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Except the trees. The trees don't win. You monster.

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That kid doesn’t even realize how dead he’d be in the wilds

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Exactly. Everyone is talking about how cute it is and I'm just like "That kid has a fatal flaw in his fight or flight response system".

That's pretty fucking embarrassing actually. That's like being given a bicycle with retractable training wheels.

I'm still waiting for any of this to matter.

Seriously, why should I care? Ok, he committed treason. So did Nixon. What happened to Nixon? He got in a fucking helicopter and just flew away. Did he serve time? Did he actually pay for any of what he did?

I have no fucking idea - do you? Did you have to stop and Google this shit, just like I did? Well let me save you the effort: He resigned (after winning re election in his second term by a landslide) only to be pardoned by Ford. Oh it was controversial alright, but it fucking happened nonetheless. Everything he did was just wiped clean by Ford. No jail time, no justice, the fucker didn't even pay any fines. He wrote nine books, bent over backwards to try and whitewash his reputation, then died of some stroke at an old age he never should have lived to in the first place.

That's what's waiting for us with Trump, people: He's gonna get away with all of it, get a pardon, and then spend what is left of his life shitting and farting and tweeting away until all that KFC he eats finally catches up and sends him to the grim reaper. That's America. That's what this country stands for.

Where is the justice? Where is the accountability? Where is all the morality and ethics and codes of right vs wrong that I was raised to believe America operates on? Doesn't fucking exist. It's all a lie, just like the American dream. You wanna keep posting on Reddit? Farming those sweet upvotes and giving people false hope?

You go right ahead, but pardon me if I dont join you. I've drank from the well of hope one too many thousand times at this point. You live long enough and go through enough disappointments, you start to see hope for what it really is: A drug. A disease. People want to hope that things get better because they can't stomach the idea that this is as good as it gets.

Well, fucking get used to it people. I'm beyond hope now, I need reason. I need to KNOW that things are gonna get better, not just wish for it.

Reminds me of the day when the first Alexander raid dropped for FF XIV Heavensward: I was in a group with some friends for the final boss/floor, we ended up working out all of the phases after a few wipes, so by the time we get to the clear run, I am fucking in the zone. My rotation is on fire, my dps is spiking, I'm just fucking nailing it as far as my job as dragoon is concerned.

I noticed that people are dropping like flies. First a tank, then another one, then the healers. Dps draw adds and soon it's just me, whaling away at the last sliver of health on this fucking boss. At this point I'm not even reading the chat log - I'm too busy juggling my rotation in my head and preparing for the deeps burst that is about to come.

Suddenly my irl friend (the only one I was voice chatting with at the time) simply says "Uh...limit break?"

As soon as he says that, not only do I notice that the limit break gauge IS indeed ready to go, but I also glance in passing at the chat log and noticed that everyone in the room was screaming into text chat "LIMIT!!!!" "LB!!!!!" "FUCKING LIMIT BREAK ALREADY!!!!"

We ended up winning, but not before I made everyone have a heart attack in the process.

I prefer the bacon poem when it comes to nonsensical poetry:

Roses are red

Bacon is also red

Poems are hard


"Conservative values" is a complete oxymoron anymore in America. Republicans demand that the fetus be carried to term but could literally not give less of a shit whether or not the birthed child has ANY standard in quality of life. I seriously think that we could just throw unwanted babies post-birth into a pickup truck and drive them off into the sunset never to be heard from again and the Republican party wouldn't say a goddamn fucking thing.

Charles Darwin is rolling in his grave right now.

Or laughing.

Or doing nothing. Cause, ya know, he's dead.

TIL that spherical cakes are a thing.


Meeting times are at 7:00PM EST on Thursdays.

The projects being workshopped are as follows:

  • Historical Fiction taking place in ancient Mesopotamia about the creation of the first school

  • War-time fantasy with a magic system based on imbuing (“binding”) magic of many varieties (e.g. additional strength, speed, or even emotions) into materials for later use.

  • Low-magic, non-tradition (i.e. not faux European trappings) fantasy about a woman deciding on her place in the world.

Members are expected to show up timely for each scheduled meeting and have things to contribute to the discussion. Do not hop into voice chat just to respond with "Yep/nope" answers. This is a discussion, a dissection - please take that seriously.

Oh, that's right - this group does do their discussions via voice chat, not text. You will be expected to participate in this manner.

We just need one person so I will be taking the first person that meets the scheduling needs and demonstrates a fun and professional demeanor.

Send me a PM directly if interested. Thanks everyone :)


Artorias. So handsome, so damned.

Ironically enough, if you can manage to step on them a few (hundred) times without tripping and breaking your neck, then you'll find that your cats eventually decide the stairs are not such a good place for a nap.


I would advise that everyone get introspective about this: what works easiest for you doesn't necessarily work best.

Let me explain.

I've never liked outlining. It probably originates from k12 classrooms where teachers told me I HAD to have an outline, then I said "fuck you I'm not doing one and I dare you to fail me." So my whole life, I would get an idea and then I would start drafting. I was a pantser, a gardener, a discovery writer in the most extreme sense.

