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Nefastuss 1 point

The black screen bug when interrupted at fast traveling is a reason, I am doing a "no damage taken" play and facing a black screen with bandits praising Henry non stop with their weapons will ruin it.

magicscreenman 1 point

A no damage playthrough? Why?

Nefastuss 1 point

Dunno, I kinda have this obsession of taking no damage in most games. Started with spider man 2 on gamecube. Finished a lot like that, the harder to save or reach checkpoints the harder it gets. Assassin's Creed 1 was hell. I have done it in games such as Halo 2 (bought a disc from original xbox and used on 360), halo 3, Ada missions in resident evil 4, Assassins's creed 1, 2 and PSP (didnt start it on brotherhood yet), crysis 2, ultimate spiderman, fallout 04.

magicscreenman 1 point

Ok. Have you already finished a full playthrough of KC:D before attempting this?

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magicscreenman commented on a post in r/Showerthoughts
thijser2 941 points

That's false, dogs do understand accidents by how you react after you kick/trip over them.They can read(smell,hear) your emotions.

They also evolved from wolves which as social pack hunters wouldn't be strangers to accidents and have to continue to cooperate after that. Working with humans wouldn't be any different in that regard.

magicscreenman 7 points

Reminds me of a video I saw on reddit not that long ago where a woman took a shot at a basketball hoop but missed and hit a golden retriever who was chilling in the background right in the face. The woman immediately ran over with body language like "I'M SORRY I'M SORRY!!!" and you could tell the dog kinda went from "AH! WHY!?...Oh...ok, it's ok human o.o"

magicscreenman commented on a post in r/news
magicscreenman 2 points

Hey Shkreli, I got a pill that will fix all of that for you but it's gonna cost you $750 million.

captain_i_patch 1 point

It’s cyanide isn’t it?

magicscreenman 0 points

Nah its just an aspirin that should cost him less than $1 but I'm gonna jack up the price because I can and because I like poetic justice lol

magicscreenman commented on a post in r/explainlikeimfive
magicscreenman [score hidden]

I think Neil Tyson explained this best so I'll attempt the super ELI5 treatment here:

We are 3 dimensional beings. Our 3 dimensions are location-based along an X, Y, and Z axis; I can walk forward and backward, I can step from side to side, and I can jump up and down. I can do these things in any combination I want as many times as I want. But there is a 4th constraint which governs us:


Time is our "fourth axis" if you will. Think about it, you never schedule anything without giving BOTH a time and a place. You wouldn't say "I'll meet you at 49th and Broad." "...ok, when?" Or "I'll meet you tomorrow." "...ok, where?" But while we as 3 dimensional beings can fully control the "where" we are prisoners to the "when". We can't move freely through time - we can only ever exist in the present.

So a fourth dimensional being is one that could move through time as freely as we move through space. If you were to encounter and converse with a being like this, they would be able to lay your entire timeline out before you and you would say "When was I born?" "Well you were always born." "When was I in college?" "You're always in college." "When will I die?" "You're always dying."

That's the fourth dimension.

magicscreenman commented on a post in r/TwoXChromosomes
magicscreenman 2 points

Being alone isn't so bad. It's not so hard, either. Loneliness hasn't ever been a choice for me so it's just something I adapted to. I think it was an easy adaptation for me tho cause I've always been very introverted anyway (or maybe that's why I'm introverted - hah!)

You it. You get up. You go to work. You come home, drink some beer, play some online video games with some friends, watch some TV shows that relate to your loneliness, then you go to bed. That's more or less how it goes in the beginning. But to quote Bojack Horseman, "It gets easier. Every day it gets a little bit easier. But you have to get up and do it, every day. That's the hard part."

In fact, you should probably just go binge Bojack Horseman - sometimes a day of Netflix can be a good way to get used to your own company while taking your mind off of stuff.

whaitschnoik 2 points

When I encounter something while fast travelling and deciding to investigate it, I get stuck in a unusual long loading screen. In the background, you can hear that the game is already running. That means, you get slapped by bandits while being stuck in the loading screen - not being able to do anything than being forced to „Cancel“ / „ignore“ the random encounter

magicscreenman 1 point

I'm pretty sure that while the world is loading, it's basically stuck in suspension. I got jumped with a bandit attack and while the battle music and everything was playing, when I finally loaded in they were just waiting there patiently for me to begin the fight. I've noticed that there is virtually no texture pop in anymore. However, they didn't actually IMPROVE this when you consider that it still takes about the same amount of time for textures to render after fast travel, only now you're completely unable to move or do anything while said textures are loading. It's nice that my eyes don't bleed anymore when I fast travel to Rattay but it is irritating that I have to wait 30 seconds for every fast travel encounter.

whaitschnoik 1 point

I even heard hits and slaps and Henry moaning in pain but I can not tell if I really got hit because those bandits only had small weapons and me wearing fancy plate armor

magicscreenman 1 point

They probably weren't hitting you if you hadn't been damaged when you loaded in. The patch also made enemies tougher, even a pack of 3 bandits in rags could conceivably take you down now if you were being careless. I was OP as fuck before but I fought a few ruffians at a cross roads and they managed to knock off about 30-40 of my HP.

Titan_Uranus69 1 point

Same. I gave him water duties and he owes me some sword piece. Dunno where to find him

magicscreenman 1 point

Ok I found him sleeping in the crossroads area at the main gate and Pirkshtein at around 2pm. He did not have the sword shard on him though. Tried talking and pick pocketing, no luck.

Titan_Uranus69 1 point

Bugged the ay

magicscreenman 1 point

There's a work around tho. There's a 6th piece at the Rattay blacksmiths house. It's past a very easy door, in the trespassing area.

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magicscreenman commented on a post in r/FinalFantasy
magicscreenman 2 points

Noctis is a great character but I feel like you have to be very understanding of Japanese culture to arrive at this conclusion.

For many of us in the western world, Noctis and his gang can seem way too anime at the start. For starters, they look like a j pop band. They also spout quips and god-awful puns mid combat, some of it can be quite eye rolling. But you know what? The Japanese eat this shit up for some reason. I guess we shouldn't judge since 90% of our western protagonists are dark haired white men in their 30's with grizzled appearances and voices like gravel BUT I DIGRESS...

Noctis ultimately demonstrates a fortitude few other FF protagonists have ever done which is bolstered by the fact that he must make the ultimate sacrifice. Some might argue that Yuna faced a similarly bleak fate except that her fate was changed through the magical power of friendship and she didn't have to die to vanquish Sin. Noctis does not get the luxury of changing his fate in this manner. His friends ultimately cannot help shoulder his burden, not at the end. And Noctis' journey is marked by sacrifice and loss the entire way: his father, his city, his betrothed - and it's not just him. His retainers sacrifice as well, the most significant ones made by Ignis.

Noctis matures and grows in ways that many FF characters do not. His story arc is worth seeing all the way to the end.

speedypunch 3 points

Does that mean I can pass down my LG phone as an heirloom? Imagine that, this was your grandfather's phone, he carried it on his wedding day.

magicscreenman 4 points

Legend has it he held up the phone during that day pretending to take photos, but was in fact watching the game the whole time.

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