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Just a reminder that if we forget about what EA has done, they win

This will not just pass with time. In order to send a message, we must keep this going for months, maybe even years.

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That's easy. All their games nowadays are mediocre at best anyway.

269 points · 8 months ago

This exactly. Even all the companies they have bought have turned to shit. They are the easiest company to boycott because everything they produce is so generic and bland.

Why did they have to ruin Dead Space :(. Poor Visceral Games...

19 points · 8 months ago

I'm still mourning too

DS1 and DS2 are two of my favorite games of all time. I should have known this was coming after playing DS3 :'(

I read dark souls not dead space. I was real confused for a couple seconds. Stupid brain.

Haha I didn’t even think about that cuz I’m not a dark souls guy.. I’m a dead space guy!

I never like Deadspace when playing it. But I could certainly see why people loved it, even with me not enjoying it I would still easily give it a 8/10

They just bought Respawn I believe. RIP Titanfall, you will be missed.

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They did just buy that company that makes that game everyone won't stfu about. When ea makes them make the third sequel to it and it'll be shit garaunteed people will run back to ea to buy it right away. Titan fall, that's the game.

We should all just chip in and buy EA ourselves to kill it

The "kill EA" upgrade is pretty rare though. Might take a few loot boxes to get it.

But at least once we do it we'll get a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Lateral thinking, i like it!

So we'll pull an "early electric car" on them? I like it.

6 points · 8 months ago

Why kill it though? We would need someone to make EA do a 180. The amount of connections that company has is remarkable. Plus with the money that owner of EA has by now they could probably just start up a new company if a "new and improved" EA wasn't around to pretty much stop them. This of course being completely hypothetical and very unlikely to happen in the first place.

They are more than capable of this themselves.

Hire a bunch of hitmen and literally kill it.

Except that's illegal, but still.

Titanfall 2 was loads of fun. But the news has turned me off entirely to a third one.

Lol man I haven't got a triple a game in so long. They're garbage. The last game I got was pubg and now war face has a 15 man battle royal with really fast games I might try out.

Just how they ruined Popcap Games and made Plants Vs. Zombies 2 which was ass. The original was a good arcade game..


They make Ubisoft look like pre-GTA Online Rockstar.

But thats the problem. The games arent shit, they are actually good and could be amazing if they would think about something else other than their pockets for a change. Thats why this is sp upsetting, if BF2 was a shit game nobody would care about these microtransactions, they care because it is a good game and they want it to be good but its being held down by EAs shit.

I actually just bought my first ea game in a few years. The new mirrors edge for $6 on the ps store for their Black Friday sales. It's not bad.

Agreed. NFS 2015 and Catalyst are 2 recent games from EA I genuinely enjoy.

Yeah I should've rephrased my original comment, mirrors edge is the first game I bought which money went to ea, I bough nfs a couple months after it came out on a gamers page for $30. Pretty fun game, I enjoyed it quite a bit, I love being able to drift going ridiculous speeds

Hasn't been one I wanted to buy since Inquisition.

I really like ufc :(

Doesnt matter. Hype will blind people's eyes. Also time.

They are, but they pretty much have the monopoly in sports games including FIFA and NFL.

It's gonna be a slog

Except for Titanfall 2 other recent games published by EA were disasters gameplay wise ( BF 1 , Mass Effect Andromeda , SWBF 2 and FIFA )

Becauae they focus more time on fucking us then actually making great games with all that fucking money...

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True, but net neutrality needs to be the current chief focus.

I don't understand this.. Why not both?

Not that both arent important. But net neutrality is a cause with a fast approaching deadline. That's all.

Without net neutrality EA will pay to make us forget!

Without it other companies will pay to make us remember, so we can forget problems with those companies instead.

Don't forget that others could pay money to slander or block opposition's content.

Basically, I make a contextual example and you answer to that " there also exist other examples out of context . Like, that' s why it is called an example. You take one thing that fits to show what you mean. Obviously, without net neutrality anyone with money can manipulate "free" information on the internet. Which is why net neutrality is key.

When did net neutrality start?

