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That-Spooky-Rat commented on a post in r/coldshowers
That-Spooky-Rat 2 points

It felt good for me right when I got into taking cold showers. What I did when i started, was i would turn the water hot, get in and get used to it and slowly turn it cold. Now, I turn it slightly cold, get used to it and then turn it cold. DO NOT TURN IT REALLY COLD RIGHT AWAY, if you do you will most likely not like and be turned off by the experience. I have to get used to slightly cold water before I can really make it how cold I actually want it to be.

That-Spooky-Rat commented on a post in r/NoFap
carmeisterr 24 points

Yeah! Engaging with real people is more awesome and fulfilling than fantasy on the internet.

I’m more confident and enjoy the small things in my day. People trust you and usually you’re pretty much beaming haha but there are downs as well but just keep going.

That-Spooky-Rat 7 points

Congratulations on 100 days!

That-Spooky-Rat commented on a post in r/AskReddit
alreadyjustaskeleton 4,591 points

Hair loss. I've always been told I look like my mum, and every guy on my mum's side of the family (2 brothers, dad, grandad) has been pretty much bald by 35. I'm 18 and shit scared of losing all my hair

That-Spooky-Rat 1 point

If you can grow a beard do it and take care of it well. Keemstar, a YouTuber that has no hair, once said in a podcast that because he doesn't have any hair he keeps his beard extremely nice and he does a good job at it. Good luck.

That-Spooky-Rat commented on a post in r/PixelArt
untiedgames 1 point

It's very nice! The atmosphere is good, and the rain bouncing off the roof is a nice touch.

However, the rules are clear and this is obviously voxel art. If this is okay to post here, why not other variations of pixel art? You can't have a double standard.

This subreddit and the mods will also have to come to terms with the fact that this is highly upvoted. The people subbed to /r/pixelart enjoy this content. Maybe it's time to have another discussion about what is and isn't okay to post here? Or to have some kind of tagging system, to allow other styles? There are some newly disallowed styles of pixel art that I feel have much more right to be here than voxel art.

That-Spooky-Rat 2 points

This is voxel art and there is a subreddit for it, I dknt know why this hasn't been removed but it should be. As it's clearly not pixel art.

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