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This post is going to be locked in order to avoid spoiler trolls. Here's our post reminding you how to avoid spoilers. Also if you are caught being a spoiler troll you will be banned permanently with no appeal or parole.

The Basics

Endgame live thread release: April 23rd, 21:00 (-5:00 GMT)

Endgame official discussion release: April 25th, 22:00 (-5:00 GMT)

(potential) Endgame second official discussion release: May 2nd, 21:00 (-5:00 GMT) or May 9th, 21:00 (-5:00 GMT)

The Rundown (w/ The Rock)

We in the Endgame now folks. Less than a week until the conclusion of Space Rocks: The Rock Opera. I know many of you are mad excited. Because of this and the need for many to talk spoilers on our sub, we are bringing back something we haven't done since The Force Awakens. We only dust off the live thread, which goes up when the first worldwide airings drop, for the biggest most hyped releases. The live thread will be posted four hours after the first public showings in the world will air, in the Phillipines at around 6am their time. This thread will then conceivably pick up the first showings across the world then culminating in the release of the big official discussion when the last initial showings finish. This official discussion will be the main hub for all discussions of Endgame. The live thread will be linked to but not prioritized. Remember we will remove all other discussions of Endgame when the official discussions is new. So be sure to put all your crazy theories and thoughts in there. Remember there's also /r/marvelstudios, but they also are keeping all their discussions in one or two threads.

So the Endgame live thread will post April 23rd, 21:00 (-5:00 GMT). That timezone is also known as CDT. Then we will post the official discussion on April 25th, 22:00 (-5:00 GMT). As you may note that is an hour later than usual to account for the film's extended run time and the likely 8 billion trailers that will play before it.

One other thing to mention, for some reason reddit threads that hit over 100k comments start to get screwy and not allow new responses. Because of this we lock those threads and create new ones. We will almost certainly have to do that here, so if that happens the second official discussion will post May 2nd, 21:00 (-5:00 GMT) or May 9th, 21:00 (-5:00 GMT) depending on when those numbers hit 100k. Of course if it happens even sooner we'll do it sooner.

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Paddington rulz ok
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RankTitleDomestic Gross (Weekend)Worldwide Gross (Cume)Week #Percentage ChangeBudget
1The Curse of La Llorona$26,505,000$56,505,0001N/A$9M
4Captain Marvel$9,100,000$1,089,526,1337+5.7%$152M

Notable Box Office Stories

  • The Curse of La Llorona - You know no studio cares about this weekend when a franchise film is dumped without even making it clear it's a franchise movie. The sixth (and mostly unacknowledged) film in the Conjuring universe opened this weekend to a pretty good $26.5M at #1. The whole weekend was actual the worst Easter weekend since 2005 so for any film to do anything at all is a minor miracle as pretty much everyone agreed to stay home, smoke weed, eat easter candy, watch Game of Thrones, and wait for Endgame. While not advertised as such this film is part of the Conjuring universe though in such a very shoe-horned way it was likely a last minute reshoot situation. Still counts though which makes this the fifth Conjuring film to open to #1 of the six produced (only Annabelle: The First didn't manage that as it just barely lost to Gone Girl). However it was the lowest opening of the bunch, winning mostly by default on a bad wekeend The film got absolutely horrible reviews and a B- on Cinemascore so even if it wasn't coming up against A:E it would be a really tough hold. Of course it will probably not be #1 next weekend when Endgame makes (checks tracking numbers) $1 TRILLION?!

  • Breakthrough - The Avengers of Christian movies that brings such talent as Topher Grace and that lady from This is Us opened this weekend to an okay #3 with $11.1M. The $14M film about a mom using the power of prayer to help heal her son who got real cold is fascinatingly the first ever Disney branded release of a Fox film and so far it's clear this wasn't what they paid over $50B+ for. Still that's not a terrible opening and the key with these films is all about the long game. So while most everyone of us heathens will be seeing Endgame, the true believers could keep this going as solid counter-programming. Obviously the goal being something like the run of I Can Only Imagine, which managed an impressive 4.8x multiplier last year.

  • Disney's Penguins - While Disney probably won't even remember this movie exists next weekend, they still had a weak attempt to recapture that mid 2000s penguin fever with their new Disneynature doc Penguins. The film opened terrible at #12 with $2.3M, the worst opening for any Disneynature doc yet. I mostly bring this film up to point out something fascinating I learned. Some folks I know in the theatrical distribution game all told me this weekend that they were allegedly forced to play Penguins in their biggest theater or else they wouldn't be allowed to show Endgame. This kind of dirty tactic is sadly pretty common for Disney. It was however a particular dumb movie this weekend when not only did some report less than 20 tickets sold for the evening shows of Penguins but they also noted a very packed group for Captain Marvel as the film gained this weekend (see below). Disney if you're going to be draconian and shitty at least be smart about it. Really, using Endgame to push an Ed Helms voiced doc? That's just...lame.

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