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Ban Knives

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Ban criminals

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What about all the other people who contribute to the trophy collection? Some of the timestamps don't add up unless it's multiple people all using the same ID at once.

Link to another comment talking about it, he even replied

Is getting fired? That happened over 2 years ago now

Funny how you tried to put this garbage in /r/pics but it didn't get the reaction you were hoping for so now you're trying it here. Imagine being this racist but still pretending to be the better person.

Time to decide if I keep MrCervixPounder or not...

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I'm surprised that name hasn't been banned yet!

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The group meets someone(s). The people in the group begin to trust the new people they have met. They are later betrayed by said people right before a large horde of zombies come and murder a majority of the people

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When the police asked her why she did it, she replied "I'm not upset but if I was you should know why."

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2 minutes later "...I just think it's funny how..."

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I do this in KSP all the time.


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DONTNOD can do it if they want to as they are doing excellent with Life is Strange.

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The dialogue would be amazing

These walkers are hella lame

What a fucking faggot. Fuck his job, dude needs his ass kicked

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"I meant to kick your phone!"

Give him a break, he just meant to destroy someones personal property!

American golfer Brooks Koepka said he's "all messed up inside"

He's not the only one

Kinda creepy

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What is this? I’m confused

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It's like the Emergency Alert System but for phones, warning Americans of an emergency, like a terror attack or a some other disaster.

I can't remember the male characters name, but in season 5 (I think) there was a moment where an explosion knocked him back and impaled him on some metal bars in a warehouse they were in, they struggled but couldn't free him and had to leave him to be eaten alive, I always thought that was the worst way to go.

Spencer's brother. Think his name was Aiden maybe?

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That's it! Thanks.

That was the worst ADR I've seen in a while.

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The sound design overall was really bad, like that stock gun cocking sound effect that didn't match anything that was happening on screen.


I downloaded this YouTube thumbnail template, it comes with everything I need and it's supposed to look like this;

However, following the instructions in Photoshop and it just ends up looking like this;

I was wondering if anybody could tell me what I'm doing wrong and show me how to add the transparency effect like how the thumbnail is supposed to look.

Thank you so much in advance. Here's the link to the template just in case you want to see;

2 points · 16 days ago

In the folder you downloaded, there's a file called "c3_blur_007 Action ThumbnailTemplates.atn". Open it, it'll add an action to Photoshop. If that window isn't open, go to Window > Actions. Make sure your background image layer i selected. There should be a folder in your actions window called "c3_blur_007 Action ThumbnailTemplates", click the down arrow on it and select "c3_blur_007". Click the play button at the bottom of the action window to start. Again, make sure your background image layer is selected first.

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Original Poster1 point · 16 days ago

Oh my god, that worked like a charm. Thank you so much!

4 points · 19 days ago

i loved the scene where its super slow motion and it looks like everyone in the background is standing perfectly still while the cannons fire. that was cool.

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It looked like the intro to some TV show, really neat effect.

Why would anyone choose a lower framerate given the choice?

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2 points · 20 days ago · edited 20 days ago

Honestly it depends on how stable the FPS is, I chose to play the new God of War game at the lower FPS because it was rock solid while the higher FPS was more unstable, going from 45-60 which was way more distracting. Obviously though if the higher FPS is locked at a solid 60 then I'd always choose that.

It is also my birthday.

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Happy Birthday Dwight

I wasn't expecting the text to say that, now I can't stop laughing. Also here's a slightly better quality version

Unfortunately, the actress that plays Mandy isn't coming back.

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the actress that plays Mandy isn't coming back.

Nooo, this cannot be happening! She was my favourite

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No worries, I get that it's not an original idea, I just wanted to make my own version. 🙂

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