But I never finished any stories this way. I would always get frustrated and walk away, but here's the thing: I assumed that was because of my work ethic. It never occurred to me that none of this was working from the start, I only ever assumed that I was failing cause I was not working at it hard enough.

Now, I'm trying outlining. I'm going full blown architect - trying the opposite extreme of the spectrum. I've only been at it for a few days but I'm already noticing things: Plot holes and obstacles that would have derailed me in drafting, but in an outline? That's fine. That's the whole point of an outline is to find holes like that and get them sorted.

Delayed gratification has never been a concept I've entertained with writing. I've always adopted the philosophy of "Write it now. If you don't, the idea won't be as fresh later" but the problem with that kind of impulsivity is you don't know if you are going down a dead end road or not.

By taking my time and showing some restraint, I am slowly constructing a much better story. My plot, setting, and characters aren't just cool ideas - they're starting to actually come together in a meaningful way.

TL;DR If you're not getting the results you want, try seeing how the other side lives. Discovery writer? Try outlining till the cows come home. Or if you're an outliner who never gets around to drafting, try jumping in and writing something purely discovery.


I am a writer, not an entrepreneur. I personally do not care about book sales, an audience, or the market. If I am the only one who reads my novel, that is fine by me. I want to have fun while I write. Outlining, to me, is not fun. I have much more fun discovering the little threads that I have subconsciously weaved in my mind for my plot, characters, and world as I put pen to paper.

Hemingway's advice comes down to this: write honestly. In my opinion, outlining takes the honesty and magic out of pure storytelling. One begins writing from the head and not the heart. It becomes a paint-by-numbers scheme.

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Original Poster8 points · 13 days ago

Many writers are entrepreneurs. You speak as if the roles are mutually exclusive. They are not. At least they don't have to be.

I appreciate what you are trying to say about how financial success is not equivalent to artistic integrity, but I will also point out that your rhetoric is sounding very pretentious: An author who writes for no audience is an author who is indulging their ego, not writing stories.

You're certainly allowed to disagree with me, but as far as I can tell you only bothered to write back to argue with me. I hope that means your method of writing is working perfectly for you then, otherwise I fail to see the point in this passive aggressive comment.

Buy it, use it, break it, fix it

Trash it, change it, mail upgrade it

What Sanderson does when creating a story is he simply writes down any and all ideas he gets as he gets them. Part of his idea for Mistborn started with him driving through fog at 70 mph and thinking "Hey, that looks cool". After a time, that image of mist and fog turned into misty knights.

I recently scrapped my entire plans for an epic fantasy series cause that may as well have been the title of it: Another Epic Fantasy Series. After a few months of drafting and discovery writing, I realized I didn't actually have a story here, at least not an original one. To quote Writing Excuses, I wasn't world building - I was ego building.

So I stopped. I put that aside, especially after Way of Kings kicked my ass all over the goddamn place and showed me how an epic fantasy series is properly done. Now I'm trying Sanderson's method of outlining and world building: I'm writing down ideas, throwing them into a mixing pot, seeing what works, and then building from there.

Dan and Brandon talk about how you have to take a mundane idea or trope and blend it with an extraordinary idea or interesting twist and that's where you get original ideas and stories from. If you want werewolves but don't want to actually use werewolves cause you want to be original, then brainstorm it. Go abstract with it. Why do you want werewolves? What is it about them that is alluring to your writing? The transformation? The canine physiology? The speed? The strength? Also brainstorm what you don't like - the reasons why you are opposed to using werewolves. What about the trope turns you off?

Original Poster2 points · 13 days ago

I love writing excuses. I have a hard time getting to what I like about the trope sometimes. Like I had an idea where instead of a werewolf it was a werepanther so the thief could stealth better. I don’t know what’s cool about it...maybe the vibe I get from being able to be as stealthy and shadowy as a panther. It’s hard to dig in.

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Then digging in is precisely what you need to do.

Start with what is cool and make it make sense later on, but get used to breaking things down in an extremely in depth fashion.

A werewolf is never just a werewolf - it represents something in your story. And if it doesn't represent anything, if you're just keeping it in because "werewolves are cool" then its possible that your story might lack things like originality and motivation.

It also helps to know what the trope represents in and of itself. Traditionally, a werewolf story (or any kind of shapeshifter story) is about a human trying to reconcile with an uglier side; the feral side. Jekyll and Hyde is probably the most famous and prolific literary example of this story.

In modern days, werewolves have unfortunately become more of an object for teenage sex fantasies (thanks, Stephanie Meyer), so again: Intent is important.

Be a chef, not a cook. Add some blue to your painting because it actually needs it, not because so many other people use that shade of blue and it just looks nice.

Well...multiple reasons.

First of all, you have to remember that writing is a business just like anything else: People are here to make money. YOU may not be, as the artist, but guess what? The publishers, the editors, the agents, all of those guys? Yeah, they're all in it for the money. No one is saying you need to be a professional author. You absolutely can write for fun and you absolutely CAN release your book one chapter at a time if you like - there's a place for that type of thing, and it's called a blog.

