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What game is this? That's neat

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League of Legends

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I just got 2 of these last month and it was really gratifying because it also means they did not get their victorious skin for reaching gold+.

In both of the cases they really were bringing the whole team down by not putting forth any effort and constantly blaming everyone else. I have no problem with exchanging words and being a dick as long as you actually try to win the game, when someone is actively sabotaging your team or refusing to group when it's ez win that shit pisses me off.

Edit: I don't condone being an asshole, I just won't report it. Been playing ranked since season 2 so I've heard it all and grown thick skin.

Being a dick isn't alright regardless. If you can't help but be a dick, shut up. If that means you can't communicate, that's your problem and you need to fix your shit.

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This. I don't care if I'm getting demolished on my lane, I'm not intentionally throwing the game, I'm just not that great at it. But if you're going to be a dick I'm going to report your ass, and nothing makes me smile more than seeing that notification pop up after. It's a game, take your toxic shit elsewhere!

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Some people seem to spend more time ranting at the team than focusing on the game.then you're essentially down one player,that ironically(hypocritically?) Believes it's the rest of the team that's bad.

As someone who's played both, I find that's usually the difference between the Dota and the League mentality. Your average Dota pubber will spew shit toxic enough to euthanize an entire continent with just one spoonful, but rarely do they stop trying. League players are less toxic by degrees but I can't remember the last time I played a game where there wasn't at least an attempt to surrender at 20 minutes.

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I Never understand online games where people imediately want to resign. I've seen come backs before, a minor setback partly through isn't always enough to condemn the team but they demand it anyway.

Well, games like Dota and especially League are extremely snowball-based, and you usually need good teamwork to make a comeback. Most people would rather the instant gratification of just trying again and winning with the luck of the draw than coordinating with their teammates.

Cuz id rather admit a lost and start a new game rather than lose an extra 20minute trying to do a comeback that is only possible if the other person/team screws up

I just got 2 of these last month and it was really gratifying because it also means they did not get their victorious skin for reaching gold+.

Not quite what that means. Only a ban will do that, but this message will appear for chat restrictions as well which will not remove rewards as long as they get the restriction finished before the season ends.

I think they said that any kind of restriction will cause you not to get the skins, but I'm not sure

Just bans or outstanding chat restrictions. Can confirm as toxic player with multiple accounts.

oh, alright than, I was wrong, sorry :)

That's fucking awesome. I wish overwatch had something like that. Can't stand the players that come in talking shit confidence with the team before the match even starts. With their first death they start shit talking their own team.

I'm the first one to call them out and it's usually 50/50. They'll either shut up/leave or start personal attacks on me. I typically say something like "shit talking your own teammates, should be great for our cohesion. Surely everyone will follow you now."

Try ignoring them. Act as if they don't exist. Many seem to really hate it when they are treated like air (amazing how many people in games want to have the spotlight, while IRL such people are rarely seen and soon get labeled as annoyances), especially if you occasionally give them some mildly annoyed/annoying reply to have them understand that they aren't simply muted.

Voice chat is harder to regulate. Which is why league has been very adamant in implementing.

That's fucking awesome. I wish overwatch had something like that

I thought they had.Regardless,that game was the most toxic i've ever played may be because of the class based+fps pvp style but it was even worse than LOL for me.

In both of the cases they really were bringing the whole team down by not putting forth any effort and constantly blaming everyone else.

Most impressive about this is that you know exactly which persons got the punishments.

I have to report so many people that I could not even guess who it ended up being when this message pops up...

U can't know who got it though

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Letting yourself take it up the ass like a bitch isn't an acceptable position.

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I'd be happy to find out where every player who was an asshole to me lived, but because that's highly illegal reporting is the next best thing rather than burning someone's house down.

I personally dislike smack talking back (I might throw a few kindlings into the fire if I see the chance, but I don't start flinging actual shit back and forth. Gotta try and act like a civil human being sometimes you know) because it just sours my mood even more. I'd rather just ignore and then report them instead: I can stay relatively happy and they can potentially enjoy having to wait in the slow queue or even getting banned for doing it often enough.

