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Looks like a 90s pop punk album

I appreciate the honesty of gw30plus at least

That sweet op shop vinyl. Got any Kamahl?

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They wouldn't sell it to me. They were very unkind.

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Oh and the Aunty Donna album came too.

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I once wrote a story about two savage human tribes living in an enclosed jungle who have been at war with each other since time began.

They're basically just weird stone-age people doing a lot of murdering and hate fucking, and every single one of them is terrified of a long, dark passage through a thicket of trees.

In their mythology, anybody who enters this passage will upset their gods, die a horrible death and curse their entire tribe.

Eventually, after a massive battle, there's only one left, a young girl, and after several weeks of isolation she says "Fuck it" and decides to end her suffering by walking down the dark path.

She walks for days through this clearing in the impossibly dense jungle, until she reaches the end, where she finds a dead end almost entirely covered in moss, what she describes as a red glowing eye, and something written on the wall.

She touches the eye, and a door opens, and she drops to her knees.

Before her is a huge room, with giant windows, and billions of stars and the emptiness of space staring at her.

The words on the wall? "NASA".

They were the last survivors of a dying Earth hurtling through space in a desperate attempt to colonize a planet on a spaceship that was designed to support infinite generations of humans. Before her, something went wrong in the agricultural bay, the people onboard started a war among themselves, the doors sealed and the trees overgrew against the walls creating an isolated jungle.

After generations of war, they forgot their history and lived only with the memory of the generation before them, and the fear of the long dark path in the woods.

It took me a while to realize that it was just M. Knight Shyamalan's "The Village".

I wrote M. Knight Shyamalan's The Village in space.

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Also Passengers to some degree.

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I dunno either

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What would be a good caption for this on r/politicalhumor?

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Republicans try to drop latest Senate nominee; things go unexpected.

I dunno, come up with your own damn punchlines.

I am SO confused about this whole thread

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In the Stuart Little universe, Stuart Little has a functional model airplane. It's functional and is a major plot point in Stuart Little 2. SL2 is a modern film as well, based on it's technology in the film (e.g. early 2000s cell phones, PlayStation 2, digital camera, etc.) This means, Stuart has a semblance of what planes are and how they work and was in a New York orphanage until 1999 and Stuart Little 2 takes place 3 years after that in NYC. But how did Stuart deal with 9/11?

The real hero right here

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Thank you /u/Accendil

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In response to BoJack's complaint that the set is poorly lit, Flip says "The darkness is a metaphor for darkness."

Does this refer to Ozark with its notoriously muddy lighting?

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I think it was more of a jab at shows of the same calibre - like True Detective, Westworld, Ozark etc. that use Fincher style lighting and saturation for nothing more than a way to reflect (what they imply) a dark story.

"Saddest" - sure, it's sad but like check out Last Images or /r/relationships sometimes.

AWWWW, I eat VW essays on youtube and this on was very delicous!

Never heard of William Basinski before and he made such a good story.

Ok, calling him the godfather of VW with no words on Plunderphonics, Chopped'n'Screwed and other Ambient artists is a little far-fetched, but still A+ for this video! =)

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Original Poster2 points · 11 days ago

I really wanted to save Plunderphonics for a different video but you're more than correct. The original cut of the video was 20 minutes so I had to cut so much out.

Awesome video brother, great to go with my cup of coffee as I procrastinate on this rainy day at the office.

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Original Poster6 points · 12 days ago

Pad! OMG I'm a huge fan! Thank you so much for watching it. I was gonna DM you and beg you to watch it. Hope you're having a chill day.

Nothing puts me more in a good mood than a good Vaporwave playlist and a rainy afternoon.

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It's still so hard to describe the feeling watching some of this footage. Like I am truly stunned at some of it and yet amazed that literally hundreds of people went straight to Ground Zero because they knew that's exactly what they had to do.

I watched some of this footage for a video I was working on this month but I couldn't include any of this because it just felt like it was too much. I remember going through the Naudet footage and the turn around time from the plane going into the first building and them going "Let's go" is literally 15 seconds. It takes them less time than it takes for me to put my socks and shoes on in the morning to decide that - this is it - this is what I'm doing for the rest of my day.

These people were the closest to the attack possible without even being inside (and some people even were!) and yet they knew the least. The only thing they knew was that they had to save as many people as possible and themselves.

Damn. Where's that original image from?

Original Poster2 points · 12 days ago

It's a Forza screenshot lol

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This game is absolutely fascinating. I know I would have been the super weird kid who was into this kinda game when it came out.

Good going, Bill

It's weird because the other Lizardmen call him Bill.

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They say it in their own lizard tongue.

Because they're all written by unfunny and uncreative hacks. If only they could actually spin something good from their etchings.

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