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I used the CCNA Wireless 640-722 official certification guide to prepare and failed, but it’s not the training, it’s the test. It doesn’t follow the guidelines of objectives published by Cisco.

Through the book and accompanying CD-ROM I learned a tremendous amount about 802.11 networks which will be of great use to me in working with wireless networks. Unfortunately it’s of no use at all for passing the 640-722 test. While the book carefully followed the exam objectives and guidelines, the Cisco exam itself did not. To make matters worse the test questions were poorly written and there were no simulations, only multiple choice. Cisco really laid a rotten egg with the 640-722 test.

The question now is has Cisco addressed these issues in the new CCNA Wireless exam? If I pick up a copy of the new CCNA Wireless 200-355 official cert guide from Cisco Press will I actually be preparing for the 200-355 test? Or is it going to be like many of us have experienced with the 640-722 where we sit down in a testing center and by the 3rd question wonder if we have been given the wrong test?

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I certainly felt that way by the third question. I did pass it the second time around, but am actually curious to see what the new test holds. I am starting a Master's degree January 6th or I would consider taking the time to go through it and schedule the test. You bring some very valid points though. I feel that asking someone where something is located in some random GUI menu does not accurately measure their understanding of deploying wireless networks. Every person I've asked that's been certified (even non-Cisco) agrees that it's completely ridiculous.

I feel I also struggled due to how my company chooses to divide the various functions of deployments. I do not design the network or choose what equipment is deployed, however I am expected to configure and support it.

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And those GUI menus are often not very logical or there are multiple ways to arrive at the same option. The real problem is the multiple choice. If you want to see if I can configure a WLC, then give me a GUI and let me configure it. Don't give me a multiple choice.

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