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Tsu/dsu as opposed to serial cable

Do I need serial cable ?

On all my routers I have tsu/dsu ports which I assume will take rj45 lines ? Maybe one pinned out to be a t1 line ?

Anyways I don't really have anymore time or budget to get more wics ...

What exactly does the serial connection teach anyways ...and can I substitute any lab I read serial connection for tsu /dsu?

When I show interfaces it shows as a serial connection but it looks like an Ethernet jack .

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2 points · 7 months ago

What WIC card do you already have on what model router?

If you have a WIC-1T or WIC-2T, then it's a serial connection that doesn't require any T1 bits, nor any CSU/DSU. You just buy a cable to go to whatever you want (v.35, x.25, watever), generally one that has either two of the large or small format Cisco connectors if you're just working in a lab.

If you have an EXTERNAL CSU/DSU, then you need something like:

ROUTER 1 - WIC1T - V.35 CABLE - CSU/DSU - RJ48 rollover cable (T1 here) - CSU/DSU - V.35 CABLE - WIC1T - ROUTER 2

If you have any one of the T1 cards (WIC-1DSU-T1, VWIC-2MFT-T1, etc), then you just connect an RJ48 rollover cable between the two.

ROUTER 1 - WIC-DSU-T1 - RJ48 rollover cable (T1 here) - WIC-DSU-T1 - ROUTER 2

Since you said:

On all my routers I have tsu/dsu ports which I assume will take rj45 lines ? When I show interfaces it shows as a serial connection but it looks like an Ethernet jack .

I'm going to guess you've got the second. So buy or make a T1, RJ48 rollover cable (uses all the same materials as a regular RJ45 ethernet, but different pinout), and connect the two devices together.

You CANNOT use a standard RJ45 cable in it, and it doesn't run Ethernet. You CAN run PPP, Frame relay, HDLC, and some other stuff over it. There are a variety of things that Ethernet can do that Serial can't, and the opposite is also true. Your study materials should go into detail about that.

1 point · 7 months ago

A T1 line, using an RJ48 or RJ45 jack is a serial connection. This means your WIC has an integrated CSU/DSU and you don't need to use the larger serial connectors that would connect to an external CSU/DSU. It's still a serial link, and it won't go any faster than either 1.544 Mbps or 2 Mbps depending on the hardware you have.

Original Poster1 point · 7 months ago

Ok got it, and I found the cables that came with it.

So far I get that this is for the wan connection. It is mainly for the ISP to set the clock rate?

Would I still be able to simulate this with the T1 line?

Why would I want to ? I mean in my novice mind I am thinking I would always just accept the handoff from the isp , unless I wanted to work for an isp? Would the handoff be , I guess somewhere between the fiber/ cable line going in and the isp's router in the demarc?

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