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26 points · 13 hours ago

It's interesting to me, as my husband and I are in the Rabid Self-Improvement stage of empty nesting, and signed up for German lessons at the local Goethe-Institut.

When we did "wie geht's?" every single American wanted to answer every single time with "sehr gut, danke!" Even in dialogues in class, we couldn't really stop smiling and pretending to be enthusiastic even when we were saying things like "Nicht so gut" because … we can't help it. We've been trained to assume that the only answer to, "How are you?" is formulaic, rather than someone actually caring about how your digestion or divorce is doing.

I imagine this leads to a lot of hilarious cultural misunderstandings when Americans encounter non-Anglophones who give the question, "And how are you doing?" an actual answer.

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If you ever talk to an actual German using your lessons the actual correct answer is "muss ja" or maybe "die da oben machen ja sowieso was sie wollen". Also acceptable is "frag nicht" with a slight eye roll.

Germans love to complain

i think that guy may have issues.

1 point · 12 hours ago · edited 12 hours ago

Indeed there are shortcomings of the list but every list will be subject to bias and leave movies out based on their own subjective criteria. There are artsy, challenging, very old, and obscure movies on the list so you're wrong. It's easy to nitpick certain movies you think shouldn't be on the list and create a strawman.

Tree of Life is a relatively recent and well known movie by a well known director starring some of the biggest actors in hollywood with proper promotions and had a wide release in theatres. It has the best chance of any movie to be on the list so if it can't garner votes on a list as big as 250 then you can come to the conclusion it might just be a bad movie.

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well, its not a movie for the average moviegoer aka the IMDB voting body. its a not a big crowdpleaser, its an artpiece. and those dont do particularly well on IMDB because if your voting body is everyone it comes out to be a lowest common denominator (green mile, shawshank, life is beautiful). tree of life was at least a little controversial but is still considered one of the greatest movies ever by most people whose opinions i respect. you know a few other movies that were controversial on release: 2001, vertigo, rule of the game, the general, blade runner, all grew to be bona fide classics despite having a lot worse initial audience reception because they are unique and challenging.

but if anything tree of life not being there is an indicment of the IMDB voting body.

You still haven't explained why there already are

artsy, challenging, very old, and obscure movies on the list so you're wrong

There's nothing exceptional about the Tree of Life. There are controversial movies on the list.

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there are by definition no controversial movies on there. maybe movies that were controversial 40 years ago but everything on there thats old or slightly artsy is exceptionally canonized.

someone who seeks out and watches stalker knows what he is getting and the likelihood of him not liking it is very small and even with that in mind it only barely made top 200. nobody who doesnt have a real interest in film as an artistic medium or in film history will stumble upon the passion of joan of arc. So the people who watch it propably know why it is so significant and as such are more likely to rate it highly. an average audience member going into tree of life only knowing that it stars brad pitt and is by that guy who his hipster friend says is the second coming of christ often doesnt really know what he is getting and as such isnt properly equipped.

tree of life will be canonized to absolute hell in the next decades. it already got the critical reappraisal by critics who didnt like it initially so its only a matter of time. theyshootpictures says its the 7th highest rated movie by critics of the 21st century already

btw, im not saying you have to like tree of life or it is beyond criticism. opinions and such. all im saying is that not being on the IMDB list is a bad criterium for bad movies.

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/r/yiffinhell politely disagrees

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pinned a Metokur video

yeah, no thanks.

We live in a society.

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3 points · 1 day ago

Gamers rise up against the Chadashians

What are some examples that you wanted to know?

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2 points · 1 day ago

Like when you watch something like Hiroshima, mon amour you are propably better served if you know a little historical context both about the nouvelle vague in genral and alain resnais as a director.

Or pasolini. His movies can be nigh impenetrable if you don't have a general idea what he is about. Like I'm still not sure what hawks and sparrows means. It's something about capitalism.

Absolutely depends on the movie but for the movies I watch mostly not.

I feel I can appreciate a movie by say fellini more if I read up on it a little.

0 points · 2 days ago

if you use italic text there is a 71% chance you have sucked cock before

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3 points · 1 day ago

You say that like it's a bad thing

Rosemarys baby has a great narrative and is all around brilliant

The magic show in nights of cabiria is the greatest scene ever

3 points · 2 days ago · edited 2 days ago

I actually really loved the 1915 movie Intolerance quite a bit. But, it’s 3 hours long and completely silent...and I just don’t think I could ever watch it...again. Unless I met someone who was genuinely interested in sitting down and watching it with me, I probably will never watch it again.

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Intolerance is the shit. That Babylon set alone is worth price of admission.

But I agree. Propably not seeing it again any time soon.

That's not the best example, but it was a good read. When I read through it, it didnt seem like he was hating on minorities and women. Rather feminism, and how JJ made all the white people in the movie pathetic. Although, I would disagree with a lot of the points he makes, he does make some good ones why that movie is trash. Its also trash for a lot of other reasons as well.

