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I'm 29+4 and still at the fat or pregnant stage unless I specifically wear maternity clothes lol

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Score hidden · 8 hours ago

28+3 and I'm in the same boat

Be the Match has resources on their website. I'm in Colorado, but am looking to do the same thing after losing my dad to mantle cell lymphoma

I had to tell my coworkers because being sick and late in the morning was so out of character.

Some one please tell me what is BFP?

All I can think is best friend pregnant. :-D

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Big fat positive for a positive pregnancy test

4 points · 19 days ago

Me! I live near Sloan's Lake :). Due August 14 and not loving this heat since we don't have A/C.

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I'm right by the acute hospital. Hello neighbor!

I'm in Denver and due in October =)

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Mine was $400 because my hospital has a cool program where they have doulas that are part of the hospital staff. Maybe your hospital has something similar?

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My hospital does too. Moved to Colorado last year and we never had anything like this in Florida.

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I'm in CO too! Bet its the same hospital :)

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Could be if you are in Denver too :)

6 points · 1 month ago

WTH State you live in!? “/

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Could be in Colorado too. Denver rent is crazy!

I have lots to do too, but my problem is we currently have tons of family living with us and it doesn't matter how much I clean, they just make an even bigger mess once I leave the room... grrrr

Yeah I desperately want my belly button to pop out because it's too deep and it creates a little crater in the middle of my shirts. I seriously want to invent a little plug for your belly button that creates a nice smooth bump lol.

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I have the same thing going on. The pants smooth out the top of the bump, but then I just look like a fat person pretending to be 23.5 weeks pregnant.

I thought I had the same issue and it turns out it was water weight. I wasn't sick, but I didn't feel like eating as much and I ended up losing all that water weight and a few lbs. Don't be surprised if you see the scale change over the next couple of weeks.

This creeps me out for some reason

I am only 20 weeks along, but also a systems engineer with on call responsibility. I've been feeling this way for a while now. Like why didn't I do something more with my life/career? I don't feel like my position is worthwhile sometimes and I wonder why I'm doing it. Like you, I love my team and my immediate management structure, but the politics have really started to take a toll on my mental wellbeing. I'm concerned that if I feel this way now, it will only get worse after the baby arrives. I'm trying my best to do some soul searching and not make rash decisions during this time, but I feel like if I don't get out soon I will regret it.

Wife and I moved away three years ago... she wants to come back now

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I moved to Denver a year ago and miss home every single day. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of the beach, going to a ball game, or other fun stuff I miss.

It's strange how the dynamics change. I had no problem making friends in high school, but now I feel like I have nobody. I talk to people off and on and it's always the same banter about getting together for dinner. I moved out of state for my job last year and I kept my Facebook to keep in touch with people, but it just doesn't matter. I guess I've finally had the realization that these people probably aren't really my friends after all. Sure we comment on each other's posts, but I don't feel much of a connection.

As soon as I announced we would be moving out of state for my job, my best friend of over 20 years was pissed off at me and basically quit talking to me for months even though I had just lost my father that Christmas before. I chose to move for the opportunity, but mainly because I wanted to start a family and didn't want to have to wait a whole year for leave after finding a new job back home. She knew all this and didn't come around again until right before I left. I've never felt more betrayed than I did during that time.

I wish it were easier to make friends. I think I would feel better about my move if I had more than just coworkers to talk to regularly.

I've been buying the Pampers water wipes. I hope the baby doesn't mind them. I figure with the skin issues my husband's side of the family has, I'd better be safe than risk it will anything else.

3 points · 2 months ago

I had the scabby nips too. What I did was gently exfoliate with a wash cloth during a long soak in the bath, then hit them with coconut oil twice a day for like a week. I did this once and no issues since. my nips were kinda raw after the exfoliation but the sensitivity went away after a couple days.

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I should do that too, but god they hurt so bad already.

10 weeks tomorrow. My nipples are SO SENSITIVE, oh my god. And I can't eat chicken - I love it, baby wants revenge every time I have even a bite. ):

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I wish I could tell you that the sore nipples get better at 20 weeks, but I almost feel like it's worse now :(

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I rescued my dog from the Boulder Humane Society. Very nice people.

Floridian here just moved to Denver last year and I never thought I would miss the greasy mess that is Checkers, but here I am wishing there was one in Colorado. Darn it!

I don't know recruiters since I moved here with Spectrum from Florida, but there are tons of scrum related positions available. I'm in engineering, but would love to get into the project management side.

Original Poster3 points · 2 months ago · edited 1 month ago

Spectrum does love their recruiters. I actually took a PM class for part of my Master's degree, I just never took the test. Now that I think about it, I do recall meeting a recruiter through one of my colleagues. I'm going to send you a PM with her name and number.

Sounds like you and your husband need to have a serious conversation... he clearly needs to be doing more.

Also, in terms of friends- try mom groups! I moved the same day I found out I was pregnant and started going to an expecting moms group and 90% of my new friends came from there. I never thought I’d be the type of person that turns into a MOM mom, if you know what I mean, but there’s something about connecting with people who are going through the same thing as you that makes everything easier.

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Thank you for the idea. If I might ask a dumb question, did you find your groups through Meetup or something similar? I moved to Denver last year and have no friends, but would love to meet some new ones so I don't feel so isolated.

I'm due on December 13th! With my mom passing on Christmas Eve and my family not really celebrating Christmas, I'm over the top excited for December to be magical again. Ready AF to wrap a ton of gifts for my little guy or girl. 😍

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My dad died December 10th. I'm due October 10th. I also can't wait for a positive time during the holidays.

Some shouldn't have been banned. I mean, who doesn't have their x? Why can't someone say they are God? Most were not crazy but space fillers.

TL;DR - my time was wasted on this clickbait

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Exactly. I especially don't get the Gator Hater plate. I had an FSU plate that said UFSXX and that was allowed.

Hahahah. I am 14 weeks tomorrow and this is how I feel about having to clean out the spare bedroom to make room for our baby.

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I'm just over 14 weeks and I feel the same way

Did you check eBay? I've found brands on there that I cannot buy locally anymore.

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I've accepted it.

My father has always been like this. Non existent. I should have known better to think that he'd actually care.

I figure I'll just do my thing and if he tries to come in to his grandchild's life, I'll let him. But I won't be begging for it either.

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I have the opposite problem. My dad is non-existent until there's something he can brag about and then magically he's all about me. The last time was when I graduated with my Master's degree. Now his wife wants to tell the world and I told her that I haven't even finished telling people I need to before I put something out there to everyone.

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