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Official Discussion - Solo: A Star Wars Story [SPOILERS]


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During an adventure into a dark criminal underworld, Han Solo meets his future copilot Chewbacca and encounters Lando Calrissian years before joining the Rebellion.


Phil Lord, Chris Miller Ron Howard


written by Jonathan Kasdan, Lawrence Kasdan

based on characters created by George Lucas


  • Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo

  • Emilia Clarke as Qi'ra

  • Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian

  • Joonas Suotamo as Chewbacca

  • Woody Harrelson as Tobias Beckett

  • Paul Bettany as Dryden Vos

  • Thandie Newton as Val

  • Phoebe Waller-Bridge as L3-37

  • Jon Favreau as Rio Durant,

  • Linda Hunt as Lady Proxima

  • Jonathan Kasdan as Tag Greenley and first assistant director

  • Toby Hefferman as Bink Otauna

  • Ian Kenny as Rebolt

  • Clint Howard as Ralakili

  • Anthony Daniels as Tak

  • Kiran Shah as Karjj

  • Warwick Davis as Weazel

  • John Tui as Korso

  • Charlotte Louise as Margo

  • Sema-Tawi Smart as Chanteuse

  • Dee Tails as Quay Tolsite

  • Attila Vajda as Sagwa

  • Lily Newmark as Lexi

  • Samantha Colley as Ottilie

  • Ray Park as Darth Maul (body)

  • Sam Witwer as Darth Maul (voice)

Rotten Tomatoes: 71%

Metacritic: 62/100

After Credits Scene? No

95% Upvoted
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I have a problem with SOLO. I quite enjoyed it and had much fun while watching it, as opposed to the last jedi, but still I think the other one is much better movie. For me it was 7,5/10 kind of movie. Good, aesthetically pleasant and finally music was something more than just star wars stuff (a bit inventive instead of good but same as always), but forgettable. I don't have any big butt's, maybe too much of double crossing in the end and decision about choosing 'good' being not so grounded in character (as shown in the movie), and that rebels presentation stating that there is now midget planet in the canon (which was actually hilarious for me)... but movie didnt do anything that will stay with me.
I'd like them to make more movies like this, quite enjoyable summer flicks, like their marvel divison do al the time, but I guess we are still in period when star wars movies cannot be simply 'ok' or 'good', without starting flame wars. I prefer this one to rogue one, which was f***ing beautiful at moments, but character development was simply bad and boring, and main protagonist didn't have any sayso in what was happening to her for like 3/4 of the movie. But last jedi is so hard for me. Hate it and love it at the same time. Like there was something that shouted greatness inside, but poor pacing, strange character decisions killed a bit something that was the most visuall stunning movie of 2017.
Does anbody else have similar problems with love to star wars franchise? Like it's not bad, not really good, and you are stuck in the middle with it?

I don't care what any Star Wars 'fan' says. I had a blast with Solo. I thought Alden and Donald killed it in their roles! The supporting cast were damn good also and the Darth Maul cameo was really nice. Dryden was very convincing and Chewbacca was great to watch. Woody also killed it! I liked all the easter eggs and name and location drops as they really do make it feel like a connected universe. The action was really well executed and it was all round really enjoyable. I loved the Last Jedi and I really enjoyed Solo. Powell's score was brilliant too. I genuinely do believe Disney is doing a great job with the franchise and I hope they continue to make more Star Wars movies and more spin offs. I would really look forward to spin offs set in the years between episodes VI and VII. I felt it could've been about 5 minutes longer due to all the location jumping, the extra length could be used to ease transitions from one location to another. It's a shame these 'fans' want to boycott great movies which take us in bold, new directions yet lambast previous installments for being "too safe" and that's coming from someone who still enjoys the Prequels. I really look forward to what Disney have in store for us next!

Yeah, I watched the composite clips of it on youtube; awkward storytelling from the franchise that popularized the hero’s journey, but canon is canon.

I always wanted to see more of the species that Darth Maul was from, even if it was just some schmuck working in food service in the background to let us know they are not all warmongering demons.

So you just watched some clips and complain it felt awkward? That's on you dude.

Anyone else feel sorry for that gigantic, multi-eyed, multi-tentacled monster that slowly got ripped apart and crushed by the gravity well? It just seemed to be an unusually dragged out, agonizing death for a PG-13 movie...

Yeah that lasted way too long. I already felt bad for it, then its skin started burning off...

2 points · 15 days ago

Just came back from watching it. For me it looked like the skin of the monster was peeled off due to the gravitational force - fairly brutal for the PG-13 :D

Was the little pirate girl supposed to be a young Mon Mothma? That didn't make a lot of sense to me, because I thought Mon Mothma was older then Han.

I definitely would say no. Two totally different races.

That was a question I had. Seemed like they were trying to set her up as something, but I guess I missed whatever detail was supposed to give it away? Not sure.

12 points · 21 days ago · edited 21 days ago

I'm late to the discussion but HOLY FUCK I'M SO HAPPY MAUL IS BACK

I had low expectations for this movie but I wasn't totally disappointed in it. However, I have a few gripes: I thought L3 was as over-bearing as advertised. I'm not really crazy about how sassy and rude she was lol L3 was strong willed definitely but also a dick, often times unprompted.

How does Han just immediately know how to speak Wookie? That didn't make any sense to me, I was under the impression Wookie was impossible for a human to speak in the universe & it even felt clunky in the scenes where Han spoke it.

The scene where Han wins the Falcon literally took 35 seconds what in the hell happened with the editing? That scene could've been awesome but it was just so short for something that was in question for so long.

All & all I liked it, I thought it added a few wrinkles to the established idea of what thing a stood for. L3 absorbed into the Falcon was interesting, Maul being behind Qi'ra was phenomenal and I didn't see it coming, Chewy meeting Han was pretty cool & I like this one more than the other sequels. I'm in love with Emelia Clarke

Ok, Maul is back but he died in episode 1 after being cut in half by Qui gin gin and thrown into a pit. Wasn’t that why Anakin became Darth Sidious’ puple ? I just got out of the movie.

So help me out. Is solo older than Vader?

I thought the little pirate girl was suppose to be Woody Harrison’s GF daughter, or even his own daughter, making him even worse of a person. That was my opinion.

He survived through hate! He then ended up on a junk planet via a junk ship where he was found and brought to Dathomir by his brother, Savage Opress (lol). He was then given mechanical legs and lived with some force sensitive witches...

I'm not making any of that up.

Maul didn't die though, they greatly expand on him in TCW and Rebels. & Technically not that wasn't the reason, Dooku would've stepped up as his next apprentice but was grooming Anakin on the side for the inevitable turn where he would end his partnership with Dooku. That's why Dooku was so shocked at the beginning of Ep. 3 when Anakin, the new apprentice, took his spot.