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3 points · 2 days ago · edited 2 days ago

Women bleed on the birthing bed, while men bleed on the battlefield; that is the nature of the species Man.

fights Not Darth Vader is because he got the scent Feminist Skywalker’s White Pussy into his nose-

Harley McBadBoy + Ninety-Nine sluts = Ninety-Nine single moms. It is women who have trouble keeping it in their pants, and yet we’re supposed to believe that men are the ones who think with their little-heads.

sure, bud. david aurini has absolutely no issues with women. or black people. or even if its not specifically mentioned in this article, jews.

i mean, i like reading aurinis articles and watching his videos. hes hilarious. hes like a caricature. hes like (and looks) that one klansmember from blackKklansman. he rants about cultural marxists and such and its adorable.

fucking hell, reading the whole article again, i forgot everything except like the really memorable parts. it gets so much worse.

Like I keep reminding people ITT, I dont agree with everything that guys says.

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ok, i looked at your other comments and davis aurini is a prime example of someone who believes that star wars or ghostbusters is a prime example of the destruction of the west.

you know. the guy who said ghostbusters with women doesnt work because women dont start businesses and only found etsy stores. the guy who said that believes in white genocide and blames popular culture. the guy whose cultural horizon is one of a 13 year old boy who couldnt process something more challenging than a tarantino movie.

like seriously. if you can read even a single paragraph of this drivel without either breaking into hysterics or losing hope for humanity, i dont know what to tell you. i dont even like TFA. its formulaic and cheesy, like all star wars movies but boy how to miss every point so hard, its amazing. literally the only thing that any reasonable person can agree with is that george lucas is a terrible director and writer (if not as bad as david aurini)

38 points · 2 days ago · edited 2 days ago

Salò, or the 120 days of Sodom.

Edit: Forgot the "why".

Because it is heavily inspired by the Marquis de Sade book of the same name.

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At least that had a point beyond shock value. Even if that point was made exceedingly bluntly.

So aside from Anderson's movies being very stylized and prone to "LOL what a hipster" comments does anyone actually not like them or find them boring?

I always see comments poking fun at those two things and legitimately wonder if those people are leaving most of his films feeling disappointed.

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I have seen 3 of his movies this year and I just absolutely hated Mr Fox and life aquatic.

When in life aquatic it turned out the real life aquatic was the friends he made along the way I was so angry.

I have only seen 6 movies in my life that I passionately hated and life aquatic is one of them. Mr Fox I didn't even finish because I was so annoyed.

I remember liking grand Budapest but I haven't gone back because I think it wouldn't hold up for me.

If this is just a Wes Anderson version of the Umbrellas of Cherbourg count me in

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After lalaland just lifted a whole song from young girls of Rochefort basically I can think of worse things. Demy should be emulated more.

30 points · 2 days ago

Why is it so expensive in the first place? In Germany a semester costs about 350 euros, ticket for the whole state included. Also, you realize that technical jobs are not the only important ones?

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i mean obviously school is over priced and the govt probably should step in. But it also comes down to not taking out the loans for degrees if you cant afford them or the job wont pay.

And yes, but people want to bitch like the only jobs that pay require 100k n loans. when driving a truck will pay pretty well.

my point is that life isnt comfortable and we cant all do what we want, so sometimes you have to get a different degree or work a different job in order to make it.

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They are teenagers ffs. They will make bad decisions. Saddling them with debt for life for a bad decision made at 17 for financial gain is predatory and immoral and should be properly regulated to not happen.

I love the ticket so much. It really pays for itself. I can just go to Hamburg if I want at no cost whenever I want.

Original Poster5 points · 3 days ago

The only director I can name is Edgar Wright and I love all of his movies, but I don't really know why his name stands out or if it's the fact that they're his films that I like

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That would propably be a good starting point.

If you watch a movie. Look up the director before it. Maybe read some reviews on his other films or an interview. Find out what they want to achieve. That doesn't always work as they are a bunch of very "for hire" directors without much artistic intent or freedom but if you watch for example a jarmusch movie knowing what his films usually deal with can bring you much closer to appreciation of the devices used.

Ahh. Simon. My favorite twitter weirdo.

He blocked most of my friends but for some reason unblocked me at some point.

What's funny is, Nixon, more so his subordinates when discussing Watergate, cheated in an election they didn't need to cheat in because of their own paranoia and arrogance. No matter who was the Democratic nominee in 72, they were gonna get smashed. McGovern was also a terrible candidate. He was the type of guy you run when you know you're gonna lose but you still gotta nominate someone.

Nixon had so many successes in his first term, his popularity with the "silent majority" was through the roof. Mainstream liberals and media hated him, they always did, but average Americans thought he was well suited for the job, even if they didn't love him.

Nixon also instituted price controls on beef, and I think gas but I can't check that right now. That's something incredibly unpopular with his party at the time, but popular with the public.

Nixon was a crook and a liar, but I wish someone with that pragmatic view of politics would get control again.

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36 points · 3 days ago · edited 3 days ago

I still can't believe that there was a person called McGovern running for president. That just sounds like a character from a PBS special

Original Poster1 point · 3 days ago

Nice, but sadly not available in Belgium.

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european mubi is pretty nice.

