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wintermute000 commented on a post in r/australia
eatsleepborrow 15 points

Amazing that some far right Christians support Israel and the other half hates the Jewish people. I never figured this position out.

wintermute000 2 points
wintermute000 commented on a post in r/hardware
1337h4x0rz69 14 points

People are so fixated on the 1k nits part when they should be fixated on contrast. 1k nits on a monitor with 1000:1 contrast will look like complete garbage next to one half as bright with good contrast. This is why OLEDs are routinely seen as the best HDR displays even though there are lcd sets getting 2-3x brighter.

HDR wants 1000 nits, but it also wants a 20000:1 contrast ratio. If you cant do anything close to the latter, your display is going to look like ass regardless of how bright it gets

On a slightly different note, this whole HDR 400/600/1000 label is a sham anyway, just like the UHDP cert. If these monitors had to hit their black/white numbers with an ANSI pattern, not a single one of them would qualify, including those 2000 dollar FALD monitors.

VESA is just a manufacturer collaborative entity. These HDR ratings are for sales, not for making products better for the consumer. The contrast/black numbers can be easily gamed, and that's by design.

wintermute000 1 point

Also apparently the brightness is less important for monitors due to distance

wintermute000 commented on a post in r/40kLore
Chief_Jericho 131 points

This for me is the Heresy's finest novel. Dan Abnett just nailed it.

wintermute000 3 points

Lord Abnett is the best BL writer. Props to Chris Wraight and ADB (may have missed one or two obscure authors). Those 3 are the only ones who write books that I would actually show non 40k fans and not be ashamed. Everyone else just does serviceable bolterpron at best.

wintermute000 commented on a post in r/40kLore
cstrez 55 points

You're comment made me realize how awesome a Mass Effect-style(Third person shooter) Warhammer RPG would be. Either a Deathwatch or Inquisition RPG would work really well with that gameplay.

wintermute000 11 points

I've been wishing for an Eisenhorn with ME3 engine for years

bobbinsgaming 6 points

There literally is one. Eisenhorn is voiced by Mark Strong.

It’s terrible.

wintermute000 6 points

It's a mobile game not exactly PC AAA ME3 engine

wintermute000 commented on a post in r/linuxadmin
wintermute000 8 points

Want to learn openstack openshift and meeting the requirements of a small business is not the same thing. Do your job FFS this is real life not your homelab. Though if the business is stupid enough to give an undocumented mess of a prod environment to a one year student who considers it his personal learning playground then they deserve what's coming

Seroto9 0 points

Wow. Pretty harsh and unhelpful response.

wintermute000 4 points

He doesn't need help, he has VC money being thrown at him, being a 1st year programmer so naturally that's what you'd seek out if you were building a private cloud. Bonus points for shoving as many buzzwords as possible into the infra of a SMB who totally needs bleeding edge private cloud because they hired a 1st year programmer who views their environment as his personal learning playground. None of this makes any sense and OP is either trolling or completely disconnected from reality

wintermute000 commented on a post in r/googleplaydeals
Jarymane 4 points

I wish! It's really inconvenient.

I'm gonna research later and I'll let you know if I find any solutions

wintermute000 7 points

there are none, because the world's largest search engine can't get its sh1t together. Pretty ironic

japzone 4 points

It's always amazed me how crap Play Store search is. It's often easier to find things by pulling up normal Google and entering "play store [thing I'm looking for]"

wintermute000 2 points

yeah I didn't notice it for the first year or two but nowaways when you click on "my apps" in the browser play store and get your 2011 apps in your face (and now you can't delete them even, at least not in that screen) WTF

That and absolutely awful discovery, if it wasn't the world's largest search engine behind it all it would be pathetic, as it is its pathetic AND funny at the same time

wintermute000 commented on a post in r/politics
Dogstarman1974 699 points

I wonder if Trump will take credit for this like he did when the market bumped.

wintermute000 4 points

No he'll blame the fed as it turns out, oblivious to the fact that the entire bubble only exists due to post GFC QE money firehose

wintermute000 commented on a post in r/AndroidAuto
slinky317 11 points

In the latest AMA with the YouTube Music team they said they are working on it, but did not provide a timeline AFAIK.