& look at it this way, Solo took place in between 3 and 4. Han married Vader's daughter I don't know of any way Han would be older than Darth Vader

He looked to be dead in the movie but it turned out he lived. They explained it well in Star Wars Clone Wars. Also, he was a alive in Star Wars Rebels so the timeline thing checks out.

Solo is not older than Vader but he is older than Luke Skywalker. That is why Hon always calls him kid in the movies.

That is why Hon always calls him kid in the movies.

Calls him kid, and dates the twin sister

Thank you. I will have to check it out. I have not watched much of the animated series, just an episode here and there.


My boy bossk got a mention

How did this movie do with Bechdel test? There were two clear scenes with female protagonists talking...about the men.

The Bechdel test is about the most irrelevant thing in film history.

2 points · 28 days ago · edited 28 days ago

Great observations, thanks for this. You’re definitely on to something.

Edit: found this article The Key To The Young Han Solo Movie? Casablanca, Of Course

Just came back from seeing it for the very first time. Blew me away, I liked it more than I expected.

And of course, infinitely better than SJW Wars: The Last Shitshow Jedi. I'm starting to love these stand-alone movies more than the current trilogy.

Agreed! Also Rogue One is so much more entertaining than the 'regular' films. No wonder : at least they bring SOMETHING new on the table instead of shamelessly remaking the OT.

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Just saw this last night. 10pm on a Thursday night = only me and the wife in the theatre lol. After hearing everyone hate on this film, I had super low expectations. Which apparently was a good thing, because I walked out pleasantly surprised. 6/10.

While in no way a masterpiece, it was a fun diversion that I would put on par with Revenge of the Sith. (I haven't seen Rogue One, TFA or TLJ so this is really my first exposure into the new films). For some context, I am 40. Big SW fan, as the first movie I ever saw in theatres was a double feature of ANH and ESB back in 1980.

I think Solo really suffered from two major things. First was a very weak Act 1. I think the movie really found itself by around the Kessel run sequence. But prior to that it was just a mishmash of CGI action sequence followed by exposition followed by snarky lines, followed by another CGI action sequence. I really think the film could've benefitted from slowing things down a little, really spend some time introducing your characters, the setting, their relationships and develop them, and then get into your big action set pieces. Then when the action is happening, we would care more about what is happening and be more emotionally invested. Just trying to wow people with CGI is not going to work.

Second, Arlen Ehrenreich is no Harrison Ford. He did pretty good, but pretty good is not going to be good enough, when you are up against such an iconic character played by such an iconic actor. He just didn't have the charm, swag, or brashness that Ford brought to the role. This is probably the hardest pill to swallow for most people as they have had their expectations of what a young Han Solo would be like for 40 years! Being aware of this I still tried to set my expectations aside, but still found his performance lacking. Again it was good, but still lacking.

On the other hand I loved Qi'ra. You can see why Han fell in love with Leia, as Qi'ra is just as strong and complex as Leia was. I don't watch Game of Thrones but her performance here makes me want to check out that series even more. She perfectly played the balance of romantic interest for Han, holding her own by pursuing her own agenda, and having a secretive dark history, that when revealed to be connected to Maul (and I am a big fan of Clone Wars and Rebels), instantly made her the best thing about this movie. Having a sequel with Boba Fett as the main character, but also involving Qi'ra and Maul too would be a perfect continuation.

Lando was also just fine. Again expectations on what a young Lando would be like have been cemented for 40 years. So it is again hard to live up to an iconic character like that. I thought he did better than Arlen, but that is mostly due to Lando being a minor character and Solo the main one.

The two villains, Beckett and Vos were decent. Vos was a bit over the top, but still not that menacing. I liked Beckett a little more because I felt that, he helped to create the Han Solo that we all love, by betraying him and encouraging him not to trust anyone. The only problem with all of that is that they never really spent much time developing their relationship so that when the betrayal happened it didn't really feel like it had much of a meaningful impact on Han, or us as audience members.

Love John Powell as a composer. And I thought he did a good job of creating a very fun and exciting soundtrack. However while I enjoyed his usage of old school John Williams Star Wars themes, I just felt like the editing could have been better, in terms of using those themes to really coincide with the action on screen, instead of just using a theme just to shoehorn it in the scene.

Again a good and fun movie as long as you can check your expectations at the door.

How can you be 40 and have watched those movies in 1980 when you were what, 3 years old?

I just watched it, enjoyed it, don't understand the hate

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Heya. Late to the party, just saw this today.

It surpassed my expectations (which I expected, but this was exceeded even that). It's not high film literature, sure, but solid.

I'm mostly just here to figure out what the heck was up with Darth Maul Maul the Animal Just Maul. Is that resolved in the animated series, or are they hinting to a plot thing that may or may not happen in future spinoffs?

3 points · 1 month ago

Well without spoiling it too much it seemed that Maul met his downfall at the end of Clone Wars but then appeared in Rebels. However what happened in the mean time could prove to be very interesting. Also it's awesome that Sam Witwer got to voice him in Solo too as he voiced him in both Clone Wars and Rebels.

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The weirdest thing about this was seeing it a full month after it came into theaters, on a Tuesday night at 7:30pm, and having the showing almost completely full. 3 empty seats when I went to buy my ticket at the kiosk. What the fuck?

Anyway, the movie itself was pretty much as expected. Certainly better than Rogue One, but that's the lowest of low bars. Had a few alright moments, Woody Harrelson and Paul Bettany were pretty cool (as they always are), Lando was better than I thought he'd be, and that's about it. At this point I'm just out of fuel when it comes to seeing the same Star Wars trappings in a movie. I never want to see Stormtroopers, TIE Fighters, Star Destroyers, or the Millenium Falcon and its various crew again. The Star Wars fatigue is real. This movie was at its best when you couldn't really tell it was a Star Wars movie, which was infrequent.

The portrayal of the actual character of Han Solo was weirdly inconsistent. Like, prior to the events of A New Hope he's supposed to be, y'know, a scoundrel. This movie tried way too hard to ignore the fact that he grew as a character after all this stuff happened, and make him a hero. But then he still shoots first on Beckett anyway, because we gotta have Han shooting first, even though it doesn't gel with everything else he did in the movie. I wanted to see him fucking more people over for his own gain, not helping any rebellions against the empire, or doing things because they're the right thing to do. Fuck that.

What how do you hate rouge one? It feels like Star Wars more so than anything else they’ve made. It fell perfectly in line with the Star Wars saga and is the only film that felt natural and real. It was gritty, it was hostile it’s what the rebellion was supposed to be and we got to see some great characters with a great ending as to why they aren’t around.

