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Like, sit up physically?

Granted, you only get one comment.


I followed, Ryan Croppers tutorial for beginners and once I started to get the vibrations I felt like I couldn't control my body. My whole body was shaking so hard and I saw flashes of light in circles pass me, once they did I felt extremely hot, I started to imagine a rope and then imagined myself climbing the rope getting out of my body, I felt my physical body being pulled forward like my spirit was being torn from my body, then I forced myself to open my eyes. Minutes after my whole body is shaking and am just scared of what I just saw. That might've been the one of the scariest things I've witnessed, as dumb as that may sound, is this normal? I've always had a very vivid imagination and really tried to get into it.

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So, I decided to just try to lucid dream a way I've tried before. I laid Down, hands on my sides focused on relaxing my whole body then to focus on my breathing. Once I started to focus in my breathing for about 5 minutes my body started to shake again, and the light passing by started up, soon enough I was vibrating intensely and lights were all around, but faces started to fly towards me. I opened my eyes, that happened about 1 minute ago, I now have a headache and am just tired. Goodnight everyone.

Heelies, I dont even know if thats how you spell, and I've never used them but they seem pretty cool.


I'll set the scene.

It was the start of the dream and I was walking down some stairs that looked similar to some stairs in my school with one of my friends. I soon realized I was in a dream and this was the first time I remembered to do a reality check, and it seemed out of instinct that I looked down at my watch and see my watch with a black background and the glowing number '96', at this moment I was in awe. I got excited and ran down the stairs to go do explore, then I woke up.


The colors blue and pink, they look good together.

Exactly! I don’t get why. If your goal is to get as many kids into loving homes, why would you make the process super unaffordable

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They have to make money, not many people adopt so they have to skyrocket the prices to keep the business open.

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