Yeah, but their point is that you can commit to more than one issue at a time. It's pretty easy to fight for net neutrality while also... Not buying EA's games. Hell, you can stand at a net neutrality rally while making EA memes on your phone. You can do both literally simultaneously.

As I just mentioned to someone else, I meant we shouldn't call our representatives about more than two things at once.

Why... Should we not do that? Just like with the rest of us, our representatives are handling multiple issues at the same time. Votes on legislation can occur at the same time, and multiple bills will be in consideration at once. You shouldn't "put off" discussing issues with your representatives because a different one is more important. If time is a factor on one, such as right now with net neutrality, then simply stress it's importance and time sensitive nature when contacting your representation. If you're worried about detracting resources away from one issue by also addressing another, know that there are a number of clerks employed by representatives that take calls, take statements, and compile constituent consensus to present to representatives. There are also a number of automated answering services that representatives use to streamline the process, so that you call, leave a concise message explaining issues you're calling about and where you stand on the issues, and the info from those messages is compiled and presented to representatives all together. They do also understand triage as well, and will focus on more pressing matters if they're time sensitive (such as prioritizing calls related to a bill up for vote soon).

There's no reason not to address both issues when you call your representatives.

I don't see how not buying EA games and maintaining that stance could detract from the net neutrality issue.

Call your representatives about net neutrality first, and the whole loot box thing later. Better to not bog them down with multiple issues at once, right? They tend to have air-cooled brains and can't think about two things at once.

You know what? You're goddamn right.

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Because one is about bullshit in videogames and could be solved if people stop being such consumers, and the other is a threat to the free and open flow of information foundational to a functioning democracy.

Best reply, hands down.

One is also largely an US issue, while some of us can't do jack shit about it...

Still, why can't we complain about both?

The point is, by bitching and circle-jerking about EA, you pull focus away from the more important issue that has a deadline in 3 weeks.

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The fight against EA is not even comparable. You fan easily boycott EA as a whole and not lose much (they'll lose the Star Wars license too as soon as they stop making big money) whereas we only have one internet.

Net Neutrality is so much more important it's like comparing a lion to an ant?

And that means I can't still hate the ant?

When you're causing other people to be distracted by the ant in the room so they never learn of the lion, then fucking stop giving the ant the attention.

I would actually argue that you are missing a teachable moment by excluding the two. Maybe someone does only care about the ant, so instead of trying to include both you just isolate them instead. Relate one to the other. People care more when something relates to them. No reason to push one aside just because something else is happening.

If you actually think that what EA is doing in one game is just as important as the entire internet having microtransactions, then you need to get your priorities straight, not that the EA thing isn't important, but net neutrality is by far more important.

I definitely did not say the were the same importance, I just don't understand why people think they are mutually exclusive. It's almost to the point of I say I hate EA, then people just assume I don't care about net neutrality. I can easily shit all over ea while calling and signing every person and document I can reach at the same time.

If you think that net neutrality is a more important issue than the Russia election meddling probes and GOP gerrymandering/voter disenfranchisement/potential election machine fraud then maybe your priorities are not in the right place either. Net neutrality, ACA repeal, loss of social services for the poor, education - all of these and more have a common root cause that people are ignoring. The battle for net neutrality in the US was fought and lost last November.

After all this time, what evidence has been found to back up the Russia claims, none, there's fuck all. Get over it.

You sir, are an idiot.

2 points · 8 months ago

Because one of these things is 1000x more important....

Because one is solely responsible for changing the world's communication and the other is a video game company.

Because it's more important than the pricing of a children's game. A game which people only purchase voluntarily, and which is absolutely not necessary, and which ultimately has a negligible impact on people's lives and wellbeing.

It might be shitty but you can simply exercise your right to not purchase it. Keep things in perspective.

But that's exactly what I said. Just do both. I don't know where everyone pulled the word important from, it was never said by anyone in the thread until after my reply. Apparently, the average redditor cannot call a politician and refrain from buying a game at the same time, seems too complicated.

Because this is 2017, and people that are willing to "protest" (read: hit a down arrow in the very specific areas they net surf) don't have the attention span to focus on two things at once. They also don't feel the need to, as doing this "protesting" on one issue means they destroyed that issue completely and the other issues are someone else's problem; someone who they'll blame later when it doesn't go their way.

