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I guess not even the best assassin of all time get's it right 100% of the time.

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Imagine if the Templars studied this and thought.... Mmm what happens if we changed all hay carts and leaf piles with a hard rock facsimile. Assassin's would jump and then....

The hay carts in the series are actually programmed into the Animus to help the user. At least 99% of the time we see piles of hay or leaves they didn't actually exist and the ancestor never jumped jumped in it.

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Is this actually described somewhere in the lore? Not the first time I've seen this comment

It's old lore but I believe it was mentioned in AC1. Lucy Stillman programmed the code to generate Bales of Hay and Eagles around places a leap of faith can be performed to help navigation.

Immersion restored

Never ever knew that myself. Funny thing really. So from AC1 till syndicate all that hay carts are just some Animus help function....

I'm pretty sure they broke their own lore then; unless they meant the hay bales alone and not the leap of faith itself. Cause I distinctly remember that cutscene in AC2 where multiple people do what is obviously the leap of faith. There's also a "real world" scene in one of the Desmond games where he takes what a leap of faith and someone comments something like "wow, I know I wouldn't do that" in reference to how crazy of a maneuver it is.

And then in Unity and Origins, there's a scene in each that references taking a leap/jump in a cutscene. In Unity and Origins, you don't see the actual leap/jump in the cutscene, but it's strongly inferred as something that is scary and daring to do.

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Leap of faiths are something the assassins do. It's not breaking their own lore. It's just the realically they would've done it far less than shown in gameplay.

Gameplay is for us basically Desmond for example freeroaming, he can do a leap of faith if he wants to. The user of the animus is free to wonder around the world until they activate a memory. For example Ezio never stood looking at walls conveniently for Desmond to scan glyths in the future. These hay bales are there to help the user of an animus traverse the world easier - climbing slowly down every building would be slow and bothersome.

There are only a handful of times where leap of faiths actually happen. Most of the time leap of faiths are traditional though, serving initiation to the brotherhood. In AC1 the Levantine Brotherhood used it as a show of dedication and lack of fear of death. In AC2 and Brotherhood it was done for initiation and ceremoniously performed. While it does serve practical reasons most of the time an Assassin is going to climb down a building than jump in a conveniently placed hay bale.

In reality Ezio would've climbed down buildings, but Desmond in control can just perform a leap of faith and get down faster.

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Also, let's not forget that in the very first game, we see an NPC perform a leap of faith and he breaks his fucking leg doing it. I think that was probably a nod to the player to say that the leaps of faith were not as safe for the levantine assassins as they are in the animus.

They are not safe alright. The guy with the broken leg must have been me.

24 points · 8 months ago

In AC1 the Libertine Brotherhood

Either you mean the Levantine brotherhood, or there is a naughty side to the Assassins that I didn't know about...

Oh my. Yes that's exactly what I meant. Fixed :)

Actually you learn in Assassins Creed Origins that the Medjay were posted on high places and learned to get down quickly by leaping.

So the leap origins from the medjay.

Desmond did it in AC Brotherhood, early in the game when they're trying to get inside Monteriggionni Villa.

About the multiple people did it, yes they did it. First happened during Ezio's initiation into the Brotherhood in AC2, and in AC Brotherhood, Ezio's sister and later, disciple did it too, albeit that one was jumping into the water, instead of hay bale.

The Animus is a pretty cool way to explain stuff like that.

Thank you!

I was just playing Revelations last night and one of the Templars said something to the effect of “Go hide in another pile of hay, assassin.” It took me aback, thinking, “wait, they apparently know about that? How the hell do I keep getting away with hiding in them then?”

I think it was just a bit windy out there...

Cart full of nokia 3310s

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Damn AC1 aged really well

I seriously thought it was a later portion of the newest game.

Same, my first thought was “whoa, there’s a section where you play as Altair in Origins?!”

7 points · 8 months ago

You can get altairs outfit through Ubisoft’s ubiplay thing. Looks super out of place wearing it in Egypt but you look dope as fuck.

It looks as if this is being played on a pc... OP any insight?

Original Poster9 points · 8 months ago

Yes it's PC.

