiliated or excluded were “malicious… anti-Semitic libel.”

Aaaannnd there we go again.. Legic accusations are always anti semitic, racist, myogenic, take your pick.. Lets not give a good argument in defense, just claim discrimination and you're done..

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They're also chicken hawks, don't do military service. The hypocrisy is stunning

Contract all the time. You're never unemployed anyway Do your CCIE before kids Buy Amazon and Apple stocks lol

Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

Yeah I'm confused about this. Some say S is good for opening locks or something? How does Endurance play a role in wasteland exploration when it comes to finding valueabke junk?

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P is for junk. I and C also help encounters. Every stat matters A is for running away... personally after endurance and strength is luck and perception.

"And that was the point I realized he was 9 foot tall transhuman from the Emperor's gene labs." "What did he ask for?" "About three fifty."

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Goddamned loch Ness Monster

You absolutely need a CCNA or a JNCIA if you're coming into networking cold. At least half the course is ethernet and TCP/IP basics. Switching is universal, OSPF is everywhere, and the principles of routing protocols are also universal. Its a shame BGP is not covered because that is also everywhere.

The exam doesn't matter (except to recruiters etc.) but the material is absolutely relevant even if you primarily work on other vendors. If you can't explain ethernet or the entire Layer2 to Layer-4 operation of when you try to connect to something you aren't a networker and the CCNA will cover all of this in a systematic, structured manner.

I'll never understand why people want 99.9999% uptime but don't want to pony up the money for the infrastructure to support it.

Fuck those people up their asses.

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Oh yeah The best is small business whinging because internet is down and "it's critical to our business". FFS it's 60 bucks a month for a cheapie secondary internet link. But we'll rather moan about losing thousands a day then pay for a secondary

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