If this is the case, then those same people will easily up vote NN, down vote EA, and upvote the next cat video. Those are the ones who don't matter anyway, so why not hate on both? It's not like exposure is being taken away from one cause, those people will ingest the same content as other.

In serious manners though, send those emails and call those politicians. The best thing you can do is get employers involved.

True, but world hunger needs to be the current chief focus

Why not all three? Don't by ea, email your senator. Donate to a good charity.

Exactly. Its like noone can raise any grievances about anything atm or someone will yell about how you should focus on NN. I've seen it all over the shop and it baffles me.

Comment deleted8 months ago(18 children)

I laugh at the amount of hate six words caused today. I never said one is more important, I responded to the guy who said one needs to be the current focus with the words.. Why not both.

Now I have armchair circle jerks who have no idea how things actually work trying to tear apart three words on the internet against the flood of actual work.

Still have plenty of hate for ea, and I almost guarantee that I've done more for net neutrality than anyone who sent hate my way today. As I said, why not both?

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how many chief weapons do we have, boss?

Tru tru my home slice.

We got enough hate to go around. I think we got it lol

Yea, everyones already forgot about Equifax....

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Seriously. If people put half the effort into net neutrality that they did into downvoting everything EA, I think we'd be in a much better position to resist dismantling Net Neutrality. I don't care about this mediocre game made by EA of all companies. We need to start caring about something a little more serious.

Both are very very serious. I've seen alot of effort put into both issues, but net neutrality always gets the most because it affects every internet user. This is the first time I've seen the loot box thing get any attention, despite myself droning on about it for the past ten fuckin years.

You can do more than one you know.

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WE NEVER FORGET!!! What was it again??

The Alamo? Oinks pink palace? Nine eleven?

I remember the Alamo has a basement.

Something about Star Trek

Never forget EAB2

Look at you, aren't you the peoples champ.

Yeah, sure. Because what everyone needs right now is a reminder. In these weeks of constant EA threads, memes about money grabbing and digs at EA from other companies, we're really likely to forget.

Thank God you're here to keep us on track.

36 points · 8 months ago

A reminder for something that's been posted to r/all every day since it began? Thanks buddy I almost forgot! Take your karma and fuck off.

It might be forgot as Panama papers.

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We are busy with the FCC I'll get back to Activision and EA hate when I know I'll have the continued opportunity to do so.

I don't understand how you're not capable of both simultaneously.

The longer we keep this going, the more unoriginal and uninspired EA things we can effortlessly post for easy karma! Yay circle jerks!

Why is everybody whining about EA. They owe us absolutely nothing and they can charge whatever they want. Gaming is not a basic human right, you know? Just don't buy their shit and shut up about it.

6 points · 8 months ago

Yes it's not a human right, you're right, but it's a bastardisation of the medium. If sales keep supporting this egregious anti-consumerism with loot boxes and other price gouging tactics, the industry starts seeing it as viable because consumers are still willing to go for it. Raising up hell to companies to show them that we don't want to be milked dry and spreading the word so that more people join the cause and make a voice big companies hear.

That's why everyone is whining about it. We want the games to be games where skill or time investments are rewarded, not just who can empty their wallets the fastest.

Because they're trying to turn gaming into a casino for minors.

Original Poster-2 points · 8 months ago

I think the point of my post was more to remind people what type of company they were, and hopefully get them to give their money to a more ethical company, so the overall quality of games goes away from pay to play. Sorry if I offended you.

Let people spend their money how they want, if they waste it, it's on them.

What if they enjoy the game they bought. Then its not wasted. Right?

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It's actually on all of us, because as more people waste money, the more other companies will adopt techniques to explicitly exploit these people, leaving less quality product to choose from for the rest of us.

I'm sorry, but I would rather encourage companies to create a quality product for a decent price instead of teaching them to only exploit the easy money. If the easy money is removed, we will only have quality options.

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Ethical... bull shit... have you stoped buying CD Projeckt Red Games because of the way they treat there employees, isn't it unethical to over work and underpay your employees. Or do you only care about ethical game companies when it means you might have to pay more for a game?