17 points · 8 months ago

Aside from the extremely tedious climbing. I remember I used to think Altair was so crazy for his parkour. They've greatly improved on parkour dynamics. Altair just feels slow and clunky now

Is it my imagination or AC1 has better graphics than AC2? It seemed so last time I played both on 360.

on PC anyway AC1 could use DX10, and AC2 could not. It was more tweakable than 2 (LOD distance could be adjusted up). Cranked up, it could do a lot more with its graphics.

AC2 was still beautiful in the environments and colors etc, but just could not be pushed very far. Revisiting the same areas in Brotherhood (in flashbacks) there was a stark difference in LOD. AC2 was the worst of them as far as graphical ability goes :(

Comparison shots:

Damn I wanna play ac 2 now :(

AC1 definitely has better graphics than AC2, and I like the style of AC1 more than brotherhood and revelations as well.

Assassin's Creed games aged really well because they are just good games, especially the first 4.

If Assassin's Creed 2 ever got a facelift, it would probably win GOTY... again.

FYI this is a mod or something. The textures do not look that good.

Are you sure? Maybe on console but I replayed it on PC about a year ago at max settings and it looked pretty much just like that

Yep. Played it yesterday, at that exact spot, on a pc, on high settings. It looks great but not that great.

They still look pretty damn good for a 10 year old game. The visual and sound design of the game was the best in the series for a long time despite it being the first.

Original Poster5 points · 8 months ago

Not a mod. Played in 1440p, recorded through Shadowplay at 1080p.

Original Poster1.2k points · 8 months ago

Assassin's Creed 1

Although many people likely knew the game, I wanted to say thanks for posting the name. No one does that it seems!

Comment deleted8 months ago(16 children)

there was a down grade with ac 2 in the graphics department. But 2 was far far funner. The first game was boring is hell, but still a creative concept at the time.

Original Poster107 points · 8 months ago

The first game is alright as long as you rush the story. Too many sidequests and you're burnt out in no time.

So true. It took me over a year to beat AC1 because I was a stickler for doing all the sidequests and towers

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I remember skipping school a few days to finish the game when it was released. We're obviously two very different type of gamer.

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i got baited by those army walking outside cities so much...

-Me: ok horse, let's go! *saw army passing by... what if i challenge them?...

-horse: dude no

-me: yeah ur right.

makes 5meters and jump back into stabbing one of them and fail miserably because controls are clunky and they were so much, revives and goes for another challenge to get killed again, again

I would try to play as stealthy as possible but sometimes something would set me off. Most of the time it was when someone got a cheap shot on me a few times in a row. I would snap, and murder every single guard I could find. If I was really feeling it I would just use the hidden blade by only countering so they would know just how inferior they were.

Near the end there were those huge armies and my bloodlust was peaking so it was the greatest. I loved the first game.

I used to like to lure as many soldiers to one area as I could so that I could fight them all at once.

Somehow I found he the parkour in 2 to be less credible. It seemed to me that the first game had more believable motions and the architecture appeared to be made to look more naturally designed for the purpose.

AC2 seemed jankier in how it stuck you to the clingy bits, and some of the hang points really looked like they were there just for the sake of throwing the player a bone, with no effort put into disguising them as a part of the architecture. Which I guess is the studio struggling with the larger maps and massive content density, but still it was kind of a shock playing the games back to back.

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I definitely think the second one was more fun as well, but I enjoyed the first one more. I felt like I was playing a slice of history. The second one felt far more like a story, rather than historical events.

I agree. First one's story felt very real to me. Loved the setting of the holy land and the crusades. Also the music was enchanting. I was so engaged with the dialogs i never even once felt it repetetive.

I liked the story in the first one better too. You were genuinely confused there for a while about whether you were doing the right or the wrong thing.

I had the pleasure of playing some of these with my dad backseating them. He taught history of art and architecture in college and the first two games basically covered the focus of all his expertise, so he was having a grand time.

