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Hi guys. I assume this is probably the best place to ask.

I'm looking for a game and can't remember what it was called.

All I remember is:

- I played it probably 7-8 years ago, maybe even longer.
- I think it was a downloaded game, might have been browser.

The premise was:

- You had little animated fighters (Bowmen, normal warriors etc) who ran from left to right, fighting hordes of oncoming enemies
- I think the gameplay was passive
- The further you got, the more characters you unlocked and then joined your team

I can't think of anymore. I think it was a popular game.

Hope somebody can help me.

Thank you all!


Hi, does anyone know how to use an Xbox one controller while playing pc games. I have been trying to figure this out so your help is very appreciated.


I want a RPG with choice making that somehow affects the game. I've been through BioWare games, Obsidian games, Fallouts, Divinity: Original Sin - and I need more. I prefer TPS or FPS view over isometric, but I don't mind it. I'm probably looking for something fresh or even upcoming (I haven't hyped anything lately).

And no horrors please.


This post is directed mainly at people who bought No Man’s Sky and we’re upset with what they got at launch.

So I know everyone is still really upset with Sean Murray and No Man’s Sky. I keep seeing people ask, “should I come back?”I’ve seen quite a few videos and articles on this topic too.

I do see people mention that the update is free but then often in the very next sentence they will say things like, “but that doesn’t matter”,or “fool me once.” I get there is still a lot of hate.

So to all of you I say, “why would you cut off your nose to spite your face?”

To anyone who doesn’t know this expression it means, “Why would you pursue revenge in a means that, in the end, causes more damage to you than the person you are trying to get revenge on.

If you bought No Man’s Sky and felt like you didn’t get your money’s worth, than you are the person this update is MOST directed towards! In fact if you bought this game thinking their would be multiplayer and felt cheated you are even more the right person to enjoy this FREE update.

Let’s just be honest for a second. If you are upset with Hello Games, not playing this update doesn’t hurt them in any way. They still have your money whether you play or not. If the articles I’ve seen are true, then this game is already starting to sell again. You not playing a game you already own a week from now isn’t going to create a time portal that’s gonna somehow stop this game from selling.

So in other words, do yourself a favor and HAVE FUN! It’s is LITERALLY (yay I get to use the correct meaning) not going to cost you anything!

Please note that I’m not asking you to forgive Sean Murray.


When I was in first school, the school got its very first computer! It was the only one in the whole school and luckily it was in my classroom. If you finished your work before everyone else you got to play on the computer. I can’t remember the computer being able to do anything much other than play this weird turtle game. All you could do was press an arrow key and a number. You had to guide the turtle around these lines without touching anything and if you did it was game over. I don’t think there was an ‘end’ to the level...well I didn’t finish it anyway! Anyone else play this? Must of been early 90’s! (UK)


Like the title says, for an example of such a game Xenoblade 2 !

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