The new trilogy is filled with holes and just general in decentness, from politics to over bearing “we need strong female leads” that just feel forced and unrealistic to just pointless characters the standalone films set the bar high while the trilogy just goes against everything we were told and taught Star Wars was

The main problem was that it had no characters. At the end of the movie, the only name I could remember was Jyn Erso. The rest were just nothings. The other major issue was that it's a story that didn't need to be told. You know they get the plans, so there's no excitement on that front. When your movie's resolution is known in advance, you have to lean even harder on the moment to moment stuff and make us care about the characters, and Rogue One completely failed to do that.

Visually they might have gotten it right, but that's such a minor contributing factor. The movie was boring.

100% disagree. Rogue One is the best of all the new Star Wars movies imo.

Why's that?

  1. It felt like a Star Wars movie, where Solo felt like a knock off SW movie.

  2. The story was relatively easy to follow compared to the convoluted and at times confusing story of Solo.

  3. Better characters and dialog. Genuinely funny moments from K-2SO. L3, while I liked her personality, felt forced at times.

  4. The Darth Vader scene

  5. Actual fighting with Imperial forces

  6. A good ending that connected to the next movie

I can understand (while disagreeing) with everything you listed except 3. Rogue One didn't have any characters in it other than a quipping robot.

I wasn't going to reply to this but I kept on reading and I have to now. If you feel Rogue one is the lowest of low bars then I hope you think the force awakens and the last jedi are an affront to humanity.

Second, this is Han when he was young. I'm not sure if he has ever been protrayed that way somewhere else as I haven't gone deep into star wars lore, but from what I took from the movie this is Han in the early stages. Just a kid trying to find his place in life. Prior to escaping he hadn't had any kind of actual experience with no safety net. He's not inconsistent, he's slowly growing during the course of the movie, ending with him taking the shot and giving up on helping the rebellion any further.

If a sequel with him is ever made, then that's when the Han we know should start making an appearance.

Rogue One is joint with AotC as the weakest film imo

Nah, Force Awakens and Last Jedi at least have value as movies. They fulfill the most basic requirement of cinema, which is to entertain. Quality or subjective assessment of their content aside, they're not boring. Rogue One failed to hold my interest at all, on any level. From that standpoint, it's actually a worse movie than even the prequels, which are only superficially entertaining (ie - they're pretty to look at and have flashy lightsaber battles and such).

Han's old enough by the time the events of Solo takes place to basically be the man he is when we meet him in A New Hope. He should be self-centered and generally unscrupulous based on his experiences growing up. That's not the character we got, though. It's fine if you disagree.

He's that way because of the way Qi'ra betrayed him. He doesn't believe anyone is trustworthy except Chewie.

No, no value. I'm not even going to start listing all the things wrong with them here. But they are far from "value as movies". And to "entertain" is subjective. At least Solo tried something new, instead of copying everything from past movies and making it worse. And artificially entertaining? It's like I'm back in /v/ with their "artificial fun" lmao

It doesn't matter how old Han was. Character comes from experience. His life revolved around surviving from scraps from the people that took care of him, at least that's what was implied. His first dealings with any kind of organized crime came in this movie. So no, he isn't even close to being the man he was in A new hope in this movie and it shows, because you can see parts of Han Solo in him, but it's full of immaturity. I never disagreed, it's true, that's not THE Han Solo, because that's the point. It's his story when he was just starting out.

0 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

I don't know why you're comparing Solo with TLJ or TFA. That was never a comparison I made. The comparison was Rogue One with TLJ and TFA. Rogue One is a waste of film, while the latter two are not.

I didn't say artificially entertaining, either. I said superficially. Just because the two words end the same does not mean they mean the same thing.

Be that as it may, if you think rogue one is a waste of film then the main line movies are the lowest of trash. Which they are.

I find the fact that you just had to find a distinction between both words hilarious.

You're not listening. The mainline movies may have flaws like being poorly written or ruining what you think Star Wars should be. That's fine. Even if you hate them, that requires more emotional investment than Rogue One, which is the true opposite of both love and hate: indifference. Even an aggressively bad movie has more value than a boring film that makes me keep checking the time.

I find the fact that you just had to find a distinction between both words hilarious.

Sorry, I don't understand what you're trying to say here. The two words don't even have similar meanings, let alone the same meaning. They're two different words. I don't have to find a distinction, you're the only one that said artificially.

No, you're the one not listening. If you think that of rogue one, then the mainline movies are beyond the scope of trash, which they are.

I find the fact that you're writing so articulately about me finding it hilarious that you had to look for a distinction between the words even more hilarious. It's hilarious because the point I was trying to make is how stupid the whole thing is (calling something superficially entertaining, which is as stupid as /v/s "artificially fun") but you didn't catch on and kept seriously answering, which is funny.

No, you're the one not listening. If you think that of rogue one, then the mainline movies are beyond the scope of trash, which they are.

And I'm saying trash at least inspires anger, or disgust. On the emotional spectrum, that requires you to give a shit on some level. Rogue One isn't something you can say the same thing for. The only thing it inspires is yawning.

but you didn't catch on and kept seriously answering, which is funny.

Whoa, it's not my fault your posts are impossible to glean meaning from. That's on you, pal. I couldn't understand if you were being purposefully retarded or just ineptly expressing some point I couldn't figure out.

No it doesn't. I'm just calling it what it is. The last thing Rogue One inspires is yawning though.

Saying it's my fault, so predictable it hurts lmao

Yes. Thank you, R1 isn't even a cohesive story. There are no actual characters

I didn't enjoy it until the Kessel Run. That's the only time it really felt like a star wars movie. Tons of energy and the characters delivering their lines believably for the first time. I reaaally don't know what kind of impression Han's actor was doing, but it felt like Jack Nicholson for most of the movie. With the nasally voice and eyebrow gestures. The script was really clunky trying to shoehorn in any and all Han references it could instead of letting it happen organically. Was funny to see Darth Maul, I wonder where that will go.

It's actually an entertaining movie, but it's not Han. I don't believe it's the same character at all. But overall, I actually enjoyed it a lot more than TLJ.

It's unfortunate that the main sequels suck this bad that I am still thinking about pretty much ignoring anything else Disney creates in the Star Wars verse.

Is Han Solo another galaxy’s Rick Blaine from Casablanca?

  • Rick is separated from the love of his life (Ilsa) because of an evil empire and is left alone at a Paris train station. Han is separated from the love of his life (Kira) because of an evil empire and is left alone at an interplanetary space station.

  • Rick encouters Ilsa years later in a bar and she is now involved with another man.  Han encounters Kira years later in a bar and she is now involved with another man.