Oy vey

Damn, more games need a feature like this. I bet it sure as hell would lead to more players reporting toxic behavior.

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It's certainly not rocket league.


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Some people can get away with it if they don't do it often. Players that get reported who do it in multiple games get banned really quick.

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Steam is a different beast than LoL though. Offensive names in LoL get removed pretty quick, steam seems to take a lot longer... I also doubt that steam cares too much about groups either, I haven't heard of any offensive group getting banned, or at least seen one get banned.

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So many I keeps defending shit here. I play the game to have fun, not get flamed by the 13 year old who has 3x my play time. It's not hard to just not be a dick.

It's not hard to just not be a dick.

But being a dick gives you the attention your parents didn't =/

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I agree whole heartedly. There's no excuse for being a cunt in a video game. I love hardcore competitive games, but the communities that play them are the worst. I just want to come me from work and play a game or two before bed, not get flamed and insulted for 20-40 minutes.

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It's a game, ofc I am playing it for fun. Why the hell would you play for anything but fun?

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So, essentially, playing to win is a licence to be a cunt?

I'll answer that for you; it's not.

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If you play for fun... then don't play ranked.

Let's say we are talking about league of legends solely here. Ranked IMO is for bettering yourself, in which winning comes naturally with that. You want to play at your best as much as possible and rank up to play with better players. To many players this is fun, winning is fun, and knowing you are a better player than the day before brings a sense of accomplishment.

Saying you can't play ranked for fun is just wrong, do you personally see no enjoyment to be found in ranked?

If you do play ranked it is play to win not to play for warm fuzzies

That's your opinion, just like how my first response is just my opinion too. Why can't somebody get warm fuzzies from winning?

so if you do something stupid you deserve to be called out on it.

Actively calling out your team on their mistakes does not help your team. Other players have their own brains and can recognize their mistakes, having another person point out every single mistake they make will just make them play worse. Though I thought you wanted to win in ranked? Why do something which actively hurts your team if you want to win?

Or are you not mature enough to accept that you made a mistake and correct it?

Maturity would be understanding others make mistakes and not try to call out your teammates on every mistake. Your teammate isn't immature if they get tired of you, and often times there is no perfect way to correct mistakes. Some mistakes lose you objectives or put you decently far behind- and there is no way to just correct that. You play knowing that happens, and try your best to mitigate whatever advantage they have, though that becomes increasingly harder when you play worse due to a teammate "calling them out".

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28 points · 8 months ago

League has plenty of non-competitive game modes where this is still a problem. Even in competitive play this should be considered unacceptable, as every other sport penalizes unsportsmanlike conduct.

It isn't about losing. Anyone who plays league wins about as much as they lose, unless they are a legendary prodigy who's climbing the ranks super fast. The game is mathematically programmed to ensure this through adaptive matchmaking (elo). I have had great fun in many games that I lost. I have also had terrible experience in games that I won. The difference was in the players and their attitudes. There is no reason why people should be able to get away with ruining the experience for everyone else.

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"Duh! Just get better!"

And just get richer!

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"Just throw your games away!"

I'm bad at almost every game. Doesn't mean I can't enjoy it.

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When you're toxic but also report people, so you see this come up and think it's riot about to perma your ass

R.I.P. VideoGameDunkey never forget

37 points · 8 months ago

Exactly the reason I stopped being league right here. So many people in this thead being like grow up, stop being a pussy etc. I hated how people were so fucking nasty in that game and despite some bans like this there is almost no attempt to fix the problem. People say that you need to man up or whatever but how about being a decent fucking human being?

I've never understood why people are okay with shitty sportsmanship in video games.

it's the shitty sportmanship people who are okay with it to protect themself.

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The people who can't control their emotions and rage and get toxic over a game are the ones that are oversensitive

You mean Demacian Justice

My favourite thing about this game is when you get someone who says first time (champ name) no flame pls who then proceeds to verbally unload on their team. Then the moment you reply, even if you don't say something offensive, they're in allchat asking for reports because they can't take the shit they dish out. Seemsgood.