Original Poster-90 points · 3 days ago

I have a problem when minorities are there for the sake of having minorities where it doesn't make any sense. Like the Asian guy in Asgard. So they have Asian region in Nordic heaven? But ok, whatever - but why is he talking with a thick Asian accent? Or the girl playing the Valkyrie in Ragnarok - she was such a miscast, she looked extremely weak, and I wouldn't mind a black Valkyrie (even though as a European I cringe at the idea), if she was played by a woman who LOOKS like a badass, and not like she has no muscle mass at all. It's like she's got the part because there has to be a black girl and she was the only one available.

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55 points · 3 days ago

Because the valkyries are magic so they don't need to look like bodybuilders to be strong.

They cast tessa Thompson because she's a great actress with impeccable comedic timing. Which is necessary for a marvel movie.

Original Poster-30 points · 3 days ago

So Rick Moranis as Thor because magic.

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10 points · 3 days ago

Now your thinking smart

Well. He's propably too old. It's about being able to project an image. Thor could easily be someone less roided up if he was able to project the same sense of confidence.

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any arms company.

they leveraged their influence into wars all over the worlds.

633 points · 5 days ago · edited 5 days ago

/uj I love reading the comments with people going "eh, GOW is better."

GOW isn't in the OP. Calling Spider-Man a gem is in no way meant to put down GOW.

I hate this attitude of "it's a good game, just not as good as "x." Let people enjoy what they like.

EDIT: GOW = God of War in this case.

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32 points · 5 days ago · edited 5 days ago

Not even “enjoy what you like” but enjoy things period. This internet mindset of everything being a power ranking, or great vs shit is so poisonous to enjoying art and hobbies. That if it isn’t a masterpiece it isn’t worth talking about

It took a lot for me to break this habit for movies and just enjoy them. For so long I would watch something then feel dejected if it wasn’t a new favorite because everyone around me seemed to be in love with a million personal picks. It’s ok to just say “that was good!” 7/10s are not disappointments, that’s an enjoyable time.

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I feel a big part of that is also being able to take apart a piece of art.

For a film for example. A 6/10 can still be super engaging because even if a lot about it doesn't work it's really beautifully shot for example. I thought narratively tge assassin was boring as anything. Just aggressively boring but the cinematography and colour was so great that I overall have fond memories and propably will watch it again at some point.

Or maybe a particularly great soundtrack. Or a really good performance. A lot of the Internet go to the opposite that if one aspect isn't up to snuff the whole film is invalidated.

And while this approach doesn't always work for me it made my outlook overall more positive.

-1 points · 5 days ago

Isn't gears of War xbox anyway?

12 points · 5 days ago

Time to plug this classic

Why the hell do we kiwis love to put ourselves through this kind of cinematic torture. There was another podcast a few years ago where these guys watched Grown Ups 2 once a week for a whole year and did a podcast each week to talk about it. It was hilarious yet maddening.

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39 points · 5 days ago

They also did season 2 with sex and the city 2. Which is much worse because while grown ups 2 is a reasonable 100 minutes sex and the city 2 is almost as long as 2001

I'm not sure that's true. Anecdotally, I've not net a single person who liked it.

I think superficially it's fine for the average popcorn munching cinema goer who doesn't really care that much. They will watch it once, be moderately entertained then never think about it ever again but have a bland but positive experience. Heck, I'm a huge star wars fan and I liked it first watch.

Star wars fans aren't just going to watch it once though. They will watch it ten times at least. So it better stand up to extended scrutiny over many watches. That's where this film falls apart completely. It's held together by wafer thin nonsense that becomes super clear the second time you watch it. By number 3 you want to claw your eyes out.

For example, the poe mom joke. On first watch you don't really put too much thought into it as youre excited and along for the ride; you're rooting for the film. Then you watch it second time and you cant help face-palming.

Everything that feels slightly off on first watch collapses under even slightly more scrutiny.

So what? Well star wars fans are who they are. That's not going to change. But crucially Star wars is worth billions because of them. So you can't just ignore them or what they want. And in fairness, what they want isn't a huge ask is it? Coherence, fun, space adventure and someone to take the stories seriously.

Rhian Johnson, I think, just doesn't understand the series. Everything about the last Jedi suggests he doesn't get it. He got lots of things right, but he got many very important things horribly horribly wrong. People could handle Luke's arc of it wasn't encased in utter nonsense in almost every other area of the film. But it was encased in nonsense.

The effect it had on me is weird. I'm not a geeky collector or anything. I'm not obsessed, but i love these films so much. For the first time ever I'm not excited for the next film. I don't care anymore. All throughout the flawed prequels I could never have said that. I'm saying it now though.

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I still haven't met a person in real life who didn't like it. And all my friends should hate it since they are mostly huge star wars nerds. But they all operated between mild disappointment and ruptorous praise.

Personally I thought it was the best star wars movie I have seen with the caveat that it's still not very good because it's star wars and I'm not 8 anymore.

It was not critically acclaimed - it was shit.

Just accept and move on.

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Critics were overwhelmingly positive.

Aka it was critically acclaimed.

I straight up just don't believe you

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-7 points · 6 days ago

ill do you one better. my bottom 5 (of movies i remember) includes green mile. ive seen 320 movies this year and it was by far the worst for 2018

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