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wintermute000 commented on a post in r/chelseafc
whambo666 -2 points

I agree with you entirely. £50m is not a transfer fee for a 'backup' player though.

*edit - and is Palmieri who's played ONCE this season an upgrade on Alonso who, IMHO, has been one of our standout performers for the last season or so. Depth is good, but why not throw money at replacing Moses who, we can all agree, is fucking shite.

wintermute000 2 points

It's dz3ko and palmeiri. Proven premier league and young lb seems reasonable if not earth shattering

wintermute000 commented on a post in r/politics
fuckthrowitallaway 334 points

warning: anecdotal evidence

Born '92, and most of my friends are similarly aged. This administration has really woken up my social group to how important our involvement really is. We bought that bullshit about both parties being the same, but now everyone I know is fired up every minute of every day.

I hope Millennials all over are having a similar revelation; we'll need it for the midterms, and 2020 after that.

wintermute000 3 points

If you're in a blue area it doesn't really matter. What you guys need to do is to start flipping the red areas and the guns/abortion/jesus voters

Its not even that blue is much better agreed, its just that it isn't completely irrational and insane

wintermute000 commented on a post in r/Futurology
Complaingeleno 78 points

As someone who runs an entire tech company with one other person, this is 100% true. I often consider how much harder it would have been for me to do what I do even 10-15 years ago—we would have needed 15-20 employees to handle the same system. But thanks to:

  • Platform as a service solutions, I don’t need to pay a sys admin
  • Open source code, I don’t need to hire extra developers
  • several web platforms, I don’t need to hire a lawyer to manage my corporate affairs
  • quickbooks, I don’t need to hire an accountant
  • intercom, I don’t need to hire customer support
  • Stripe and Braintree, I don’t need to build a payment processing team
  • Gusto, I don’t need a payroll person
  • Upwork, I don’t need to hire a sales team

It’s great for me, and honesty, were it any other way, I wouldn’t have been able to start my company, but regardless, it has me terrified for the future. The only way I see things working out is if we impose absolutely massive taxes on the people at the tops of the pyramids, but based on this country’s trajectory, doesn’t seem likely.

wintermute000 1 point

Yeah but there's two things you're not considering.

  • All those XaaS services aren't running on pixie dust and unicorn tears.
  • This is not a zero sum game. The fact that two of you can output XYZ feeds into other systems, even simple turnover i.e. two bodies have produced XYZ turnover into the economic system. And it produces even more activity. Its like when the sky was falling with virtualisation in the mid noughties, guess what happened, the number of 'boxes' exploded.

I'm biased though because my field has exponentially increasing demand

wintermute000 commented on a post in r/australia
circletech10 2 points

People skills are the more hireable skill.

My thing with grades is often you need the grades to be allowed to sit in front of someone in an interview and show them you have people skills.

Grades doesn't mean you're going to be good at the job, it's just often a hurdle requirement that's all so why make life harder for yourself and have to find jobs to try for that have no hurdle.

wintermute000 1 point

Absolutely, but if you're all soft skills and no hard skills you WILL be found out for the useless snake that you are.

Its not one or the other, without the basic hard skills in your profession you'd be as useless as tits on a bull, regardless of how high your EQ is or whatever

JuanUpvote 2 points

Like I said, 90% of IT graduates are rubbish. Assuming that Reddit has such a distribution of IT graduates then it is likely my opinions - truthful and stark as they are - are unfavourable. Then there is the groupthink which tries to create a false idea of "what it means to be working in IT". Where image is more importance than substance. Because there is no substance.

I could point out the stereotype of the hipster with the black turtleneck and carefully cultivated beard sitting in a coffee shop with their MacBook open with some - at a quick glance to me - crappy UI JavaScript melange (couldn't really call it software engineering).

wintermute000 1 point

Its even worse in infra. I blame microsoft, GUIs and the outsourcing economy that suddenly made a massive bunch of people with no inherent talent or interest in IT decide to take it up because they think its the way to go.

As you said, the people with actual interest in the topic are the ones that shine

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wintermute000 commented on a post in r/chelseafc
JLPMclean 223 points

Booing and whistling is a bit strong, there were groans but what does he want? Applause when bakayoko loses the ball for the third time in as many minutes

wintermute000 2 points

I was saying BOO-URNs

wintermute000 commented on a post in r/hardware
vithos 14 points

SUPERO’s Core Gaming series does away with the nonsensical features, and focuses purely on the essentials...

Leaves off VRM heatsinks; includes RGB lighting.

wintermute000 6 points

to be fair Supermicro has traditionally done only server / workstation gear and you don't overclock those. Also depending on the design the VRM could be basically using the mobo as a heatsink and a lot of the time they're basically cosmetic because gamers think it means it goes faster. Google it there's a lot of discussion on this topic. e.g.