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If we want to win we should buy when they do good and not buy when they do bad.

If they're good they make money if they're not they don't.

That will send a much clearer message than an all around boycott.

I have no faith in EAs ability to create quality games anymore.

The last dragon age was quality.

I didn't enjoy the last mass effect much, but it wasn't a quality issue.

The Sims 4 is quality if it's the kind of game you like to play.

Titanfall 2 is well received.

Their sports games are quality if that's what you're into.

They publish a lot of shooters, not my cup of tea, but people like them.

Even battle front 2, I haven't heard anyone complaining the quality of the game itself.

The last dragon age was quality.

That's also what I've heard, but it's also been a few years since this came out.

The Sims 4 is quality if it's the kind of game you like to play.

They're fun for the kinds of people who like them, but they're also ground zero for EA's attempts to max out the cost of a game if you want to buy all of the content. The sims 4, according to google, costs around $216 if you want all of the DLCs and "game packs". I'll give this game a pass though since you don't need to buy those DLCs to still enjoy the game.

Titanfall 2 is well received.

EA had no influence on the development of this game since they didn't own Respawn at the time. They only published it.

Their sports games are quality if that's what you're into.

While I agree they seem to be quality games, they're also the epitome of what EA tried to make Battlefront into before the fan shit storm. The multiplayer of FIFA uses the same loot box system as SWBF2, but unlike that game (where the advantage of MTX players (before they were disabled) was debatable given the chaos and casual nature of the game, in FIFA's multiplayer you have to buy loot crates and acquire high level player cards or you will get absolutely stomped. Their sports games get marginal updates with every annual release, and the MTXs you bought the year prior are now made worthless and you have to buy them again since nobody wants to play last year's game. It's the epitome of a "battle of wallets" scenario that flies in the face of everything that makes competitive gaming great.

FIFA and Madden fans complain about this, but there aren't nearly as many of them as there are star wars or shooter fans, so you never really see their complaints. Given the monopoly EA has over the licenses for sports teams and games, they're the only ones making football or soccer games at this point so the players have nowhere else to go. Now they have a monopoly on star wars, and made it painfully obvious that they want to turn those games into a battle of wallets also, where people spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on their games to progress just like some people do with smartphone f2p games.

Even battle front 2, I haven't heard anyone complaining the quality of the game itself.

You haven't been on /r/starwarsbattlefront then. Now that the "don't buy this" posts have died down, the actual players have started bringing the game's issues to light. Here's a few:

  • The massive RNG grind required - Aside from the problem of this being in a non-f2p game, it's caused many players to start using hardware and software botting solutions so they can afk grind while at work, and there's no option to votekick those players.

  • Widespread lag/stuttering issues - Someone found evidence that ALL of the multiplayer network traffic might be getting routed through a datacenter in California, so if someone lives in Florida they're stuck with a 200-250ms ping with no way to fix it. In the frostbite engine that leads to rubberbanding.

  • New players are discouraged from playing certain modes because of the advantage veterans have from grinding

  • Large amount of game breaking bugs, crashes, server disconnects, etc reported so far.

  • Very unbalanced heroes

  • No ability to choose the your map of choice

  • No ability to invite friends to your squad

  • No voice chat

  • Campaign storyline is basically a re-skin of TFA, and doesn't have an actual ending

That's just what I can think of right now. Angry Joe's review covers most of the pros/cons very well.

I buy EA games if they're genuinely good. I bought Battlefield 1 and loved it even without the DLC, but it seems like that was just a fluke.

Content costs money, that's just how it is. You want improvements and new player stat's it costs money. New skins, new maps, multiplayer services, all cost money.

The full game, whatever that is supposed to be, doesn't mean you get content forever for free.

RNJesus loot boxes are pretty tacky, and probably a step too far, but the only reason anyone is making extra content is because they're getting something out of it and the content is selected because it sells.

People want expansions, people want the new players and the new teams and the new stats and the new rules. Christ people want to pay 2 win, and they have for as long as there's been something to pay for. They were paying to win in ultima online before half of reddit was born.