That's Trash of Legends for you.

7 points · 8 months ago

I wish overwatch did this. There is simply no follow up on reports in the game.

There is follow up if the reports led to something, I’ve gotten 4 e-mails from Blizzard, a friend had 12 last I asked.


Thank you for helping us keep Overwatch fair and fun by reporting players who you suspect are cheating or exploiting the game to gain an unfair advantage, or who are engaging in bad behavior. Your reports help us identify players who violate our fair-play and conduct policies and disrupt the game for others, making it less enjoyable to play.

We know that our players often wonder about what happens to the people they report. In this case, your recent reports led to actions against the account of one of the players you reported.

We can't provide specific details about the penalty type and duration, but we hope that seeing your reports have an impact will encourage you to send similar reports in the future. Keep up the good work, and thank you for helping us make our games a better place.


Blizzard Support”

Same e-mail every time, if you’re wondering what they wrote.

EDIT: Plus I recall them saying they were working on getting these notifications to show up in game rather just sending e-mails.

Are you on PC or PS4?

I've reported a player who was constantly throwing and another who was clearly using an aimbot but never really received any follow up.

PC, I’m guessing console reporting still sucks then huh

What movie is this from?

I don't remember which but it is from Harry potter

Harry potter and the order of the Phoenix (5)

Ex League player. Played for years, never had any bans or restrictions, kept civil and tried to ignore the toxic behaviour.

However, this system is amazing until you find yourself on the other end of it. Reports are not reviewed by staff; bans and restrictions are issued automatically. As was my case, if you say "what the fuck?" to a player int. feeding, they can report you, the system will find you typed the word "fuck", and issue a penalty.

Whilst I could live with a report system that sensitive if it meant that overall behaviour in League was changing for the better, I found it was as bad as it had always been.

On the plus side it finally drove me to quit, and with all the hours I was sinking into the game thats something I definitely needed.

This is almost similar to blue hole who own PUBG banning anyone who was even hinted at being a stream sniper. Similar, but different in that LOL bans based on an algorithm that is just as strict in my opinion.

2 points · 8 months ago

I was worried this was someone bragging about Skyrim defaulting to Ultra in 2017 with a Walter White meme stuck to it. Thank you for not being that.

What a specific fear

We will just had 2 people in a ranked game tell me me go kill myself for 80% of the match that we ended up winning because I kept voting no the the surrender vote. Can't wait to see this message pop up once I log in

Saw this message almost immediately after a game, I was amazed at how quick it was. The other team had a Leona not only flaming her team, but us as well. After she threw and they lost, all of us agreed to report her. Seconds later..

Now if only Overwatch did this. The reporting feature feels useless if we don’t know if our reports matter.

Had a chance to see one of these messages after retrieving back my hacked and stolen account. It was one of the best feeling in LoL ever!

2 points · 7 months ago

You reported someone in a video game -_-

Lmao get over it. Babies reporting because they can't handle flame.

If it was for actually doing something to affect your gameplay then i understand but if it was just something in chat i would rather those issues be dealt with by you muting the person or your team kicking him if he's bugging everyone, I've never been a fan of reporting someone for something i can resolve myself. I know people will say it's for the good of a community to remove people like this but it's an extremely slippery slope where you get a developer like blizzard banning gg ez because people are so thin skinned they can't just ignore it.

Yeah except this is league of legends. The most toxic game I've ever played. I fear playing ranked in that game. One person being toxic can and will ruin any game. Someone has a bad game and feeds? You can bet your ass someone will never let them forget it and make their game worse. Someone constantly goes against the team and dies because of it. Any attempts to talk to that individual will result in them muting or going afk.

Not even gonna pretend like I'm not toxic in the game as well. It does something to you. Probably the fact that one shit head can ruin a 30+ minute game and any attempt to try and rectify it results in you getting banned as well. I would play in front of my friends and they were shocked at how angry and annoyed I got in that game.