RGB is stupid though I can't stand the trend (and I never buy clear cases)

wintermute000 commented on a post in r/television
ApolloTheDarkHorse 27 points

Yeah i don't want them to ruin the masterpieces that are the first two movies by pumping out a mediocre tv show. Keanu probably would hopefully stop that though.

wintermute000 -13 points

"Yeah i don't want them to ruin the masterpieces that are is the first two movies by pumping out a mediocre tv show. Keanu probably would hopefully stop that though."


wintermute000 commented on a post in r/docker
FatalityVirez 5 points

There is also this subreddit. So I asked a question. No need to get angry.

wintermute000 -3 points

Yes everyone loves to volunteer to answer noob questions because you're too lazy to even do basic research.

FatalityVirez 3 points

You know, I actually don’t need to argue about this

wintermute000 -3 points

Yet here we are.

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wintermute000 commented on a post in r/sysadmin
jax3rir 56 points

C'mon dude you're in /r/sysadmin. Stop sounding like a basic Windows user

wintermute000 -24 points

A basic user with a Westmere-era hexacore Xeon and 48Gb RAM lol. Though IIRC the LGA1366 mobos could run honest to god Xeons (not E3 neutered) as well as consumer i7s

wintermute000 commented on a post in r/hardware
wintermute000 2 points

Waiting to see what they do with the normal XPS15.

Bipartisan_Integral 7 points

I don't think these are powerful enough to exceed 60fps at that resolution, but you can always lower settings.

I wouldn't knock 4k on laptops, I thought it was unneccessary until I used an XPS 15 for a few months, webpages look like glossy magazine prints. I also didn't think 1080p was neccessary on smartphones years ago (for the same reasons as you) but look where we are now.

wintermute000 1 point

And a truckload of older apps look like total a$$ because they don't do DPI scaling properly. Sure its the apps' fault for not utilising newer APIs but its the sad situation in wintel land. I mean FFS there's large swathes of the OS itself that aren't properly scaled 2.5 years after Win10 release like all the legacy menus control panel etc. It gets even worse when you have external monitors and want to do different DPI scaling on different screens.

There's some good outcomes out of Apple's heavy handedness for sure.

I'm in the 1080p at 13-15" sweet spot crowd, the extra battery is also nice, and no scaling fun and games required. Would be aboard the 4k train in a heartbeat if the non DPI behaving apps were fixed.

wintermute000 commented on a post in r/virtualization
hypercube33 -1 points

It'll work just fine. I'm still rocking FX-6100 / FX-6320 / FX-8120 for my vm shit.

Also have a low ass power i5 mini pc, and even lower power yet intel atom box (newerist genny that is quad core and decent memory support) that is like 9W max draw for running stuff more.

Also rocking an R710 but that is a power pig compared...

wintermute000 3 points

I'm not sure how you're experience with an entirely different processor family applies to the question

hypercube33 1 point

The ryzen is supposed to be better faster and comparable or better or more affordable than Intel right? What are you asking? Memory is almost surely your limitation by amount.

Will it run your stuff? Very likely. Will it be an affordable buy? Probably. A uses off lease workstation or sell server will be cheaper per ram usually thought higher power and take more space up.

wintermute000 1 point

Have you done ANY research into ryzen and ESXI or Linux kernel panics ????? Obviously zero

wintermute000 commented on a post in r/scifi
Astroniglio 154 points

Culture series by Iain M. Banks. Quite original setting and very imaginative, situations that leaves you ethically uneasy, all that in a society that's a mix of anarchism and posthumanism. Not only it has fascinated me, but it has also influenced my way of imagining the future.

wintermute000 2 points

The first culture book I read was Use of Weapons, talk about feeling uneasy.... massive Iain M Banks fanboy ever since.

The only other author I've had my mind blown similarly is Neal Stephenson

wintermute000 commented on a post in r/printSF
doomvox 34 points

The big three for much of the "modern" era was Asimov, Clarke and Heinlein. For Asimov you could pick the first Foundation trilogy, for Clarke you would probably retcon 2001 into position (early works like "Against the Fall of Night", "City and the Stars" and "Childhood's End" having faded from memory). For Heinlein you might pick the entire "Future History" saga, though it goes off the rails by 1970, and that might downplay the "juveniles" which are some of his best work.

So that's one answer. I suspect the real answer is there is no one single work that dominates the field, and that's a really good thing. Genre fantasy became terminally boring after the Tolkien craze of the 70s.

wintermute000 2 points

Yeah I agree, as much as I am also a fantasy geek the whole elves in decline and dwarves who live underground (also in decline) hoarding gold thing is played out to the nth degree.