EA seems to have missed the mark on battlefront 2. Personally I never had any interest in buying it in the first place, but I can understand the anger.

This idea that $60 entitles us to unlimited content eternal has to die though. It's not helpful to anyone.

This idea that it's only EA doing it also has to die. It's not. Crusader Kings 2 costs at least as much as the sims does if you buy all the content,

If you don't like a game, don't buy it. If you don't like a particular type of transaction feel free to not to pay it or even don't buy the game, but this idea that just boycotting EA as a whole fixes anything is daft. EA is not the problem.

Content costs money, that's just how it is. You want improvements and new player stat's it costs money. New skins, new maps, multiplayer services, all cost money.

But you ARE paying money for the copy of the game, and not a small amount either. If you're talking about f2p games I'd agree, but not when a copy of SWBF2 costs $60-$80. The whole "it pays for new content" narrative has always been pure conjecture and has never been legitimized with any kind of evidence. EA is a 22 billion dollar company.

They also admitted to their investors that microtransactions aren't necessary for them to break even. Games may be more expensive to make now, but the costs of publishing them have plummeted with the advent of digital distribution, and new engines make it possible to complete them in a fraction of the time, meaning more value from dev salaries.

The full game, whatever that is supposed to be, doesn't mean you get content forever for free.

You're right, but this isn't content being made after the launch. This is the content of the base game being locked up behind enormous grinding walls, or pay walls if you go the MTX route which are also expensive. SWBF2's full content was estimated to cost $2100 minimum in MTXs if you tried to acquire everything via paid loot boxes.

RNJesus loot boxes are pretty tacky, and probably a step too far, but the only reason anyone is making extra content is because they're getting something out of it and the content is selected because it sells.

The model they're using is to chase after lots of pre-orders and MTX sales from the launch of a game by driving hype with advertising dollars, designing the game around RNG, and putting little effort into keeping players invested long term. It's designed around hype, pre-orders, and fall off, aka the "EA cycle".

Blizzard on the other hand uses the model of long term support and cosmetic only MTXs in games like Overwatch, resulting in lots of replay value and more balanced gameplay, all for a cheaper price ($30) that nets you ALL of the content immediately. That model relies on both initial sales and long term sales. You could consider this the "Valve cycle" since they popularized the concept of long term dev support to drive sales for years and years.

Both are lucrative models, but Blizzard's is designed to make gamers happy, while EA's is designed to make investors happy.

Christ people want to pay 2 win, and they have for as long as there's been something to pay for. They were paying to win in ultima online before half of reddit was born.

P2W is fine in co-op games or PvE games if someone just wants to play casually, but in PvP games it usually results in the game dying due to there being better, skill based games out there. That's why Overwatch, CS:GO and PUBG are still going strong but f2p shooters with P2W cash shops die pretty quickly, as do any of EAs PvP games with P2W elements. Most people prefer to earn their victories than pay for them.

This idea that $60 entitles us to unlimited content eternal has to die though. It's not helpful to anyone.

I only expect the level of content I get from most other games. EA is putting out some of the shallowest levels of content out there, while companies like Bethesda, CDProjektRed, or DigitalExtremes give you hours and hours of content for your money, and multiple beefy expansions/updates. People don't want unlimited content, they want an average amount of content, and EA rarely meets that average. Grinding doesn't count as content.

This idea that it's only EA doing it also has to die. It's not. Crusader Kings 2 costs at least as much as the sims does if you buy all the content,

I haven't seen anyone who seriously believes EA to be the only guilty person in the room. It wasn't that long ago that Warner Bros was under fire for having loot boxes in Shadow of War, and Take-Two has gotten shit on for years for pushing their shark cards and RNG agenda into GTAV. EA is just the most recent publisher to try it, and it was for a star wars game which people get especially riled up over.

this idea that just boycotting EA as a whole fixes anything is daft. EA is not the problem.

No, it doesn't fix the whole problem, and nobody is claiming it would fix the whole problem (at least nobody intelligent). EA is not the entire problem, but they are a major player in said problem, so boycotting them is one of the most common sense places to start.