But publishing has existed the way that it has for thousands of years for a reason (hundreds if we want to take about the specific permutations of more modern publishing, especially since the invention of the printing press). First of all, if you're a new author, a publisher that is picking your work up is going to want to see that you actually know how to END a story. Beginning a story is easy. Anyone can do that. But tying everything together in a satisfying resolution? That's what separates the boys from the men.

There's also the standpoint of proper feedback. An editor's job is to identify what kind of story you are trying to tell and then help you write the best version of that story. This is almost impossible to do if you're writing and releasing one chapter at a time. This also wouldn't work at all for discovery writers, who often times have to finish a first draft before they even have a solid outline of what the hell is going on in their story.

Your suggestion COULD work, but only for a very limited group of authors under a very specific set of circumstances: You would firstly need an author who is almost 100% an outliner - someone who knows exactly how their story is going to play out and finish before they even write a single chapter. This is RARE. Few authors operate this way, and most of the ones that do end up with very formulaic and stock plot/characters. They would also need to release their chapters with the same kind of consistency as an episode of a TV show - they would need a set release date down to the day and hour that recurs every time without fail. Episodic installments only work when people know when the next chapter/episode is coming, otherwise you lose a massive amount of fans/viewers/readers before your story is ever finished.

Also, that's only going to be possible in the realm of self-publishing. Traditional publishers cannot make money this way. One chapter at a time is not enough to generate actual interest in a book, also how do you even price something like that? You expect people to print one chapter at a time? You expect them to put a 10-20 page book on the shelf? As an avid gamer who spends plenty of time listening to people bitch and moan about the nature of episodic gaming, let me tell you that this would not go over nearly as well with the bookworm community as you might think.

Best horror game I've ever played. Surprisingly enough, after two full playthroughs, I actually have to say that the scariest part for me was getting the collectibles on my second playthrough. You hit a point real close to endgame where the Alien is tracking you freely, but if you wanted that platinum trophy, you had to go alllllllll the way back to some old areas to collect shit with new abilities Metroidvania style.

Actually dealing with the Alien when you're going WHERE YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO is bad enough - can you imagine the tension of going the OPPOSITE way you're supposed to be going? To the tune of three or four different areas? As in, the opposite side of the fucking station? With the Alien freely stalking you the whole time?

Fuck. That. Fuck that. The tension was made worse by the fact that I was going for no deaths on that run as well. I was only able to get through it in the end by being shit faced drunk - enough that I was operating on totally false bravado - and even then I had to instate backup saves cause I would be so wasted that the next day, I wouldn't be able to remember if I had died during the previous gaming session or not.

I had to stop playing this game it was giving me way to much anxiety

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I managed to get my platinum for it mostly because my best friend watched me play it through share play and provided me with moral support the whole time lol. I never would have even finished the story otherwise.

I worked with a chick a few months ago who was talking on the phone to somebody in the break room one day about a video she had posted onto Instagram involving her toddler son running naked to the bathtub. Why she felt the need to post this online is beyond me - cute as I am sure it may have been - but anyway... someone she knows messages her and tells her this is basically child porn and that she needs to take it down. She refuses. She then goes on to explain to this person on the phone that she refused for no reason other than principle: She was putting her foot down on the point of "This isn't porn and I'm a good mother and how dare you!"

And I'm just sitting there thinking "Okay...Why? Is any of this really worth it? Is it worth having your post flagged? Is it worth talking to the cops? Is it worth spending weeks in court? Is it worth having your reputation drug through the mud with everyone who ACTUALLY knows you? All for a few likes or thumbs up or whatever the fuck rating system Instagram uses? All so that you can stick it to this one guy who you don't even respect?"

This is why I hate social media. People are willing to go so far as to give the paedophiles of the internet free meals because they want a couple of likes/thumbs up: They're ready and willing to expose their children indirectly to degenerates out of nothing more than personal vanity. Get the fuck over yourself. Thank fuck Facebook and YouTube didn't exist when my parents were young: You know how livid I would be to find out at 30 that my mom posted to the internet a video of me naked and bathing when I was 5? I would be fucking pissed.

Currently working Dragoons into my lore. Atm they're a biological hybrid, might change it later on. Wanted to capture the abilities of Final Fantasy dragoons into my own lore so I stole a page from Dark Souls: Humans interbred with dragons to create a hybrid race to give them an edge in an otherworldly war. Almost entirely human with some minor features like scales, vertical slit pupils, etc - might give them reverse joint legs. Undecided yet. No flight, but their main ability is that they can jump incredibly high which allows them to basically serve as medieval "bombers", flying over battles and leaping to the ground below with incredible seismic force before displacing enemies and jumping back up into the skies to regroup with their dragon mounts. Rinse, repeat. They're basically medieval aerial shock troopers.

Reminds me of the videos of Elias Toufexis playing Deus Ex. It was great watching him go around and making up his own dialogue for the game.

My knees are screaming just from watching this.

Finish what you started - I wanna see a whole conga line.

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