YouTube Music is a disaster and it shouldn't have been launched in the state it was in. If you can't go to market with a product that doesn't at least have feature parity with your biggest competitors, then that product is not minimally viable.

wintermute000 1 point

Well what do you expect, Google's product managers are too busy with hookers/ blow/ canceling actually useful shit/launching yet another chat app

wintermute000 commented on a post in r/samsung
The_Nox 0 points

A Samsung + Google phone would be amazing. Samsung actually did make the first Google Nexus if I recall correctly.

wintermute000 1 point

Not the first, the galaxy nexus.

The first was the Nexus One (HTC - basically a google-fied HTC Desire), awesome phone, loved it.

wintermute000 commented on a post in r/NintendoSwitch
IntermittentSteam 7 points

Give be the ability to filter just on two things:

  • Controllers or other hardware needed to play
  • Number of players

Until those are options, I'm stuck googling things to figure out what I can or can't play.

wintermute000 2 points

Is it a mobile port Is it retro 16 or 8 bit style

eclipse60 20 points

I'd be okay with mobile ports if they weren't so damn expensive. The music rhythm games are like $40

wintermute000 0 points

Yeah lol who buys that shit when it's clearly on your phone for 1/3rd the price

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wintermute000 commented on a post in r/technology
big_trike 98 points

Microsoft and Apple have been doing this since the 80s. The education licenses were always much cheaper.

wintermute000 1 point

Back then though they didn't have all your data and connected ecosystem in a headlock. I mean your primary email, that alone is a massive hassle to change

wintermute000 commented on a post in r/40kLore
NX7145Brawl 3 points

It's not that Chaos simply lies, it's that it distorts the truth. Consider Horus' fall in False Gods, for example. Nothing they show him isn't true, it's just stripped of context. The statues of his brothers and not him, the priesthood venerating the Emperor? All because of his actions. The Emperor not stopping Chaos scattering the Primarchs? We don't know the context for that, either.

Recently re-read the original trilogy and was so angry about the entire lack of context thing that Horus failed to pick up on.

I'm a bloody mortal and he's this Super-Human Supreme being... and can't even see through a lie! How the fuck?

wintermute000 4 points

Because mcneill. Seriously they dun goofed by not letting lord abnett do the entire opening trilogy.

NX7145Brawl 3 points

Not a fan of Abnett myself. He gives too much detail and describes how he wants to see things, rather than just enough to let you build your own world (Like AD-B)

I think the initial Heresy novels suffered a lot from "We gotta do this right... we gotta do this right" - Then you read some of the new stuff and it's Batshit straight out of hell nuts.

wintermute000 1 point

Fair enough, I love his world building and characters. Point being that they should have kept the bolterporn writers away to setup the fall like a dark Shakespearean tragedy, if you're an ADB fan surely you agree with this theme. Instead we got cardboard cutout characters

wintermute000 commented on a post in r/40kLore
wecanhaveallthree 23 points

It's important to remember that a lot of the worlds Macharius was conquering were across a huge front, and his spread of soldiers and weapons was thin at best. He held it all together with both military genius and personal charisma -- and for the most part, I'd imagine those worlds came back into the Imperial fold fairly willingly.

Angel of Fire shows us a good example: the world in question was lost to the Imperial Faith, it hadn't forgotten it. The Faith had been twisted and bent into other (daemonic) forms, but it was still there. People still had statues of the Emperor and Space Marines and Saints, still had the general framework of belief. It'd just been changed by their isolation.

It's one thing to bring a completely new and untouched planet into compliance, but many of these were old Imperial worlds that had simply been out of contact.

E: One of the most important things to note is that he had elements from five different Adeptus Astartes Chapters with him. That kind of power is enough to run over even the toughest of resistance.

wintermute000 2 points

Still doesn't square with scale, the old 40k chestnut. 1000 worlds over 7 years is what a planet every 3 days...

wintermute000 commented on a post in r/australia
512165381 12 points

I've listened to hearings. ASIC and APRA prosecute virtually nobody. The interim report blames them as well.

wintermute000 11 points

ASIC APRA need to be prosecuted for negligence. Look at their track record. Pathetic

wintermute000 commented on a post in r/NintendoSwitch
Collinhead -4 points

I could see that. I have a switch and never once have wished Netflix was on it. I have a phone, a laptop, a tablet, and a Chromecast connected to my TV. All of them have better screens with higher resolution than the Switch. I love my Switch for what it is- an awesome console that plays games.

wintermute000 7 points

When you travel that's one less device and charger. I end up picking between switch and tablet especially as I'm already lugging a work laptop around

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