You aren’t going to win anyway. le redditors vs international corporation worth literally billions of dollars currently publishing a game with possibly the biggest name you could ever put on the front cover of a game.
This whole thing is pointless and will change absolutely nothing... but keep trying for that sweet karma.

I’m already seeing people saying people are “little bitches” for complaining and that BF2 is “pretty good”. It’s the same damn cycle over and over. How fucking retarded are people.

4 points · 8 months ago

It happens every time, people get mad about Madden and FIFA removing features and day they'll never buy another EA game again, but then battlefield or mass effect come out and all is forgiven/forgotten.

The only difference now is that nothing else was there to distract Reddit with so we could concentrate the hate

That's what happens when you bombard people with post after post of low quality, low effort garbage.

EA sux

Give me karma

"Member Wookies?".... "I member"

Just a reminder that if we don't do something about net neutrality none of this matters

Especially if we saying nothing about us overacting.

If we really wanna kick them where it hurts, BF2 is a good start but they're big money makers are the ripoffs they call sports games, Madden, NHL, FIFA...etc. Full boycott of EA until the either get there crap together or they completely crumble. We're doing great so far guys! Keep the heat on!

I think we need a bot to post this once every week

Thanks, maybe bring this up again in a few months, you know, the frontpage is still filled with EA hate

It's been a week. Chill

Net neutrality is a bit more important than micro transactions

And about a billion things are more impoortant than net neutrality

What if net neutrality is just a clever plan to distract us from EA ?

4 points · 8 months ago

What if EA is just a clever ploy to distract us from Net Neutrality?

Wait till the next Titan Fall comes next year. I'm sure a lot of people will be forgetting. "But it's just ONE game"

So is it just battle front that we're not supposed to get? Or all EA games? Because some are OK.

If "ok" is the best they got then it's no loss.

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What the fuck is this, a god damn call for aid to Gondor? Jesus guys this was the worst post ive seen on here yet today, and I didn't know if it could get any worse. You and your sweaty neckbeard friends won't stop EA from existing, because people who enjoy playing video games will continue to play games. If I'm not a poor, braindead, useless at everything sack of human waste, ill spend some money on the games I'm playing so I can unlock and enjoy the gear and items that give me the upper hand in steamrolling you and your shitty team.

Original Poster3 points · 8 months ago

You wish.

Original Poster3 points · 8 months ago

Why did you need to attack me personally in your argument? That’s just rude. I’m not a sweaty neck beard, and I don’t appreciate being called one. I’m sorry if my post offended you, but please be less rude next time.

Rousing speeches are cool but theres more things in life, like not buying EA games, that includes EA subsidiaries and DLC's for existing games. If you want them to stop fucking you on everything they do, stop letting them. Nobody forces you to buy games, you choose which games you do and don't buy. If you dont want to play it dont buy it, and if you do, then I dunno buy it? I didnt realize it was so difficult to have the self control not to just constantly buy games you dont want to play.

We should also be fighting for all game companies and their micro transactions bull shit!

C&C aswell . EA: it's in the grave

If only you people had this much fervency over things that actually matter.

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I happily picked up a couple of EA sports titles today on sale.

I don't even have the time to play them for the next month, but did it more so as a fuck you to this circlejerk.

Just a reminder that you're a karma whore and extremely lame. Get a fucking life.

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I wish some gamers would stop their self-entitled bullshit.

1 point · 7 months ago · edited 7 months ago

I wish people like you would stop acting like it's entitled to ask EA for a quality product worthy of $80.

bro, if people are paying for it, they are to be entitled for it.

Yeah there entitled to what they paid for

Nah you're right...just sick of seeing posts all over the place.

But what if EA games turns around and becomes an amazing game company and redeems themselves like Sean Murrey and Hello games with No Man's Sky? Even the Grinch changed.

Then go ahead and start buying their games again when that happens, but never forget what they tried. Because, be it EA because they never learned their lesson, or someone else, someone will try to be the next EA.

Boo fucking hoo. Bunch of babies

2 points · 8 months ago

the circlejerk is unreal in this sub rn

I'd rather full attention be towards net neutrality

Don't worry, when you have to pay money to access Reddit and YouTube, we can admire Reddit's brave sacrifice to whine about lootboxes that they'll forget about in a week anyways.

