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I lost my dad Dec 10, 2016, and I'm due Oct 10. I know he would have just been so happy to know my husband and I were finally having a baby. He always said he didn't understand why my husband was so hesitant and that having kids was the best thing he's ever done in his life. Thank you for sharing your story. It really hits home the closer I get to having this little guy.

I'm due October 10, but my leave starts October 1st.

What kind of dogs?

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2 Airedales and an Australian Shepherd mix

Nice—we have one lab who lays in the back right now. She was a huge consideration when we were car shopping (because she’s not fitting in the back with two car seats). Hopefully I can convince my husband at some point that there’s plenty of room for a second dog back there.

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My husband gets the fancy cars and I tell him I'm always stuck with the "mom mobile" or responsible car. It's actually him that I have to consider when I buy a car because he has such a tall torso. I hadn't even thought about putting the cage up back there, but my older Dale will jump over the seat because she just has to be near us or she's mopey lol

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Annd now I'm crying. I yelled at my dog earlier and it was totally my own fault for losing my cool :(

28 weeks

My FMLA team put me out early- about 10 days before my due date. They just told me to call when the baby was born. I think it should be similar for you and they can adjust the dates based on when she goes into labor.

Moved to Denver last year from Tampa and my God I miss Publix SO much! I swear I would fly back to a place with a Publix for the holy grail that is their cake, cookies, and deli goodies!

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