  • Rick claims to be motivated by self-interest and not willing to help those oppressed by evil, he eventually performs a selfless act and comes to the support of the resistance. Han claims to be motivated by self-interest and not willing to help those oppressed by evil, he eventually performs a selfless act and comes to the support of the rebellion.

  • Major Strasser steps in to stop Rick’s plan. Rick shoots him without hesitation. Tobias Becket steps in to stop Han’s plan. Han shoots him without hesitation.

  • Rick and Ilsa proclaim their love for each other but go their separate ways, understanding that they can never be together. Rick watches Ilsa’s plane fly away from him. Han and Kira proclaim their love for each other but go their separate ways, understanding that they can never be together. Han watches Kira’s ship fly away from him.

“Here’s looking at you kid."

Wow, TIL. Might go watch Casablanca then.

Better than I was expecting, but he wasn't Han Solo at all. There were like two moments where I could see that maybe with a lot of work, he could play Han Solo, but this wasn't it.

2 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

It was all right. Up until the Kessel Run (which i thought they did a pretty good job of), I was just thinking how the movie just lacked suspense because we all know not only does Chewie, Han, and Lando make it out alive, but also that no matter what they do, they will eventually become the biggest of heroes in the galaxy...and then of course Han dying later after that.

But it's about the "how" and I thought the Kessel Run was done great, and then the twists at the end maybe gets a little Dark Knight/Ocean's 11ey with quite not knowing how it all works, but it's still just fun to watch.

The main thing that continues to get dicey is the Wookie situation. Beckett's whole thing was not to trust anyone but Han and Chewie just quickly become an impeccable bond just because we've seen that they've always been like that. Yes, Han freed him, but Chewie was on a first-name basis with friggin Yoda! Like the whole droid attack on the Wookies and them being enslaved by the empire; why would Chewie continue to hang around with someone like Han? Plus the other Wookie slaves that was in this film. Chewie should be out there fighting the good fight that he has done and eventually will do again in the OT and Sequels.

5 points · 1 month ago

Life debt.

Just saw it. It was fine and good, but nothing beyond that. I still don't feel like the characterization of Solo himself in this fits well with the Solo of the other films. Han was never really a plucky guy thirsty for adventure; in the original trilogy he's almost always a grump who wishes he was anywhere but where he is. (Yeah yeah yeah character arc but it still didn't feel right.)

The most annoying thing to me was the constant references to the original films, and the overt spotlight on everything that makes him 'Han Solo.' "Oooh, that's why he's called Solo! Oooh, that's where he got the dice! Oooh, that's where he got his blaster! Oooh, that's where Chewie learned that hologram chess move! Oooh, she just said maybe he'll join a Rebellion someday and he doesn't know it yet but he totally will!" I was almost expecting to find out that Han built C3PO as a kid.

Overall the script was clunky, but it is Star Wars. I enjoyed a lot of the humor, and I did like how Han and Chewie met. The film got better as it went on, and I liked the twist of Qi'ra turning her back on him (since I totally expected her to die).

So, better than the prequels, but a little worse than the other new films.

Comment deleted1 month ago(3 children)

I wouldn't go that far. Solo was a nice movie, but The Last Jedi was a masterpiece. The character development, action sequences, and amazing visuals, not to mention the outstanding score, great acting, and nuanced plot made it better than The Force Awakens. Solo was a bit of a cash grab, but still entertaining and much better than other corporate, cash grabs(A.K.A The Secret Life of Pets).

4 points · 1 month ago

39 minute old account, dude troll better.

3 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

I'm serious. And what does me having a new account have to do with literally anything? I have my opinion, you have yours. Simple. Just because someone doesn't agree with you doesn't mean their "trolling". So if you don't know what trolling means, let me explain it to you. Trolling, according to the dictionary,means:

informalmake a deliberately offensive or provocative online post with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them.

Now, simple mind, how does this fit what I posted?

Unless, of course, youre a butthurt fanboy who gets angry when someone doesn't like you're favorite movies.

Ulster wookie is pretty fanboyish name after all...

Went in with low expectations. This film was terribly marketed here in the Netherlands, read here and there it was a rocky road coming to the big screen. Sorta disappointed we're still not getting a Ewan McGregor "Old man Ben: A Star Wars adventure"... yet me and my friends, lifetime casual Star Wars fans, left the theatre pleasantly surprised to say the least! At the whole thing! Particularly, imho, Dryden Vos & Lando!

One gripe; most films nowadays have a very clear (cookiecutter* almost) path of progression through the story, Solo does surprise to an extent, but less so than any Star Wars film to date. Guess the bar was set relatively high, praise be. Again, my humble opinion.

26 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

I walked in with low expectations and walked out incredibly happy! The plot was great. The adventure was solid. The acting was on. The feeling was Star Wars.

I liked this a lot. If you like fun and you like Star Wars you'll like Solo.

EDIT: I just heard that SOLO is doing poorly at the box office. Go see it friends! Go see it today! They should make more like this. It had that Star Wars feeling, it was smart and fun... Adults and kids alike can enjoy it!

Just watched this. My Dad and brother told me we were going to watch JW2, because I was massively against watching any Hans Solo film without Harrison Ford, but I loved it. I was gripped the whole way through, and I even liked Emilia Clarke's subtle acting (which is saying something). Brilliant film.

Okay fuck /r/movies because I loved last Jedi and hated this movie. Well not hate, I was utterly whelmed by it

Young Justice Robin, is that you?!

Wow, dude, you can't disagree with the majority I'm sorry I have to downvote you.

It's honestly sad how strong the hiveminds on Reddit are, regardless of sub

what was up with the space octopus?

We've seen space slug things that live in asteroids, so it's not without precedent.

11 points · 1 month ago

does this mean that Qi'ra still live during the Original Trilogy? will there be Solo 2 where he kills Qi'ra?

Actually alden ehrenreich signed for 2 more movies. If we're going to see a solo 2 or maybe even a lando spin off, i don't know. But sure is - there will be more.

With these box office numbers you're unlikely to ever see Qra ever again....

Seriously. Disney had such little faith in the movie that they dropped it off in the fucking summer and not during the winter.

Late to the party, loved everything but hated L3.

L3 was trash. Absolute garbage. Totally out of place in the entire Star Wars universe. Her stupid SJW attitude towards how robots are being treated was just absurd. That droid/human relationship conversation? Holy shit. What idiot thought that character up?

She actually annoyed me less than I expected her too. Her Human/Droid relationship quip seemed to be played more for laughs at the absurdity of it (Even treated as such in-universe). The SJW stuff is/was overblown.

The Droid Freedom stuff was silly but was seemingly treated as such in-universe, too. Regardless, this isn't the first time the subject has been brought up in Star Wars, so don't act like it is.