Ranked has always been less toxic i found. But i also have a hair trigger mute reaction. If i suspect any toxicity is going to be thrown my way i mute the person.


Go mute button, activate! It's super effective!

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People can pretend like that works, but most of the time it doesn't. People don't care and they let it affect them.

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Why should I give up something I find fun because some assholes also find it fun? Also what part of that leads you to believe I have thin skin? Its a pretty well known fact that the LOL community is shit.

-15 points · 8 months ago(0 children)
  1. The game is quite fun. Again I'm not gonna let some cunts ruin my fun.

  2. I never said I was affected by shit talking. If I was phased by some freak I'll never meet telling me to kill myself because I got ganked level 2 and died, then I wouldn't be here.

  3. Did I ever say I was still playing? If the game ever gets on my nerves i do what I do with any other game that gets on my nerves. I play something else until something inspires me to play it again.

Ill gladly report someone for insulting someone with foul language, especially if it's racist.

If you can't handle that, stop using homophobic, racist language in chat.

blizzard banning gg ez because people are so thin skinned they can't just ignore it.

Sounds like you aren't talking about the same thing

My understanding is they filtered it because it was petty. You don't get an actual ban for it.

If you can't handle that

I believe we were discussing your lack of coping skills.

My coping skills are fine. See vulgar players in game, remove vulgar players from game. The ability of said players to adapt is the only coping skill that matters.

No amount of chest-thumping and projecting changes the fact that you're taddling on people for saying shit you don't like. Not a dignified position, regardless of how you spin it.

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I just want to be a raging cunt in video games and people won't let me!!!11!1!1!1

-the people bitching about toxic users getting in trouble

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freedom of speech does not mean freedom from consequences. you break the tos, expect your report.

-32 points · 8 months ago(More than 28 children)

those words in and of themselves, without context, are not.

using them to mock the other team, thus being a toxic player, is.

God that's fucking pathetic, grow a damn spine.

i think standing up for yourself and not accepting verbal abuse takes a decent spine.

letting it happen, not so much.


Gun down degenerates in streets

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Obligatory you're

-17 points · 8 months ago(0 children)

That is the worst xkcd I've ever seen.

It's true tho, I couldn't care less about this asshat :D

That doesn't even make any sense.

-50 points · 8 months ago(0 children)

I don't believe you know what toxic means.

-21 points · 8 months ago(0 children)

if you can explain a reason to use gg ez, that doesn't include making the other team feel bad about their loss. then i will capitulate.

you can win at something, and not rub it in the loosers face. it's called sportsmanship.

I don't know of any popular games where a single report results in an automatic action. Unless there were multiple reports or it was reviewed by an actual human being, nothing happens.

Either the report has no consequence, or multiple people think the person being reported is a dick. Saying "gg ez" is the dick move, reporting isn't.

Weird everyone seems to disagree with you

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Considering you can get a 5 game chat ban and lose out on free rewards for it, i'd say it's against something in there.

-29 points · 8 months ago(2 children)

so you believe that people should be regularly subjected to toxicity from other people? games are meant as a way to escape reality, and enjoy yourself. if you can't enjoy yourself playing a game while not being toxic at the same time, the issue isn't the game, it's you.

now are there false reports? yes, some players just will report regardless of what you do or say. that is why the tribunal exists. being reviewed by your peers and judged is the most just option available to them.

if you are being toxic enough that you end up getting muted or short term banned. you have been toxic quite a bit before that point.

I muted and blocked my boss at work. Life is good.

The problem is that it can be helpful to have four reasonable people on your team so you can coordinate and strategize through chat. It's difficult to do that when one (or more) of them is behaving like an asshole or worse though. Certainly, muting them is preferable to listening to them, it'd just be a nicer experience overall if that crazy weirdo was taken out of the normal queue population and replaced with a normal person. Maybe just move all the toxic people in to their own grouping so they can't ruin the experience for everyone else.