We did it Reddit! Just like when we caught the Boston Bomber and review bombed titles we didn't like!

I seriously hope this back fires hard as hell in the ISPs faces. Or NN doesnt die, I'd prefer that.

Karma grab post.

Original Poster3 points · 8 months ago

Well that’s just factually incorrect

Really? How much were the EA posts shoved down /r/gaming the past few weeks? Just when it starts to slow down you post “Hey, let’s not forget EA”. Why don’t you go ahead and make a No Man’s Sky post while you’re at it.

The best we can do is to not buy their games.

Only a fight night could fix this mess

I never forget.

Haven't bought an EA product since FIFA 15.

Yeah, or they might change the way they make games.

You should be posting about net neutrality still

What'd they do, again?

They'll win.

If people can forgive Gearbox instantly and completely forget what fucking shitstains they were, then EA will be just fine as well.

I normally don't like buying from G2A, but for EA, I'm more than willing to make an exception.

Honestly, their sports games ‘ultimate team’ modes need to be stopped.. that’s where they make major money..

I've already seen a good amount of people forgetting what happened just a few weeks ago.

Do not go to youtube comments. As the great majority "doesn't" understand what all the fuzz is about. Most gamers don't give a flying fuck. They want to play a good game. These people don't care that a lot of gamers will be shafted in the future. They think about instant gratification instead of what could happen later on, down the line.

EA games aren't that great anymore. If they got something good going on. It will be plastered with shady business tactics.

But if we forget about them completely we win.

Anthem will be a challenge. That game is super hyped and I won't lie it does look amazingly fun. Must resist

1 point · 8 months ago

Can we do this to Bungie now?

I'd prefer to do it to Activision.

Late stage karma whoring will forever continueeeeee

Is this /r/cringe?

Get over yourself

-1 points · 8 months ago

EA didn't do anything wrong and the consumers are idiots. I'm shocked this is still being whined about.

Yup, /r/gaming these days is only good as a study in herd mentality and mass hysteria. And for literally the most first world problem possible. Also, I have 0 sympathy for anyone who still preorders.

Just a reminder that I want karma

This isn’t how you get better AAA games. All that boycotting EA does is make it so that they don’t have to worry about catering to you. In other words, they can continue making shifty games and it won’t affect sales.

If you want the big budget games to improve, you just need to follow two steps: 1) Don’t buy shitty games. 2) Buy good games.

I'll probably end up getting anthem tbh. But I'll be cautious about it.

Oh piss off will you, give them a fucking break. You clearly have nothing better to do with your life than rant about in-game purchases that have been in games years before this

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Forever even.

As long as we save the internet, we can continue not forgetting about what EA has done.

Made a similar post. Got a lot of hate for it. Not surprised. EA got this far by milking morons. Now they're just angry morons who go and buy their games anyway.

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And i'll keep a negative opinion on anti-consumer practices within the gaming industry and let others know my opinion but only in socially appropriate settings.

I won't be fighting shit because this isn't Braveheart.

I'm sure men who had their faces blown off by the Nazis and were gassed in the trenches admire your B R A V E sacrifice.

No, you'll type up angry rants on reddit and stain your keyboard with cheeto dust. You won't fight a goddamn thing.

Give it up.

Was in line at GameStop tonight for over an hour and not a single copy of battlefront 2 sold

Original Poster5 points · 8 months ago

That’s good! That’s progress

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EAs lootboxes are tied to progression and actual advantages in game.

The lootbox system in Overwatch is not only purely cosmetic but they do absolutely nothing to your performance (although some skins do give you a slight advantage/disadvantage being that the colours could be more or less easy to spot).

Both are still gambling, but one gives you an actual advantage (making it pay to win) and the other is purely cosmetic (pay to skin).

Because cod and Overwatch are not pay to win.

Well, at least in Overwatch everything in the lootbox is cosmetic. It doesn't objectively make you better.

Edit: Words are hard

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Now that the law's involved, it's hard to forget this incident.

0 points · 8 months ago

They win.

Don't buy any EA games just on principal. Even if you're looking forward to it.

If you buy the game, at all, they win.

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