I enjoyed L3! I suppose it was a little bit too similar to K-2SO dropping jokes every scene, but overall I didn't mind!

Even later to the party, I agree. I'm a little over the sassy droid trope.

19 points · 1 month ago

It was fine. Just fine. Nothing amazing but nothing that's going to ruin my day. I really enjoyed watching it in the theater and now that I let it marinade and think over it more, I'm sure I'll find some stuff to complain about. BUT I will say this: I need to see more of Darth Maul as the boss of the Space Yakuza more than I need any other Star Wars movies.


8 points · 1 month ago

Personally, I didn’t like Solo at all. I hated last Jedi, still do, with a passion. But this one to me was just bland. All the actors did just ok. Nobody stood out to me, not even Lando. Who everyone seems to agree was the best in the movie. It just seemed to be a movie made by people who don’t really understand the source material. Like Lando cheating at cards. I really don’t think Lando would do that. The action, which to me seemed nonexistent, was again just plain boring. The scenes when someone dies and we are supposed to care are over in a blink. How cool would of been had we got a casino royal esq scene with Lando vs Han and the winner gets the falcon? But no, what we got was again, just a bland scene with no tension or anything. Maybe I’m just bitter because I read a bunch of the EU books and I know there is really good and interesting story lines there and what Disney has chosen to use isn’t good.

In what universe would Lando NOT cheat at cards?

2 points · 1 month ago

In the universe where he is the most confident/cocky dude out there. One where he is or thinks he is the best sabacc player. If he believes he is the best player in the galaxy why does he feel the need to cheat? Now if that makes him the best player, that’s a fake bravado. It’s easy to be cocky when you know you have all the cards in your favor, figuratively and literally. That was just one of the issues I had with Solo.

Yeah but he's a smuggler. His whole livelihood is sneaking things under people's noses. It's not like there aren't two movies establishing his sneakiness and ability to pull the rug out from under people. His confidence is part of his hustle.

What two movies are you referring to? If you’re talking about Empire, I would slightly disagree. It’s only implied at in Empire but Lando was in a no win situation. If he says no to Darth Vader, the most likely scenario is the empire kills many if not everyone on bespin, including Lando, then takes them anyways.
Anyways, honestly, part of my trouble with these new movies is that I read many of the EU books and think they did a way better job at continuing or establishing relationships of these characters. I’m not saying because they aren’t the books they are trash. I loved both force awakens and rouge one. The way Han and Lando meet, the way Han gets the falcon, Han’s childhood and how he learned Wookiee are just done better in the books.

I wouldn't believe Lando not cheating at cards.

It was a fun movie, but I was kind of disappointed by the lack of character development. Han starts off the movie a smart aleck, rebellious kid (who even wears a vest already) and within the first 20 minutes has been trained as a pilot (even though he doesn't finish flight school). The only major lesson he learns by the end of the movie is "not to trust anyone" which is such a movie trope at this point that it hardly feels very satisfying. And this is all true for Lando tenfold: he's already got the slang and the outfits, so I guess even though Solo is set ~10+ years before the original trilogy, Lando's fashion didn't change? He didn't have another signature style before? And IIRC, we learn nothing about his backstory. Again, I would've liked them to leave some room for growth over the course of the movie, rather than connecting everything to the original trilogy from the get-go. That's what I liked about Rogue One, it was its own story in the Star Wars universe, and only at the end did they cleverly connect it to the greater SW story. Rather than heavy-handed references that IMO took up too much screen time in Solo.

I was under the impression he was already a decent enough pilot before going to flight school. He seemed to be good at flying the landspeeders, though they might be something of a different beast.

Luke for example was able to fly an X-Wing decently despite only having experience with speeders and Skyhoppers (And being good with those).

Either way though, yes, "Solo" could have used some stronger character development for everyone. I think maybe Qi'Ra was okay in this respect.

I wasn't even planning on going because I was so disappointed by The Last Jedi, which was, in my opinion, hot garbage. I didn't like The Force Awakens and thought Rogue One was just kinda good, but Solo has got to be one of the best Star Wars. I was hooked from the first minute to the last. Truly felt like Star Wars.

I totally agree with you my friend. But we seem to be in the minority.

But however, i thought the movie did everything right, a prequel could do. And i just can't understand the criticizm. It's like the people need to bash star wars a little more after the disappointment of the last jedi. The movie was original, phenomenal looking, great easter eggs and a stunning action. It was a big fan service. And i can't fucking understand, why people complain about fan service.

It's interesting you say that, because I hadn't gotten the impression that a lot of people disliked it. It isn't performing well in the theaters, yeah, but that doesn't have much to do with how much you like a movie, since you don't know that till after you see it, yeah? I think people mostly weren't going because they didn't like TLJ, like me.

That said, maybe you're seeing something I missed. Generally, it seems like people like it, to me.

No matter the case, thanks for the camaraderie! :)

Haha you're welcome. Yeah especially in german media (living in ger obviously) there is a lot of critique.

We're the opposite lmao. I don't hate Solo , just thought it was okay

Got to say... no love for this one. Main actor really didn't nail the part, it was neither an imitation or his own spin on the character. And the story just meandered from one not-terribly-exciting action sequence to another. Donald Glover's outstanding performance as Lando was a bright spot, but it made the lead's act seem even less Soloish.

Got the impression the entire movie was set up to nudge "Fans" (not fans, "Fans") and say "Yeah, we at Disney get it. Here's your favorite character. We think Han should have shot first too, that's something that bothers you right? Well, we agree! Oh and wait until you see our take on "I have a bad feeling about this!", it'll really make you chuckle."

Well, I'm a Star Wars fan, not a "Fan". I'll still watch the next one. I love the series despite disliking some of the films. George Lucas did not R-word my childhood, he made it rock. Disney hasn't either. And what the f--- is it with the comparisons to the R-word anyway, do those of you who use it have any sense of proportion at all?

I didn't need this, it was an unnecessary film, and it wasn't a particularly good one either.

To my mind it's Disney's first dud, so I still have high hopes, as long as they don't take the (misplaced, in my view) criticism of TLJ to heart and made Ep 9 just another dumb bit of fan service, I'll be happy.

3 points · 1 month ago

What is the R-word?

"Rape", as in "this movie/game/book raped my childhood", a fairly common statement of complaint with regards to bad sequels. It's a statement that's gotten pushback in recent years because it diminishes the actual horrible crime by comparing it to a bad movie.

1 point · 1 month ago

Ah that makes that post much more readable, thanks! I think censoring the word rape is a bridge too far for this bleeding heart liberal but to each their own.