4 points · 8 months ago

I don't know. I couldn't care less about simple remarks like "GG ez". That's just general bragging. I have a problem with people cussing me out, telling me I suck at the game, calling me names, etc especially when it's because I died one time or accidentally last-hit an enemy Champion.

There's no excuse to speak to your teammates that way, especially for such minor offenses. I play Blind Pick Summoner's Rift most of the time, so it's not like I'm jumping into stuff way over my head.

I would definitely recommend draft pick. That way people aren't mad someone stole a role... Just mad at the matchmaking if it happens.

11 points · 8 months ago

To be fair since the game shown is League of Legends, you can't kick people from the game you're just stuck with them for 30+ minutes

Blizzard doesn't ban people for legitimate misogyny and racism, they sure as shit don't ban for 'gg ez'.

Also, toxic people should be banned. Muting doesn't even work properly in Overwatch, and even if it did, you should not be forced to mute somebody and have a teammate that can't communicate. If somebody chooses not to communicate, that's one thing, but if somebody can only communicate hate, they should be banned. Being tolerant of hateful shit isn't a virtue.

All of this can be avoided if you just don't act like a dick. Pretty simple.

Why can't people just be cool in a video game? Why not just not be a little cunt? Imagine a multiplayer where everyone was cool and got along.. that's a dream right there. Nowadays you're lucky to get through a game without someone telling someone to commit suicide.

Over fucking pixels.

That kind of shit absolutely 100% deserves a ban. I wouldn't even care if they autobanned people for saying shit like "kill yourself" in chat. There's zero reason to be that much of a cunt.

Look at it this way.. is it ok to go to a restaurant and start calling everyone racial slurs and telling them to kill themselves? I mean, its not really ruining their meal or ability to eat, right? Should the diners just get thicker skin and ignore the guy?

Fuck no, they'd get their ass thrown out. Ruining peoples good times is a cunty thing to do and people who do it shouldn't be allowed to play the game with others.

Problem is, expressing of anger leads to more anger which overtakes not only chat, but also gameplay. There are multiple studies on that, which is why policing chat is important too. LoL actually hired people with degree in psychology to find best ways to deal with behavior problems in the game

I know people will say it's for the good of a community

Which is bullshit. You don't get to call a bunch of hyper-competitive teenage boys playing an online PvP game a 'community' any more than you get to call a prison a country club.

And I agree with you. I'll report bots, I'll report hackers (actual hackers, not this 'exploit' crap*), I once reported one person for a child porn spray in a source game, that's it. Reporting everyone you don't like to the secret police is a bitch move for spineless turds.

*if you encourage a dev to ban players for playing a game as it exists, rather than pressuring the dev to fix their game, you're part of the problem with this industry.

an extremely slippery slope where you get a developer like blizzard banning gg ez because people are so thin skinned they can't just ignore it.

lmao, they did this in Overwatch and if you think Overwatch is more "sensitive" than League, then you have not played Overwatch.

Blizzard doesn't give a shit about toxicity in Overwatch. Earlier this year, it was confirmed a player racked up 1000+ reports and was never even banned. Blizz banned gg ez to be cheeky. I wish Blizzard took "toxicity" half as seriously as Riot does.

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CS does this and if you overwatch a case i believe you get xp for correctly banning them

That's for cheating. This is for people that report players in game because bad words on the internet is no good.

"Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before destination."
"I swear to seek Justice, to let it guide me, until I find a more perfect Ideal"

[reports player]

Dam i never get these and i always report dudes who afk or quit the match. Fuck those pussys

We've found a new meme format....time to oversaturate the internet with this one

rains from above!

I gotta be the one to say there's a better picture of uncle Vernon from the first Harry potter movie which would serve this meme message better.

I'm at like 27 of these on paragon. Feels good.

I think that's a very nice feature. As it promotes more people to start behaving instead of acting like complete bellends.

If only the reports for people that afk and feed work. I forgot Riot just thinks that is perfectly fine because "bad games happen"

I would 100% rather play with someone who is toxic and wants to win that I can mute than a troll that is forcing us to lose that I can't do anything about.


