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PhoeniX_XVIII 1,369 points

Fuck the announcers, especially figure skating. They all suck

Edit: rip inbox, thanks for karma guys

MojarraMuncher 2 points

Yeah the nutting over a Rippon was obnoxious to say the least. He finished like 10th yet these were "his Olympics" and he "stole the show". Like I get it, he is gay. Obviously. But hero? Nah.

MojarraMuncher commented on a post in r/ADHD
MojarraMuncher 6 points

I self medicated with alcohol. It was getting bad. Nearly everyday drinking 7+ drinks. Went on meds last year. I can count the amount of times I drank last year on one hand.

Now I prefer studying or things I never used to enjoy like writing reports for my boss. My career has exploded, 10% raise, possible move to engineering soon. I think it was the obsession with wanting to get out of my figity headspace for some peace and distraction and the drinking compounded other problems. I legitimately think stimulants saved my life.

MojarraMuncher commented on a post in r/aww
Ehscams 1 point

What kind of dogs are those? Look like yellow labs but they are white

MojarraMuncher 3 points

Looks like a Pyrenees. The neck fuzz gives it away.

mothersuckel 1 point

Maybe. Kind of small for a pyraneese

MojarraMuncher 3 points

I have a 100 lb pyr and a 110 pound pyr and the guy in this post looks about right. The givaway is the puffy neck

MojarraMuncher commented on a post in r/news
HiVizUncle 167 points

That's why Bill Murray nailed it on SNL.

MojarraMuncher 33 points

I genuinely told my wife LOOK LOOK THEY GOT BANNON TO COME ON! SNL DID IT AGAIN referencing when Palin came on randomly. Yeah no, just Bill Murray. I was not disappointed though

MojarraMuncher commented on a post in r/delusionalartists
wholesomememequeen 107 points

I’m a photographer and I insist on editing pictures before sending them because I shoot in a raw format, so they have to be edited basically. But I don’t do anything like that, just some color correction and stuff.

MojarraMuncher 67 points

Lightroom is basically God’s gift to photographers.

I’ll add that you don’t want to give a half assed product to a customer. You want to give the best of the best with good light and color correction since you know they will be sharing them with hundreds or thousands of people and you want people to be wowed into being your future customers.

MojarraMuncher commented on a post in r/networking
sirianthe3rd 3 points

Just went through the upgrade myself, 2.0.3 -> 2.1. No issues. You can backup the files off the VM too for extra peace of mind. Just put them in reboot the appliance and they should show up again.

MojarraMuncher 1 point

Did you update your VM and your client at the same time?

MojarraMuncher commented on a post in r/ccnp
karjune01 1 point

Level playing field. Same position, senior net admin salary about 70-85k euros. Decent enough?

MojarraMuncher 7 points

$100 grand a year for a person with no professional experience? Get the heck outa here. That would be a terrible hire. This isn't 2005 where NOCs are paying $65k a year with benefits for tier I support.

karjune01 -1 points

You know, like some guys are book worms. They can study and cram material then take exams and simply pass them like it was a joke to them. I'm sure there are a few IE like those.

MojarraMuncher 4 points

You work with other things than Cisco at a networking admin/engineer job. Linux, Winserver, virtualization, VPNs, management software, etc. You can't get that from passing the CCIE. I would be very humored if a CCIE with no professional experience applied to be on my small team. Like really, you couldn't work while you studied the last few years? I would assume that person is either a cheater, toxic, or highly risky. I have met and spoken to Cisco prodigies that work in dev projects alone in corner offices [some of them on Reddit] who I would never ever ever imagine myself working with because they exhibit no outward professional or personable skills.

MojarraMuncher commented on a post in r/ccnp
the-packet-thrower 11 points

The only thing a CCIE written gives you is the right to schedule the CCIE lab. It also renews all your Cisco certs since it is a high level exam.

MojarraMuncher 3 points

I'll add that all it shows is that you either read a lot and your study system works, or you used a great brain dump. Either way it doesn't prove you are skilled on the platforms and from my understanding the lab is exponentially more difficult.

loddfavne 6 points

Use Nevermind. Bad idea.

MojarraMuncher 5 points

I hacked that one real good.

Meakis 19 points

This is done so the ip adres shown on a screen ( being possible watched by millions ) doesn't point to someone's system/network.

This to avoid some idiot that sees an ip to try some stuff on it. Being on the receiving end of it isn't gona be fun, especially because some producers used a random ip adres.

So on this I don't think they because it is out of ignorance.

MojarraMuncher 4 points

Then use a random name like that would never be used in the real world? If you ever watched this show they use networking jargon hodgepodge mentioned in this sub all the time and it is a little hard to believe their writers had this foresight.

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MojarraMuncher commented on a post in r/MMA
Guatemalanwatersnake 22 points

He puts on a big grey beard and invades kids houses at night through the chimney.

MojarraMuncher 23 points

Sage Northpolecutt

DonaldandHillary 68 points

Thats the youngest almost 39 year old I've ever seen!

MojarraMuncher 17 points

And he wants to fight again. Smh

MojarraMuncher commented on a post in r/ccnp

The questions are a complete sham.

Any exam past the CCNA level should be 90% lab and simulations and some multiple choice. Not the other way around.

How many questions did you get where the correct answer wasn't even in the command but the difference between (config router)# and (config-router)#...?

Then they wonder why brain dumps exist, it's like you're charging people $300 to take your test, you're asking these asinine questions that you in no way, shape or form will ever be asked in the real world without being able to look it up if you don't know and/or ask someone (this is how real life works, we get the job done by searching and testing out what you searched if you don't know). It's no wonder they're so popular.

It's sad and extremely frustrating.

MojarraMuncher 1 point

I must be dumb but what is the difference between config router and config-router?

MojarraMuncher commented on a post in r/MMA
idontlikeflamingos 31 points

There's no friendship like the one that starts with both guys beating the shit out of each other for 15 minutes.

MojarraMuncher 22 points

The $50k bonuses and gracious MMA community talking about this fight for months certainly helps. Athletes are entertainers for us and that human element combined with sportsmanship and a brand that rewards heart beats stupid caveman rivalries 9 out of 10 times.

MojarraMuncher commented on a post in r/explainlikeimfive
Severe_Punishment 93 points

Crowd Crush would be a great band name.

MojarraMuncher 56 points

Even better than Great White!

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