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NByz 2 points

We have eight active icebreakers to the US navy's three!

But honestly no. Our regular force infantry (three regiments) and armoured (one regiment) capability are world class, but small. They use the LAV-III and the Leopard 2A6 - two current-generation vehicle platforms. They are battle tested from recent experience in Afghanistan and they could plug into any modern Nato force anywhere in the world, and do us proud. If it were to come down to a classic set piece infantry battle against equivalent US units, it would be serious fight.

The reserve/militia system is widespread, but not well equipped. We have a special Ranger group that is like a like militia for the north, using semi automatic refiles and snowmobiles. That's almost a unique capability as it's a region where the US would have to (and trains to!) use paratroopers to fight a ground battle.

Our air force is multirole (meaning without dedicated air superiority or ground attack capabilities). That service is provided by the CF-18, an aging airframe. Our air logistics capability is sufficient to move light infantry, but we have to rely on our NATO partners - recently the US - to help forward deploy our armour.

Our navy centers around some multirole frigates that were designed with an anti-submarine capability in mind, back when fleet-level engagements with a major power was a critical requirement. They have seen action off Somalia. We also have two diesel submarines. That's also like a capability that the US doesn't have, since they stopped using diesel submarines decades ago. And anyone who has seen "Down Periscope" knows a diesel can win! We have two fleet logistics ships, but I think one is completely down after a fire. The frigates use Sea King helicopters - flexible, but very old.

HypoG1 1 point

Wow that’s very interesting! Thanks! Nice to know that we’re still doing pretty good internationally. Out of curiosity, how could a diesel submarine be better than a nuclear sub? The diesel is much smaller and has to refuel much more often.

iMarc17 5 points

It's seven nation army for sure, I just don't know the remix for it. I'll try and find it.

HypoG1 2 points


HypoG1 2 points

Thank you so much! That helps a lot... I can probably find it from here.

149244179 2 points

Wikipedia's pseudo code is a lot better in my opinion.*_search_algorithm#Pseudocode

node_successors are the neighboring nodes.

HypoG1 1 point

Thank you! and what does it mean to "Generate each state node_successor that come after node_current" ?

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KZGTURTLE 63 points

I find it funny that he’s trying to be manly but only snuggles with a .22, seriously for home defense you want a 9mm at least. .22 overall lacks most stopping power and is honestly a weak gun to shoot, don’t get me wrong it’s fun to go plinking and can kill but I know for sure I’d never trust something that small with my life if I could get something bigger.

HypoG1 1 point

Yea .22’s have few uses out side of target practice and maybe shooting magpies that’re tryna fuck with the hens.

Portarossa 2,313 points

Funny. Kanye West and Michio Kaku said the exact same thing when we were paintballing last week.

HypoG1 1 point

Interesting... Steve jobs, JFK, our lord and saviour Jesus Christ, and a respectful man named chad all told me similar things at a party thrown by the prime minister of the Soviet Union.

Indemnity4 2 points

My professor also used to do this.

You can probably expect viagra, caffeine, adrenaline and some other fun stuff in the next few weeks.

HypoG1 1 point

Is adrenaline an easy synthesis? I’ve tried it before but I failed horribly

HypoG1 commented on a post in r/atheism
DevilfishJack 882 points

If it has historic value, then it should be converted to a public historic site. Available to everyone, including the people who do not support that religion.

HypoG1 3 points

It is open to people of any religion? It’s not like they’ve got armed guards to shoot anyone who dares cross the threshold of the church without being Christian.

HypoG1 commented on a post in r/todayilearned
bloodshotnipples 3,501 points

My girlfriend bought non-iodized salt last munth. I tink she is tying to rewin my brayn.

HypoG1 3 points

Calm your tits there, Charlie. Go hand in your progress report to professor Nemur before you go and do something stupid

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vito1221 22 points

I watched almost every episode but.....what was the name of that again?

HypoG1 8 points

Haha it was the very first episode, I forget the name unfortunately.

vito1221 28 points

LETTERKENNY!!! Found an old link buried in my favorites!

HypoG1 9 points

Oh I thought you meant the name of the episode!😂 yes it’s letterkenny, glad you got it! Honestly my favourite show.

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EeePeeTee 2 points

If you're Good Will Hunting, it's an honor to meet you.

HypoG1 2 points

Hahaha unfortunately not, I can only dream... I was More so just curious about if there were any existing laws that made decrypting SHA-256 a terrorism act or something.

[deleted] -6 points


HypoG1 4 points

What do you mean? All I did was ask a hypothetical question, because I was curious about the answer.

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picado 4 points

To get started, say it takes Xavier x hours and Yolanda y hours to hike, and they pass at a point fraction c of the way from A to B. You get three equations.

c*x = 3

(1-c)*y = 3

y = x + 2.5

HypoG1 3 points

Thanks! I have a question though. How did you get that c*x=3?

picado 4 points

If it take Xavier x hours to walk the whole path, it takes him c*x hours to walk the fraction up to the point where he meets Yolanda.

HypoG1 2 points

Thank you!

atchemey 15 points

I'm not a precious metal chemist, but I'd try this:

Dissolve the gold in aqua regia. This produces soluble tetrachloroaurate ions ( AuCl4]-1 ). In essence, you need to remove chloride and add nitrate. Silver nitrate is soluble, and silver chloride is one of the few chloride salts to be insoluble (and unreactive with nitric acid).

Dissolve an equal molar amount of AgNO3 as there was HCl in the aqua regia, and add it to the gold solution. Silver chloride should precipitate and gold nitrate should remain in solution.

Remove the liquid into another container. Rinse the silver chloride with nitric acid and add it to the gold solution, repeatedly.

Allow the solution to evaporate. This should make a hydrated gold nitrate precipitate.

HypoG1 1 point

Thank you very much!

anonposter 1 point

I second this idea. The main problem you may find is that since both silver nitrate and gold nitrate are water soluble you may have difficulty with silver nitrate impurities. Recrystallization may be your friend there.

If you can't get this to work, you might opt to add a slightly substoichiometric (ex: 3.9 equivalents) amount of silver nitrate. Given gold chloride's high solubility in water it should be easy to crystalize out.

HypoG1 1 point

Okay great thanks! I’ll run this all by him

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youFKNidiot 2 points

Just a reminder that you're a karma whore and extremely lame. Get a fucking life.

HypoG1 0 points

Why are you so irrationally angry at me, to the point that you had to attack me personally? You’re a very angry person; I’d suggest you go in to therapy.

InductedMist 1 point

You wish.

HypoG1 2 points

Why did you need to attack me personally in your argument? That’s just rude. I’m not a sweaty neck beard, and I don’t appreciate being called one. I’m sorry if my post offended you, but please be less rude next time.

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Utishanitri 2 points

/r/chemhelp is good for this kind of question.

What about it is giving you trouble? If it's not an issue of understanding and is just about not being used to it, then practice is really the only good answer.

HypoG1 1 point

The biggest issue I’m having is when adding side groups that contain ethers, I don’t know how to indicate where the oxygen on the chain is.

sjb-2812 2 points

At one level, can you name either or both halves (either side of the central oxygen)?

HypoG1 1 point

Yes when it’s just a continuous chain I can name it, but as soon as you start putting in side groups With ethers in them I get confused.

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