Its just much easier to detect toxicity than feeding.

Your 1/17 rammus could be running it down mid on purpose or just having a really shitty day

Comment deleted7 months ago(1 child)

sure lol.

Whatever you think

And there is an excuse for trolling. Thanks for proving my point. Glad I uninstalled that garbage game.

I think its just you looking for excuses.

Good thing you found an argument I never made

Indeed. You caught me.

Whenever I get this pop-up I wish they'd show the name. Would feel so much better.

I have never once gotten this and I report someone for AFK almost every time I log in... Thanks riot, it's totally fair to end my promos because someone goes AFK.

RIP Uncle Vernon.

I'm still aggravated about this post even days after. I've been camped, griefed, cursed, and teased ever since I started playing multiplayer video games and I have never once thought about trying to get one banned from a game for such. If somebody tells you to "git gud", don't fold over and cry about it. GET GOOD. If you're that bent out of shape about it, then you must really enjoy playing the game! Fantastic! Games are meant to be enjoyed! If you find that you're not enjoying the game because other players are better at it, then why complain when you could train? I was raised to believe that multiplayer mode on any game is designed for competition and a major component of competition is shit-talk. Why, you ask? Because they want you to give them a challenge. "Ez" matches are boring af. What you see as an insult is actually a sub-conscious attempt to psych you in to getting better. Not out. Rant complete.

If only Heroes of the Storm had this feature.

What is it with blizzard being so damn secretive about the punishments the distribute?

Judging by how rampant the toxicity issue is in their games, I'm guessing they're secretive about it because they either don't punish people often enough or severely enough and they'd rather we didn't know about their lack of effort. I can't entirely blame them though, after all a banned account isn't going to buy a lootbox and they're in the business of making money.

A banned account isn't going to buy a lootbox, but neither will an account that is no longer used because the game was too toxic to be fun.

Riot (League of Legends) realized that toxicity is a massive problem and invested a lot (including research) to combat it. Given that they're free to play, I doubt they're doing it to make less money...


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Did they tell you the truth so you reported them?

-16 points · 8 months ago(1 child)

That just means your a pussy lmao

And that just means you are part of the problem.

I never got reported on lol

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Yes, of course, it’s the rest of us that are wrong for not wanting toxic teammates. You sound pretty triggered for someone with such thick skin.

Toxic is a term used by little bitches thanks for proving my point

-26 points · 8 months ago(3 children)

Maybe try teamwork? If 4 people are on the same page, it's probably a good idea to jump on board too. Teemo is a pretty good team player with shrooms and blind.

You only get put into low priority queue if you afk alot during games btw.

So that story is definitely not the reason for that.

7 points · 8 months ago

17 times is a lot though..

-49 points · 8 months ago(4 children)
-17 points · 8 months ago(0 children)

>Getting legit heated about people saying shit online about other people saying shit online.

>Acting like an adult

Pick one

Only one

Can I pick neither? This adulting thing is a royal pain in the ass

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-30 points · 8 months ago(1 child)

Why not both?

Also, anyone over the age of 5 who hasn't grown out of the concept of a 'tattle-tale' is a ridiculous fucking clown.

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9 points · 8 months ago · edited 8 months ago

"let that game die..."

I dont think the worlds most (second most* this year) popular game is going anywhere with 100 mill unique monthly players mate. Anyways I'd rather have an optimised, not laggy, fully released game popular than garbage like PUBG.

Unless something has changed, League of Legends has been the most played game in the world for quite a while now. The last update of the game was around 100 million unique players, and that was 3 years ago. The world's stadiums keep selling out quicker and quicker, and the esport streams keep getting more and more unique viewers. NBA teams owners are spending some insane cash to purchase LoL teams, I highly doubt the game is dying.

I'd absolutely love a player count update, though I doubt there is a bigger game.

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Been reported a few times then?

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I literally did. Guy is a spamming troll.

Have you tried being a decent human being?

Where is the fun in that?

Wow have a downvote!


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