I enjoyed it a great deal and it was better than I expected. It's definitely got issues, but out of all the new Star Wars films it sits 2nd for me behind Rouge One.

I look forward to other Star Wars movies that explore the greater universe. I just hope they use characters we don't know next time and keep the force stuff to a minimum.

14 points · 1 month ago

This might actually be one of my favorite star wars movies.

17 points · 1 month ago

Finally saw this yesterday. Solo might be my favorite Star Wars movie, period.

Oh I don’t think so

13 points · 1 month ago

You don't think it's his favorite SW movie? Then which one is it? :)

The attempt on my life has left me scared and deformed

But has it left you scarred?


I know I'm two weeks late (finals), but...

HOLY SHIT! How are people shitting on this movie!? It was so fun! It's not a cinematic masterpiece, but it is a good heist movie and a good Star Wars movie! There's just the right amount of call backs and references to other Star Wars movies and shows and adaptations to the old EU legends and they do a good job telling the story and ALL THE WORLD-BUILDING!

It really illuminated what I found off-putting about TLJ - there's no world-building - it's just them being chased through space and then there's a casino and then they end up on Krait (salt Hoth).

I was expecting it to be a mess, what with all the switching directors and it getting bombed at the box office and it's even leaving theaters early - before Infinity War does at my nearest ones! But I had so much fun!

I really liked this movie. Between this and Rogue One the non-Jedi Star Wars movies are proving to be better.

7 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

I honestly think I'm pretty over the force, jedi, sith, etc. A large part of why I enjoyed Solo and Rouge One so much is all that is kept to a minimum or not included at all. One of my least favorite things about Solo was the big boss reveal at the end.

I wouldn't get too down on the reveal. I thought it was pretty cool to connect it to The Clone Wars universe.

That was my issue though. I'm not a fan of the Clone Wars universe.

Why not?

Late to the party but I enjoyed it really.

Same, just got home from watching it!

Call it a fault in the programming. Ever had a computer blue screen on you? I just feel that people demand movies hold up this higher moral ground to set an example for how we “should” live and think. That’s bullshit. You decide how you should live and think and let movies, music and other media be what it is. Entertainment. Your expecting some sort of realism from a movie about space pirates and magic. Why do you need activism in Star Wars? Don’t you get enough of that everywhere else?

2 points · 1 month ago

I feel torn by this comment. I agree that movies should eschew activism but I definitely think they need realism. Unfortunately Solo failed on both counts.

Happy cake day btw. I feel like Solo got a bunch of shit simply because it was the first Star Wars movie to follow The Last Jedi. By itself it is not a bad movie. Is it Schindler’s List? No. Is it Caddyshack 2? Also no.

It's a decent string of western tropes set in the SW universe. I caught myself enjoying the last fifth after just patiently witnessing what came before. I made the mistake of watching it in the dimmest theater in town.

Was it hinted that Lando had been banging L3?

Yes, and it was also established that she had free will and objected to being a slave. This was all played for a laugh though.

So now we have a sex-slave whose suffering is used for comedic value. All she wanted was freedom for herself and other droids, for which she is constantly mocked by characters that are supposed to be likeable. She's killed, and then after death she's brought back for permanent enslavement in the Millenium Falcon.

She's not a slave at all. Shes Lando's lover. No force sticks and no reprogramming. She DOES get them to participate in the rebellion, as they free the droids and the miners. The other characters dont mock her, they try to save her.

Then she becomes the ultimate liberator, the millennium falcon.

When does the Millenium Falcon do anything to liberate droids. Droid liberation is never even mentioned as a concept in any of the other movies, much less a goal and absolutely not something that is acted upon.

And Lando talks about erasing her memory and reprogramming her in response to her talk of liberation. It's not possible to have consent in a relationship where one member threatens to essentially kill you and replace you with somebody else in response to you talking about your freedom, when there is mutual knowledge that he could 100% get away with it and face no repercussions.

If you think of yourself as somebody who is against oppression, please reevaluate everything about the way you think.

Not droid liberation. They saved the galaxy from the empire including at least a couple heroic droids.

And yeah, he's not joking, he's lying. He's in a scenario where he's got a sassy black wifey of a droid running around causing a ruckus in his hangout. He's gotta explain this to his new hooligan pals.

"Hey, I've been having sex with my robot and I think we're in love." is not gonna impress your new thief buddies. That's gonna get you sideways looks and social ostracization. Instead it's all about the nav system.

Look at what he actually does. He almost dies with her. It's his wifey, not his slave.

As for me and oppression, you don't know me. Don't assume my actions or beliefs.

That literally sounds like a Black Mirror episode.


Fun movie, but I thought Donald Glover failed pretty hard.

He was very good at the lighthearted scenes, but was completely incapable of portraying any other emotion. I'm also pretty certain I saw him smile while he was holding L3's remains.

I thought he was fantastic, and portrayed the role of a young Lando fine given the crazy expectations set by the canon. But to each their own.

I agree that the crazy side of him was great. It's the serious side I did not feel was portrayed well at all.

3 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

Fair point. I didn't really think about that when I made my post. I did like the crazy side of him, specifically. (That wasn't what I intended in that posts' context, though. I cannot take credit!) To comment something constructive: perhaps this issue has more to do with the script?

He had a moment with l3's remains where he really dropped the ball. That was a moment where even mediocre acting would have sufficed. I just think he was poorly cast. If you need someone funny and/or crazy eyes he's the best, but just not right for showing that vulnerability.

That's a good point. I thought it was definitely kind of quirky that the show wants to treat his droid as a punchline, but then suddenly wants us to take that scene very seriously. I concede to your point.

You're also right that the writers dropped the ball. That scene really didn't fit.

Yeah his acting was pretty bad. Pleasantly surprised at the general acting level of the movie though

Agree wholeheartedly

Oh my gosh I’m ecstatic after that Maul reveal. I have never experienced a twist that blew me away that much. As a lover of the Clone Wars this is everything and so much more than I could have hoped for. I NEED TO SEE THIS PLOT LINE CONTINUED IMMEDIATELY. If only Rebels hadn’t killed him before A New Hope......

That all out warfare scene was brilliantly done. Han and Chewys introduction to one another was really good, especially that super sexy shower scene. I now ship them. But what I expected to dislike the most but ended up being blown away by was the Kessel run and the maw. That poor Eldritch Abomination ;( I called him bubbles ;( ;( ;( .

The music that played whenever the bandit warrior lady showed up was truly magnificent and so was the whole train heist scene.

I don’t know why everyone seems to hate L3 so much. She was my favourite character followed by 4 armed guy :(. She had so much personality and was just a blast to watch.

Overall I really liked this movie despite me going in thinking to be severely disappointed even with my low expectations. I’ve never really liked the Original Trilogy nor Han or Luke but this has definitely pleased me.

