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Hey everyone im a music teacher at a special needs performing arts program and im currently in need of some help find some cool rythem games i could play with my guys. Were all currently rehearsing for a play were putting on and they are having a hard time staying on rythem and keeping a beat. Im looking for a fun game that could help them learn how to stay on beat.

I think im gonna try thumper cause you cant go wrong there but i was looking for something thats 2 player because we dont get much time per class and would like to make sure everyone gets a turn. Game must be on PC! I would even be open to using a emulator so if you know any good oldies rythem game that works too!

Thank you in advance for anyone helping out i know my guys will love this idea!


I'm replaying through all the Gears of War. And I'm drunk and high! Good fun! Come play with me. I'm currently on the first game somewhat near the beginning still.

Xbox live tag: LumberjackTommy


Humble Bundle’s Featured Charity is Crisis Text Line! You can choose however much of your bundle purchase helps us provide free, confidential, 24/7 support to people in crisis. In crisis yourself? You can reach any of our trained volunteers by texting us at 741741.

Here are some of the bundles that are running right now:

Humble Discovery Pack (through 10/23, 11:00 am PST ): Includes War for the Overworld + Heart of Gold DLC, Osiris New Dawn, Kentucky Route Zero, RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, Phantom Brave PC, Tricky Towers

Humble Day of the Devs Bundle 2018 (through 11/2, 10:00 am PST): Includes MINIT, Hyper Light Drifter, Day of the Devs VIP Ticket, Rime, Crossing Souls, Yooka Laylee, Full Throttle Remastered, Burly Men at Sea

Plus there are new bundles being added at the end of the month! You guys have probably already tuned in to the recent conversations around creator burnout, so we’re happy to be working with Humble Bundle to address this issue. Everyone deserves to have help with their mental health.


I used to be a hard core gamer. I had a beefy pc and consoles and I would be playing everything for hours every week.

Then I got married... Became a dad... Got a house and a car to pay for with a job I hate.

Now I only have the time or energy to play mobile games. I want to desperately play the other games but I just can't... They take too long to complete and I have no time anymore.

I just never thought that I would become a casual mobile gamer. I used to swear to myself it would never happen and that mobile games are trash.

And now here I am playing them because they're the only ones I have time and energy for.



I think there is a high chance that a good portion of its disc drive functionality will be added so they can release games that were canceled before release due to drives failure along with things like the orenina of time expansion.

This is a pure speculation so don't take it as fact.


good afternoon gang, so with RDR2 coming out soon and me being the 8-6 software dev that i am with a toddler and fiance at home, its near and far to find the time to sit down and enjoy some good old ps4 like i used to. I had this vision of finally utilizing my hour or two long breaks during the day to play ps4 in my car. Now i have seen people with their diy setups for when their car is running, which i would be ok with if i didnt own and daily a built 2003 wrx. the gas is just too expensive to idle for two hours. and i have also seen the $300 kits you can buy which im debating on, but why buy a prebuilt thing when you can do it yourself with the resources you got, right?

so here is my question, without using the power supply port from my cigarette lighter in my car and running on a rechargable, dual plug battery pack, what wattage should i be looking for to run my ps4 and a small LCD 15" tv? for those that have done this, what batteries/brands do you recommend?

on an additional note, the battery pack doesnt have to be the ones that last like 18+ hours or something like that, i would be on it for a solid hour or so and then charge it overnight while i'm in bed to take for the next day. thanks guys!

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