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magicscreenman commented on a post in r/gaming
VeteranZero 3 points

People volunteer to work on weekends, no one volunteers to work 100 hr work weeks. If you believe whatever the co-founder of rockstar says about it then you are pretty ignorant. Thats like a gang leader telling a judge we didnt rape that woman before killing her. I enjoy video games plenty, i dont need to support a shit company with horendous business practices to do it.

magicscreenman 1 point

If you're gonna argue that Rockstar's statement was a bull faced lie, then the burden of proof is on YOU to produce actual evidence of that. You're literally arguing that Rockstars statement is a lie simply because you're pissy about the nature of the work conditions for the video game industry as a whole. This kind of "burn the witch" mentality is exactly what's ruining this community.

VeteranZero 0 points

Is it my "burn the witch" mentality that is ruining this community? Or is it your ignorance to look it up yourself to find the truth so you can enjoy their games without a guilty conscience? I don't need to supply you with shit if what I'm saying to you is fact, you can find it yourself if you want the answer that badly.

Also, No, You're is not a "video game industry" problem, it's a Rockstar problem...period. I don't ever remember hearing about an Ubisoft employee, or Activision employee, or Blizzard employee dying from starvation, malnourished, and lack of sleep due to being overworked putting in 100hr work weeks (They've already been told they can not do this 8 years ago by the up on the lawsuit. Why do you think it was even a topic of discussion to begin with). Pretty sure that's only ever happened at Rockstar San Diego, if you would like to prove me wrong please do so.

It IS an industry problem to push deadlines and rush games, and yes it's a super stressful job BUT MOST game developers although rush their dev's do not overwork them to the point of death.

magicscreenman 1 point

Houser clarified that it was handful of executives who worked the 100 hours for a few weeks. It was not the whole team. No one was forced to do it. Everyone volunteered. You have, this entire time, been trying to argue that that statement from Houser is a bull faced lie. If you want me to believe that, provide me with proof. What is so fucking hard to understand about that?

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magicscreenman commented on a post in r/funny
patchdouglas -5 points

if you see this as funny, you’re a part of the problem

magicscreenman 13 points


Or maybe you just know how to separate a joke from reality.

patchdouglas -5 points

do you live in another reality where there is no sexualized violence?

magicscreenman 7 points

No I live in a reality where jokes are a thing.

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magicscreenman commented on a post in r/pics
EelTeamNine 181 points

Get her an eye patch, you can't pass up this chance

magicscreenman 37 points

I was gonna say, every time I see a one eyed animal post on Reddit I think "Why have I not yet seen a brand of animal eye patches?"

They have dog goggles - literally called doggles - so don't tell me they don't have cat and dog eye patches.

magicscreenman commented on a post in r/gifs
magicscreenman 1 point

I'm actually very familiar with this technique - I first saw it in all those space art spray paintings that were really popular about 5-10 years back - but the exacting nature of the texture he produced with the peel is something else. I'm used to the textures being more chaotic and randomized. Anyone know how he got it to look so precise? Did he use some kind of tool to trace the pattern through the paper?

magicscreenman commented on a post in r/gaming
raiden6312 2 points

Bro, can I give you a hug? I think you need one

magicscreenman 2 points

I need a fucking break from constant drama and stress, that's what I need. I need some posts in r/gaming that are actually wholesome instead of a constant stream of bitching about EVERYTHING from EVERYONE.

Sorry for being so aggravated but goddamn. I used to frequent this place for funny gifs and creative videos. I wish those days would return asap.

magicscreenman commented on a post in r/ffxiv
shinywimpod 10 points

I love how when anybody makes a post titled something like "I found a friend" I know it's gonna be Alpha. :D

I'm really excited to (eventually) get around to the new raids. I'm going to have Emotions and it's going to be good.

magicscreenman 2 points

I cried a little at one point. They tugged on my heart strings with Alpha.

Also, the lore implications of omegascape are incredible. Suffice to say they have increased the scale and scope of this universe by...a lot.

magicscreenman commented on a post in r/ffxiv
magicscreenman 2 points

Focus target the boss. Always. This lets you see cast timers for aoe's and tankbusters. You can use this to get out shields and pre emptive heals as necessary.

As far as healing priorities, that's situational. Ordinarily tanks and healers will always take precedence but which one gets priority over the two depends on who is in the most danger. If the MT and other healer are both hurting, for example, but the tank is about to eat a tankbuster that would kill them, then you heal them first. Panic is never a good state for a healer to be in. You don't want to be jumping around healing whoever has the lowest health without first assessing what is happening in the raid and who is about to take imminent damage.

MP management is also important. WHM seems to be the king of this atm, so proper rotation of Lucid, Assize, and Thin Air will keep you topped on mp for all but the most grueling of phases. Don't forget that Lucid also cuts your enmity, which allows you to keep medica ii up pretty much the whole time without the risk of fucking with aggro (be careful of this with add phases tho.)

Get comfortable with the range on your aoe heals. Practice it with dummy party members outside of raids until you get a feel for the radius/range.

You DPS when you can. I.E. When no one needs a heal. Rule of thumb is never worry about dps until you have run the right a few times and gotten comfortable with phases. Much better to have your finger on the healing trigger until you learn mechanics.

magicscreenman commented on a post in r/gaming
magicscreenman 0 points

Do we know for a fact they are being mistreated? Yes, 100 hours is a very long work week, but Rockstar is also one of the most accomplished video game developers out there. How many of these employees offered to put in that time? How many were forced to work those hours? Was it passion that spurred them to burn the midnight oil, or a begrudging paycheck? What were the work conditions like? Were they paid appropriate overtime?

I feel like these are the questions we should be asking before we start nailing Rockstar to the wall.

magicscreenman commented on a post in r/funny
magicscreenman 2 points

Why the fuck are these people freaking out? The only kind of whale you should be remotely afraid of is a carnivorous one, like an Orca, and even then I have never in my life heard of someone ever being attacked by a whale. Not even an Orca. That looks to me like the kind of whale that eats krill, not people. Its a gentle giant. Calm. The fuck. DOWN.

magicscreenman commented on a post in r/funny
magicscreenman -4 points

Half of the animal videos on Reddit are wholesome, and the other half are just infuriating examples of people who really don't deserve to be pet owners. "Oh look at him, isn't he cute!" No, he's clearly remarkably uncomfortable and wants this shit to be over with now. Stop tormenting your animals for the sake of a brief moment in the internet spotlight, you ignorant/uncaring fucks.

magicscreenman commented on a post in r/aww
IQDeclined 2,406 points

That little fuck knows exactly what he's doing.

magicscreenman 2 points

And I respect the hell out of that. Seriously, if you were an animal, would you want to be made to jump through figurative hoops all day long by your owner? All for the sake of their Reddit karma? Bird is like "Fuck you, bitch."

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