-3 points · 1 month ago

I despised it. Why?? It makes no sense, nothing but fan service shit for the mindless fanboys.

I never realized how much I needed more Maul until that scene. If this doesn't culminate in a Vader/Maul showdown I'll be highly disappointed.

I just need info on Maul got to where he was in this movie. The last time we see him in Clone Wars, his brother was murdered and he was captured and being tortured by the Emperor.

The next time we see him, it’s in Rebels and he’s alone and on the run from Vader and his Inquisitors.

I want to see how he escaped his imprisonment, became a massive crime lord, and then to see his power fall as he goes on the run.

The last time we see him in Clone Wars, his brother was murdered and he was captured and being tortured by the Emperor.

Read Son of Dathomir. It's a comic book about 6 issues long that explains what happens right after that scene. A very fun read for sure.

Hmm, apparently I need to finally get around to watching these shows.

Clone wars is one that starts very much for kids and gets better with each season.

Rebels is awesome from the word go.

1 point · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

Doesn't Darth Maul die when Anakin is a kid in Phantom Menace?

Edit: Reading further I realize I had my timeline mixed up, I thought that this took place before Phantom menace but realize it was between prequels and the original trilogy.

But didn’t Darth Maul die in episode one? I’m confused. If this took place when Maul was alive wouldn’t Solo be at least 50 in A New Hope?

I guess he didn't actually die in episode one. "Something.. something.. his hate for obi-wan kept him alive." I think that people who watched Clone Wars new this, as he was a big character in those movies / that show.

But he got cut in half. Also isn’t the Sith only one master and one apprentice at a time?

I think that to go from apprentice to master you have to kill your master? I'm not sure, I've heard the rule of two but it seems to me that there have been cases of multiple sith pairs before? Was Maul originally Palpatine's apprentice?


Yeah I think it's supposed to be about 10 years before A New Hope.

I loved the sabacc

It's pronounced sab-ah-k.

I liked this movie.

15 points · 1 month ago

WOW WOW WOW!! The music, the visuals, the dialogue, and Danny Glover! I will be going to see it right after work again tomorrow this time and IMAX. Wow!!


Not sure why this one is getting so much hate, I thought it was great.

12 points · 1 month ago

I liked it more than rogue one.

1 point · 1 month ago

Which isn’t hard to accomplish because rogue one is filled with unlikeable asshole characters

25 points · 1 month ago

The hate is really towards The Last Jedi. This is just the (first) casualty.

It sucks that people choose to hate on one movie because of another.


I liked solo better than any of the other new movies or prequels

is it better than rogue one?

It is close

20 points · 1 month ago

It depends if you like Star Wars for the war/action stuff or for the adventure/romance/space-western stuff. I prefer the latter, so I enjoyed Solo more than Rogue One.

I agree with you. Rogue one was good but watching it again ... it was kind of boring. I’m interested to see how solo holds up.

They’re very different movies. Personally I preferred Rogue One but this was really good too.

i finally went to see this film and just as with every star wars film, outside of the prequels, i loved it.

Solo. Two syllables. You know what else has two syllables? P.U.

Are you one of those two old balcony muppets?

Those are my favorite muppets.

18 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

Didn't like it one bit. Unnecessary, we don't need to see explanations for everything.

The Godfather kept their explanations to snippets, not a whole film. We don't need a prequel to show why Michael joined the military, or how Connie met Carlo, or how Vito made friendships with the baker and mortician, etc. We don't need to see the origin of "offer he can't refuse". If Kennedy was in charge of Godfather, we'd have a prequel where they show Vito say "offer he can't refuse has a good ring to it, I'll use it from now on!"

23 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

Yeah man. You need to get off your high horse over there, comparing a Star Wars movie to The Godfather. It's pretentious at best, but completely misses the mark. If you're going to seriously argue every other movie release is bad because it fails to live up to The Godfather, you're just going to have to re-evaluate your standards and expectations for the films you go to see.

To me your comparison is akin to comparing apples to oranges.

"Didn't like [insert any origins movie here] one bit. Unnecessary, we don't need to see explanations for everything. The Godfather kept their explanations to snippets..."

Also. Just an FYI. The Godfather's arguably most-famous second film is a prequel. Explaining many of those "snippets" about characters which are already already dead by Godfather 1. So I really don't understand where you're trying to go with this whole analogy. Prequels are a perfectly fine avenue for film directions / scriptwriters to go if they have a good story to tell. Indiana Jones is a great example. As for Solo- it was a perfectly fine Star Wars movie. Underperforming films = / = bad films. Plenty of perfectly fine films have underperformed. And plenty of Star Wars fans on here clearly enjoyed Solo, too.

2 points · 1 month ago

If you're going to seriously argue every other movie release is bad because it fails to live up to The Godfather...

That's not the point. The point is that there's good film-making and bad film-making. The people who wrote Solo were quite happy to turn in something mediocre rather than try to make something great.

0 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

Great for...who?

I thought it was great as someone who has always adored the character of Han Solo. I'm sorry that this Solo film and its writers/director didn't aspire create the a benchmark piece of cinema that aspired to portray a multi-dimensional crime family, while also providing viewers with a deconstruction of gangsters and, oh yeah, maintaining the consistent theme of how an immigrant culture tries to achieve the American dream.

Oh..wait. Silly me. That's not anything remotely close to what Star Wars has ever been about. You can't just come in here and abitrarily throw around the term great. Great how? By what metric? Context is important. Solo did fine with critics. Its failure at the box office would be an obvious argument, and it is certainly a valid one, but at best this is a dubious and inconsistent metric--plenty of good films have underperformed. Are you implying a film is great solely by its performance at the box office? Then what about The Last Jedi, for all its controversy and vitriol, still making 1.3 billion dollars or so and being a great box office success? I don't see any fans on here likewise claiming that The Last Jedi was a fundamentally great Star Wars film in this reverse scenario because of its box office performance.

Saying that you are disappointed in Solo as a fan of Star Wars or even as a casual moviegoer is one thing. But comparing Solo to a film, of another genre, and over forty years distant is entirely another matter. Frankly, this point is untenable. This entire analogical comparison needs to go. That's the point, and honestly that's the only point I care to discuss. If you want to have a discussion about whether Solo was a bad or good film, I suggest you post elsewhere.

3 points · 1 month ago

You still fail to grasp the point and, frankly, the way your response doubles-down on arguing a point that you have been explicitly told is not being made greatly reduces my interest in explaining it to you.

2 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

Re-reading my post, I do think I was too combative. I apologize.