Heck what are the SF analogues of elves and dwarves and orks? there are none which is fantastic.

wintermute000 commented on a post in r/hardware
double0cinco 6 points

That's a good point. Again, back to the extremely compact point of the poster's comment though. I wouldn't call the likes of a node 202 extremely compact.

wintermute000 2 points

agree mITX isn't extremely compact but its compact enough to look nice in a HTPC setup and not occupy heaps of space in a workstation arrangement. Diminishing returns and all that. People don't seem to have a problem with Xboxs and playstations in a HTPC setting, you can do a nice mITX build just a little bit larger than that with a dual slot dGPU.

giant4ftninja 2 points

This is why i wish there were more powerful half height cards. I understand there are space limitations for the likes of high end cards, but they are getting there with short cards like the fury nano and zotac minis. You can get cases with less volume than a console that can accomidate up to a 1050ti but I want 4k60 with something small enough to sit on my desk under my monitors and be barely noticable.

This would be amazing to have for a decent price and not having to go through the process of designing something so awesome yourself.

wintermute000 1 point

That is neat!

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wintermute000 commented on a post in r/40kLore
Algebrace 15 points

Star Wars is really weird.

Like Republic Era it is still really behind in terms of logistics. Like the Clone Wars have armies of Clones that number in the low millions, like less than 4 million iirc. That's less than the total output of a single Forge World.

Then suddenly in Empire they own the entire galaxy and suddenly have hundreds of Forge Worlds of output for their military, not to mention what seems like hundreds of Star Destroyers.

Do they ever explain where these come from because Palpatine is Logistics and Subterfuge God if he could set all that up without the Republic ever knowing about it.

wintermute000 18 points

Its explained as well as GW explains numbers. Rule of cool and all

Vindicare241 1 point

GW flip-flops between realistic numbers for its military forces and then waffling back to super low numbers.

Damocles crusade was a perfect example

... Upon their signals, the vast transports and landing craft began the long process of ferrying billions of soldiers along with supporting materiel.

Turning into...

The majority of the ground forces were under the command of Lord General Troskzer of Cadia. Beneath the Lord General were eighteen infantry regiments of the Astra Militarum, six armoured regiments, and two artillery regiments.

Either they lost 99.9999% of their forces or Astra Militarum regiments are BIG

wintermute000 1 point

Exactly. FFS the German 6th army had 285k troops going into Stalingrad alone. I'm not sure how 1k sphess mahreens can do anything, power armour/bolters or not. I'm really not seeing how you can subjugate a defended and populated planet without millions of troops. Then the logistics of getting them all into and out of orbit (and all the supplies). Let's face it, none of it is remotely practical

wintermute000 commented on a post in r/40kLore
GeorgeSenpai 14 points

Nice and simple explanations lol I like it

wintermute000 29 points

worf effect aside when it suits the writer, there's plenty of lore where custodes casually wreck CSMs like Astartes would annihilate regular humans.

Here's a lore battle where 3 legions (including primarchs) were getting wrecked against orks, and then big-E and 1k custodes crunch 100k orks losing only 3 custodes LOL

In the battle of propsero, 500 custodes + 1k SoS defeat 6k thousand sons

Here's some glorious 1d4chan reading, usual 1d4chan disclaimer applies but theres straight up descriptions of book contents

wintermute000 commented on a post in r/Cisco
Tobias_Z 3 points

SP has always been more of a rare track because it is more for the senior ISP people who focus on Cisco which can be hard to justify since a lot of the ISPs uses a mix of vendors.

Yeah that's the big thing. I work for a very large ISP and we have a mix of everything. We actually have more Alcatel than Cisco in our network and Juniper is either dead even with Cisco or slightly ahead.

wintermute000 6 points

1.) If you stay in ISP, knowing more MPLS+BGP is not going out of fashion in a hurry, even with segment routing / BGP-LS+PCE its still BGP + MPLS. Ditto with EVPN-MPLS, its still MPLS, and there's still labels and a BGP control plane. Another example, been doing a lot of VXLAN EVPN lately and holy crap its so similar to MPLS (being based around MP-BGP and RDs, RT import/export considerations etc.)

2.) a CCIE is a CCIE to the pointy ears, i have lost count of the number of times management goes 'hey go fix this wireless/voice/XYZ issue'. LOL it absolutely matters when hiring (outside of the hyperscalers I suppose).

3.) If you enjoy JUNOS then by all means consider the JNCIE-SP, I've heard its a 'saner' track than the CCIE-SP as in the scenarios and topologies are a lot closer aligned to real world vs creating artificial corner cases to test deep protcol operation.

At the end of the day, if you're a serious engineer, a CCIE/JNCIE level of knowledge is always a massive plus IMO. In fact it doesn't even matter (aside from prestige/hiring) whether you actually pass or not, if you do the actual study properly and lab it thoroughly then you're going to hit a technical level and understanding of first principles that will serve you well throughout your career. As a former colleague of mine put it, the best CCIE is the one about to walk into the lab LOL. Even 6 months afterwards you have already forgotten a lot of the minor details - but that's not the point.

Whatever you do, don't be one of those 'CCIE is lamerz I automate all the things' guys... its not a zero-sum game and you can't automate what you don't understand....

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