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I assumed it was Origins because it looks sand and would make sense since you play as the first Assassin so he'd not have alot of training, I think. Ive only played most of AC3 (and for some reason never finished) and the first 3 hours of Black Flag (before getting bored) so I'm not up to date on the AC Verse

13 points · 8 months ago

Nah man, Altair was a master assassin who got all his skills taken away via magical Apple fuckery at the beginning of the game bc he got too big for his britches and his mentor got mad at him lol

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Is this remastered? I don't recall the graphics being that good on the original.

I was wondering the same thing. It looks a lot better than I remember.

41 points · 8 months ago

On Xbox One X, it’s enhanced to native 4K. This appears to be PC, though. Judging by the control icons.

Original Poster25 points · 8 months ago

There's also the GeForce Experience FPS counter in the top left corner :)

If it is on pc you could probably find a UHD mod without much trouble

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That is the regular game. It looked really damn good back in 2007. Blew me and a lot of other gamers away at the time.

The CGI trailer for the game still gets me hyped.

the best assassin

Ezio Auditore da Firenze would like to have a word with you.

Wherein Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad promptly slaps the shit out of Ezio, thus establishing the pecking order.

Imagine Ezio getting to the afterlife and having to explain to Altair how he lost his kickass armour because he were busy getting laid.

Ezio was so much more versatile in combat with a larger arsenal. Young Ezio would get wrecked but later on he would destroy Altair. Also, Altair was a self rightious jerk who decided he could play judge jury and executioner.

You’re referring to a small part of Altaïr’s life, my friend. And your statement is comparing combat abilities, which isn’t really needed if you’ve perfected being a blade in the crowd, which is the hallmark of a great Assassin.

Yeah, I'd say lore-wise Altaïr is definitely the assassin of the assassins. The fact that you got more attached to Ezio over the course of 3 games ain't got nothing on that.

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Fuck you, Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad is the OG Assassin.

I think you misspelled Captain Edward Kenway's name!

39 points · 8 months ago

He said best assassin not most alcoholic.

Those two seem pretty interchangeable to me.

Black Flag was a great pirate game, but a shitty assassin game

Black flag was an assassin game?

Bayek of Siwa lookin' at all y'all like, "Neket iadets..."

Well, that's dumb.

Assassin's Creed Brown

Thanks. I don't have any of those, so I didn't know which one it was.

Assassins Bleed

Thank you. At first I thought this was AC:Origins but I saw the FPS counter and I thought, "Wait a minute, I barely get past 100fps on max settings!(single GTX 1080) This can't be Origins!"

I really like Ezio's trilogy, but I still love AC1 the most. And looking at this clip it really holds up! I wish they had remastered it for PS4.

I miss this game.

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I was sure he was going to jump to the side - I always hated those moments.

Just imagine this in real life: "I'm going to jump into the hay in 3, 2, 1 ... bird shriek Fuck it, better crash through that roof over there."

168 points · 8 months ago

One of the games (Revelations I think) has an ingame bugfix for the animus where it states that they fixed that, which I personally at the time thought was a fun way to show a bugfix in-game

Monty Python version would be:

The “Bring out yer dead” cart guy takes his cart right as assassin makes the leap of faith.

My heart always jumps when that happens..

Yeah, this happened WAY too often in my game! Made the leap of faith even more realistic XD

You didn't have enough faith.

George Michael appears

Well worse things could happen... actually, I guess it would be nice

if I could touch your body

Isn't he like dead? I mean it will either be a zombie or a ghost...

2 points · 8 months ago

George Michael disappears

take a step forward,

those with faith will be spared

Leap of not completely trusting of incoming events.

I played through that game twice and never once have I seen this happen

Happened to me all the time, about 1/4 to 1/3 of the viewpoints left me broken on a pile of hay. :)

Original Poster3 points · 8 months ago

Someone mentioned it's because v-sync is disabled. I had this happen more than once as well.

Huh, might check that. I usually disable it since my rig can handle it. Just put down Sobek, two gods defeated so far.

You needed to cap your frame rates then. Without something like Vsync the physics engine would freak out which would almost guarantee the haystack would be treated as a solid object instead of you landing in it safely

“Perfect parking space” - different game.

rams car into a checkpoint after bailing with a parachute

Ouch. Too close for comfort!

'tis but a scratch!

The games released 10 years ago around the first Crysis still look good today.


