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No movie is good enough to justify 4 hours? Enjoy your Marvel Comic Universe movies.

Lawrence of Arabia 3:48, Doctor Zhivago 3:20, Fellowship of the Ring 3:48, Two Towers 3:55, Once Upon a Time in America 3:49, Ben-Hur 3:44, Qua Vadis 5:45.

These are all classics and all well done. There's a reason you don't see movies running near 4 hours today, because it's a bunch of generic crap. And before someone names an obscure indy movie, I'm talking big budget movies.

Additionally, the pro slavery/confederacy angle of the film is not only terrible in it and itself but was also damaging to American society. The film propelled the Lost Cause myth which causes many people to still have backward beliefs about this country’s history.

1) That's opinion and 2) that has nothing to do with the story/plot/characters/acting.

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most movies dont justify their runtime honestly. and i would definitely include both ben-hur and indeed gone with the wind in addition to the leopard, cleopatra, quo vadis, 10 commandments and to be a bit more controversial jeanne dielmann (which would have worked exactly the same being about 40 minutes shorter, still a great movie)

Every goddamn Peterson discussion.

"why iz JBP bad?"

"Well, he's a historical and cultural revisionist who spackles on bad pseudoscience reasoning to invalidate any suffering or victimization of any group ever, brands anyone else who respects others a cultural communist, and his books are the literal dogma for emerging white supremecist hate groups."

"Yah yah but why is he BAD?"

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i cant get over that someone who essentially writes self-help books has caught on so much with a young demographic

-21 points · 13 hours ago

Actually he's a clinical psychologist who specializes in personality and substance abuse who is also among the 99.5% percentile of research citations, meaning that his research is highly influential. This whole self help thing only happened in the last 2-3 years.

You can agree or disagree with his social commentary and judge whether his life advice is meaningful to you or not. But I think it's important to consider that he doesn't just come out of nowhere bullshitting about human life like Stephen Covey or The Secret. He's a highly respected scientist of psychology.

Source: I have a PhD in experimental psychology.

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I actually didn't know that. Although I'm not sure how much bearance this has on his popularity. Clinical research is hardly glamorous.

I also don't mean to knock his insight in psychology or his books. I didn't read them and presumably he doesn't go on about neo marxists or some shit in his books because that's not palatable to a mainstream audience.

Yes. The bathroom exhaust fans that most houses have when you put the light on (or another separate switch for the fan)

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American thing I assume?

I’m pretty sure you bathroom is vented lol, it needs to be for both smell and moisture

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i have a window in my bathroom

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My favorite is

Corporate Globohomo debt bubble fueled hedonism is mathematically impossible to sustain.

I'm not certain what Corporate Globohomo is supposed to insinuate, but I really like the way it just rolls off the tongue. These are the rantings of the deeply indoctrinated anti-(((globalists))) who take one piece of the puzzle (perpetual growth is unsustainable) and apply it to the whole world.

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39 points · 1 day ago

A conspiracy of globalist gay Jews maybe

49 points · 1 day ago

That’s an entertaining thread. Pretty sure the American was a girl though. I liked the “will probably shoot you” flair the mods gave them and the “edit 2: fucking liberals”

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27 points · 1 day ago

Sometimes I think the whole of America is a practical joke

45 points · 1 day ago

Not to sound overdramatic but I fucking hate you right now, OP

You will agree that most gamer's are more badass and less sappy than this yet this is the third comic I have seen that feels like it was created by someone in love

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2 points · 1 day ago

Im pretty sure that at least pewds and mark have significant female audiences (also in the 10-17 age range) that largely are super into the guys because they're cute

155 points · 2 days ago

Sometimes I really wonder what the technology=bad thing back in the 1910s was.

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I think vinyls were already a thing at that point so I assume that it was how vinyls will destroy live music

Not to take away from the guy, but Kurosawa also co-wrote that script, and had by that point written another twenty others, so I'm sure that helped.

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although kurosawa was by his own admission in his autobiography not a very good screenwriter at that point.

Japanese humility

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That's a good point. He was an extraordinarily gracious man.

Even in comparison to his Japanese peers.

1 point · 2 days ago


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Moderator of r/movies, speaking officially1 point · 2 days ago

No links to torrent sites

I don't watch many good films.

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You need some Italian neo realism

Ahh. Cinema as in cinema house or as in a movie? From what I read on the internet, it means both.

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it is cinema as in the house. ins kino gehen = going to the theatre.

several years here and as a german i still stumble over that occasionally.

49 points · 4 days ago

As much at thats just a really stupid plot point, S.P.E.W is great because of how much fun (or grief) foreign translators probably had, to adapt the acronym into something silly in their own language so that the joke made sense.

In Spanish, its (the spanish word for) FART, and in Dutch is just literally SHIT

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aww man, we didnt get something cool. in german its B.ELFE.R which while sounds really dumb is not a word.

Do what Batman did. It’s an animated series

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-1 points · 4 days ago

Or anime for short

What happens if you fuck up once you've seen the president?

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24 points · 4 days ago

you get to meet the (((globalist shadow masters))) (or whatever alex jones believes these days)

Original Poster22 points · 5 days ago

"Gib dem Krebs keine Chance, vergifte dich selbst"

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11 points · 4 days ago

schwarzer mann, der sich an den kopf tippt

The joke is flying over head haha

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I don't get it. The wasp actress is pretty young isn't she?

Don't forget Ocean's 8 which did really well

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10 points · 5 days ago

Didn't do as well as oceans 11 (which was a huge hit which obviously wasn't going to be replicated) so it's obviously a failure and shows that females are inferior

At least they aren't planning on milking the Marvel characters and story arcs so dry

boy, have i got news for you

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10 points · 5 days ago

Do you think the adaptations of a medium in which magical resurrection has been a running joke for decades would bring back dead characters for further milking? Perish the thought

Still got YouTube. And Tumblr. And reddit, during the summer.

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and reddit when its not the summer

22 points · 6 days ago

I like it way better. Plus you can simply share with friends and watch whenever.

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even if i paid the same amount having the ability to watch things at my own pace and cancel/resub at my own leisure makes it so much better than cable.

Nope. I'm straighter than a straight line.

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You know what they say about two straight parallrl lines on the projective plane.

Michael "worse than Hitler" Bay

No movie has ever been made worse by adding explosions.

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The idea of adding explosions to something like bicycle tgieves makes me want to cry

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