But still- please do remember the context. This entire thread is one huge argument over what was initially supposed to be a semantic point and relatively innocuous correction. I didn't think calling out a bad comparison between Star Wars and The Godfather would be so controversial, nor did I think it would be something people would find disagreeable. Had I known it would, I can genuinely when I say I just wouldn't have posted.

I bid you a good day.

-9 points · 1 month ago(2 children)
14 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

Actually, I am a novice! I'm proud of being a novice because I never became a grumpy old fan who sits around complaining that new movies are all bad because the old movies are better.

I envy you with your "pristine" view of Star Wars, because frankly when I go back and watch the original trilogy; I just don't see it. The writing was choppy, and had its own fair share of deus ex machina moments and slip-ups and plot holes. I'd argue you take 2018's Solo: A Star Wars Story and release it in 1977; you'd have yourself a blockbuster. Of course that's theoretical, but so is saying that the new movies are bad by virtue of the old films being good. It's what, you know? Who cares?!? I love that there are new star wars films being created, and I'm tickled that I've enjoyed every single one of them!!

Anyways. Here's what isn't theoretical.

Even for that time period; the best objective argument against this idea of a "pristine" original trilogy is that George Lucas himself constantly felt the need to tweak the original trilogy with every subsequent home release. (Which of course many of the OG Trilogy's same fans turn around and say his changes were terrible, but I digress.) What's also not theoretical, is that comparing God Father Parts 1 & 2 to Star Wars is still comparing apples to oranges. I'm sorry- but that analogy has got to go! They're different genres. We're talking different time periods, different settings, different markets. (We're talking about a movie released in 2018 here. Come on!) We're talking different visions and different directors and different writers for a different audience. Literally- the only thing comparable is that they're both films and that both franchises containing at least one prequel film. The fact you can't even cognitively identify the issue with comparing The Godfather in 1974 to Star Wars in 2018 shows a polarity with our ways of thinking, which in my opinion may be irreconcilable. I leave the issue to any future readers- but someone has call out that comparison as untenable.

As for everything else- you can fault a show or movie all you want for being bad. You can fault me for having bad taste. FINE! REDDIT--HEAR ME SPEAK TRUTH--I HAVE BAD TASTE IN FILMS!! [I LOVE PACIFIC RIM!!] Happy? My issue is, correct me if I am wrong, you seem be arguing that these new movies shouldn't be created. That's bad. And I'll debate that point to death because that it isn't fair that old fans like you should dictate whether new fans like me (and plenty of others) get to enjoy new star wars films, whether they are disappointments or not! The entire conversation becomes a moot point when it boils down to dollars: I concede that, to an extent, there will never be another Solo film most likely. But there will definitely continue to be Star Wars films. And because I enjoy them I'll always be rooting for their success! (And you should too!)

Solo in 1977 would bomb. It's not a good film.

GF2 was not a prequel. It had prequel snipets, but the movie itself was not a prequel.

The GF and SW franchises are comparable to each other because they are both iconic. Don't forget that SW was nominated for Best Picture, and many expected it to win.

Yeah, all those things were actually in the book and showed up in Godfather 2..

20 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

How'd Han Solo get his name? Somebody gave it to him and he decided to keep it the rest of his life for some reason.

How'd Han Solo get his gun? Somebody gave it to him and he decided to keep it the rest of his life for some reason.

How'd Han Solo and Chewie end up together? Somebody gave Chewie to him and they became bros.

How'd Chewie get his bandolier? Somebody gave it to him and he kept it the rest of his life for some reason.


16 points · 1 month ago

Meh, to each their own. I had a lot of fun with this movie and it was nice to seeing all the locations and how Han and Chewie develop their relationship on screen.

-2 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

I thought it was fun to laugh at the enslaved robot sex-slave with free will that only wanted freedom only to be killed and then permanently enslaved within the Millenium Falcon.

So now everytime the Millenium Falcon does anything cool in any movies, I have to think about how every character in the Star Wars universe is a shit person for happily owning slaves. Great retcon.

Droids aren’t people. They aren’t sentient beings. They are mechanical creations programmed with a personality. If we go by your view point Siri and Alexa are our slaves as well. Lighten up Francis. You are the reason films like this are being panned, losing millions and causing the hundreds of millions of Star Wars fans to enjoy their passion less and less. Leave the politics to Star Trek.

Yeah, comparing Siri and Alexa to droids of the star wars universe because they both run on electronics is like comparing cockroaches to humans because they both run on brains.

She wasn't programmed to to claim she was enslaved, therefore, her talking about it proves she's got free will. Nothing the characters say suggests she doesn't have free will. I'm not the reason the shitty movie did not do well, lol. I wish I had the power to tank this movie, but it did so on its own.

I get your point but technically Godfather II did do the "prequel and character origin story" thing, and long before it ever became popular.

Although, to add to your argument, it also did it in an interesting way (in terms of the structure of the film, it wasn't entirely a prequel movie) and adding information the audience was not aware of at the time of Godfather Part I.

i.e. It didn't just re-hash information in a visual way we were already told about Vito in Part I, it genuinely expanded his backstory and his character.

And yes, it didn't do cringeworthy call-backs (call-forwards?) where characters essentially mug for the camera and wink when they make references to things that the audience knows will happen in the future.

Yes, like I said, it was done in snippets. Strategically placed in GF2, not Vito: A Godfather Story.

Uh oh, if Paramount reads this, a Pandora's Box may open. I wouldn't mind a Luca Brasi movie, but an Al Neri movie may be unnecessary, or even a Mary Corleone My So Called Life type prequel. With Hollywood today, I wouldn't put it past them.

Maybe I'm just confused about the chronology here, but the Darth Maul thing really threw me for a loop. When is all this happening in relation to the other films?

The main events of the film (i.e. after Han and Qi'ra are separated and after the time-skips) take place about 10 years before A New Hope.

so is the implication that Darth Maul not killed before Luke is born? Anakin is just a kid in Episode 1...

Star Wars Expanded Universe material outside of the movies says that Darth Maul didn't die when Obi-Wan cut him in half in The Phantom Menace, and that he got robotic legs installed. He's made appearances on animated television shows/series like Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels.

According to this movie, he then became the boss of a crime syndicate.

6 points · 1 month ago

They should have shown his robot legs then. Most viewers will not have watched the Clone Wars.

13 points · 1 month ago

His robot legs were clearly visible. Also, go see Clone Wars if you're curious, it's a show worth anyone's time.

I guess we better make a prequel to explain it to them though instead of just including things that resulted from things outside this particular movie, in the most famous expanded universe of all time

I saw the legs

6 points · 1 month ago

I guess a lot of people did. Somehow I didn’t notice it.

I missed this too. I presumed this was his bro or uncle or something as his face and horns even looked a bit different. Darth Raul.

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