Original Poster4 points · 8 months ago

I just realized... Damnit.

It's OK cutie

I don't wanna come across as a dick or anything, I'm asking because I'm just curious about this sort of thing - what decision or rule was it that made you put the apostrophe there? Did you just not realise that get's = get is, or did you think it was like a different rule or something? Again not being a dick, I'm just curious about grammar.

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Jesus christ is this on PC? This looks inSANEly good!

yep, 1080p 60fps.

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Aim for the bushes

🎵There goes my herooo🎵

26 points · 8 months ago

Guess they never learn

Aha Geralt

What now you piece of filth

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Dammit. Beaten by only 5 hours.

But my post has pretty picture!

This would make for another hilarious way for devs to troll people who pirate the game.

Hey look! Realism!

Those guards finally caught on, watching you leap from buildings, and painted a solid rock like hay.

I miss this game. I miss how simple it was back then. Best Assassin's Creed game!!

AC1 was cool to begin with, all the cool shit you could do but it quickly became boring and repetitive. It has nothing on AC2, revelations, Brotherhood, or 4.

I'm in the minority here i know. AC1 to me was simple and i think that is why i loved it as much as i did. Ac games these days have just too much. Those irritating scoring systems. Naval battles. Tower defenses. I miss the stealth in these games. Again personal taste.

4 points · 8 months ago

I just replayed AC1 and loved it but I gotta agree with this. Every mission is the same. Pickpocket a guy, beat up a guy and eavesdrop on a guy then do the assassination. Renee and repeat 9 more times throughout the game.

Still, Altair's development is amazing and the assassinations are all very fun at least.

As someone who has never played this game, seeing this I was like:

Oh cool that’s so high, wow you can plan attacks from up there and attack someone below, so cool....look at the mechanics of that dive, only a true master can do this, he knows exactly what he’s doing...aaand he’s dead

What system was this done on? Looks higher than 720 30 FPS

Original Poster15 points · 8 months ago

PC. The video is 1080p 60.

Thought so. Hopefully it gets the one X upgrade

AC1 is Xbox one X enhanced. Of course it doesn't look this good, but it's close.

Guess I know what I'm doing tomorrow. Thanks

Ah yes, the old haystack bug, you need vsync for them to work.

Original Poster3 points · 8 months ago

That's what causes it? I always disable v-sync because I use my monitor's g-sync instead.

Yep, I have had it happen to me.

The surface tension on that hay is insane.

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Realistically speaking, decelerating in the distance between the top of the hay and the ground at that velocity would still kill you 100% of the time.

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"I told you we should have used something other than hay to protect our rocks"

I was hoping someone would make this reference.

that friggin jokes...

This is actually a known bug, if you do not have vsync enabled, this might happen when you do a leap of faith. (Source: Experienced it myself when I played through the game again a month ago)

Aim for the bushes


"Aim for the bushes."

When you say "Want to go out?" and she saids "As friends, right?

That seems about right. 100 foot fall into 3 feet of hay would desynchronize the Hell out of you.

You forgot to pay for the Cart DLC. It costs 10.99$.

3 points · 8 months ago

EA's release of Battlefront 2


My god, there is no apostrophe on that word.

Original Poster3 points · 8 months ago

Hey now. Their are worse gramar mistaces to be made.

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2 points · 8 months ago

I always wondered why that happened, I suspect it's because not holding down the button while flying to your supposed death/salvation...but I couldn't be arsed to verify that I just hold it down. Always.

Original Poster2 points · 8 months ago

It's caused by disabling v-sync. If you're on console.. no clue :)

3 points · 8 months ago

Eh, I have Vsync disabled, because I have a Gsync monitor. Let's just say it never DID happen, when I kept pushing the button, so I'll keep faith in holding that damn button :D

This happens to me on the PC but not PS3. Is this a known bug?

Original Poster1 point · 8 months ago

Caused by no v-sync.

That's a weird one. At least now I can phase out one of my last console games.

The straw that broke the assassin's back...


Best assassin? I was expecting 47.

Ezio is the best assassin of all time my dude not this boyo

23 points · 8 months ago · edited 8 months ago

Yo, I've read all of Ezios books, played all his games (100% completion) and I listen to his trilogies music a lot, even watched Embers - I love his character, he means a lot.

But the dude wasn't even born an Assassin. For all of Ezios great achievements as a man, Altair was an Assassin through and through, waaay beyond his years. Ezio is standing on the shoulders of a giant, that giant is Altair.

I guess it's like asking who's smarter, Newton or Einstein.

I don't think the best assassin has been shown yet because we havent seen a current day assassin who fights not only current day enemies but also current day tech. I'm talking like a fully secured building meant to withstand attacks from an assassin.

Original Poster10 points · 8 months ago

I've been wishing for a current day Assassin's Creed since AC2.

As far as the best assassin I'd say desmond was the most pure and the most capable of becoming the best

Bit of a shame they squandered that opportunity. 5 games worth of bleeding effect training for nothing.

2 points · 8 months ago

hitman(2016) is about as close as you can get

Original Poster4 points · 8 months ago

Great stealth game, but not a big fan of the episodic thing it's got going.

So have I (also since AC 2), I just don't see how it would work though... Uncharted with a hood?

8 points · 8 months ago · edited 8 months ago

Being an Assassin isn't just about skill. It's about knowledge and freedom. It's its own philosophy. The best Assassin cannot only use a blade and climb some walls, but also has the deepest understanding of its Creed, and has the integrity to uphold them in the face of adversity.

Both of these qualities apply to both Ezio and Altair, really.

Except Altair breaks one of the tenets right at the beginning even though we was one of the highest ranking assassins. Ezio didn't care if they were templars at first and was just out to get vengeance in the beginning. Bayek had knowledge and strength but only a vague sense of right and wrong. He killed people for vengeance even though they weren't the ones who killed his son. As far as I could see if he stopped after killing the ones he thought were responsible the templars never would have gotten the power they had. Also I want to know what they meant when they said his son has something to show him....

Over time both of these assassin's gained knowledge and bettered themselves but only after major tragedies that lead them down a better path.

Altair broke all three tenets, not just one. Him being punished for that is actually a big part of why his character ends up one of if not the best in the series. He's humbled dramatically throughout his killings. He ends up embodying​ the creed more than any other assassin by the end, and understands the Templar Assassin conflict better than any other protagonist.

AC1 really gave its characters, especially the Templars, a lot more depth than most of the other titles.

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1 point · 8 months ago · edited 8 months ago

Totally, I don't see how this is an 'exception'. These facts were in mind when I posted. Only way to learn is to make mistakes, we've all been young and brash. When you've hit the bottom, only way is up.

Altair, unlike Al Mualim, rose up from tragedy without abusing power and rebuilt and entire order on his own and laid the foundation for future European / Middle Eastern assassins. (Though personally, I empathise with Mualims peace-through-control. But at that point you could say he might as well been a Templar, though he would say he has better morals and intentions)

Your past mistakes make you who you are and they will always be apart of your tally. The choice to do good after does not make up for the evil you once committed. Just because it's futile doesn't mean changing your ways is bad since helping others should always be a priority

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You get a sense of pride and accomplishment everytime you land properly!

Imo its the best one

If I was involved in the making of an Assassin's Creed game, I'd definitely make this a feature

First day on the job be like

This is best game right here

Stunt jump : FAILED

I'm not feeling that great, and watching that gif nearly made me throw up

"I told you we should have used something other than hay to protect our rocks."

Ubisoft showing us the real truth. Straw of hay cant cushion you at all. Especially not from that height.

Which assassin creed is this ?

the very first one, a little repetitive but fun overall

Was expecting 47. He was genetically engineered to be the best of ALL time.

This bug annoyed the shit out of me when I played through AC1 last year.

I remember playong ac1 and i swear while the graphics were good it did not look THIS good

I didn’t realize the game had a realism mode.

Get is it right?

Or does the "it" belong to get?


Original Poster1 point · 8 months ago


Wow! OG Ass Creed still looks amazing.

That’s so frustrating. #feelsbadman

Didn't get all of it

60% of the time, it works... everytime.

I remember I had this happen to me in Acre at the giant church

Realism mod

Aim for the bushes

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