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Question About Collision and Broadcast Domains

can anyone tell me the relation between and collision , broadcast domains and the bandwidth? if the bandwidth will be shared on the same amount of hosts so how we gonna gain more bandwidth if each port on a switch is a single collision domain and even if router separate broadcast domain? if anyone can simplify it to me in easy words as i am still in chapter 2 :).




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CCENT3 points · 1 year ago · edited 1 year ago

Collision domains come into effect with multiple hosts talking at the same time. Imagine a room with everyone talking over each other. Someone has to pause so everyone else can listen to one individual and receive information. CSMA/CD allows for this, as it sets a timer for each host to have a window to chat. This only occurs on hubs where the hub is basically a level-1 repeater, it has no intelligence. The entire hub is one collision domain. If you plug another hub into a hub, the collision domain is now both hubs as one collision domain.

Broadcasts are needed to allow everyone to hear important traffic like ARP requests (discovery of hosts/building MAC address tables). Without them no one will know who is out there. If you have TONS of broadcasts, you have traffic that other hosts dont want/need/care about, taking processing power that is not needed to relay that traffic (either on the host or the switch). Reduction of broadcasts is important, as you don't want your network being pummeled by endless broadcast storms-- no regular traffic will get through at a decent pace.

Switches have one collision domain per port, as they are Layer 2 devices. This allows the switch to handle the traffic, and creating a method to the madness instead of having people talk over each other with CSMA/CD. Think of like a debate moderator handling who is taking and when.

If you segment your switch into VLANs, it basically takes the switch and cuts it up into many switches, so just imagine they are physically different. This allows for your broadcasts to only get to certain hosts, and not all the others that don't care to hear them. A correlation would be radio stations, many people want to listen to rock, but others will hate rock music and won't want to listen to that broadcast.. Forcing them to is just causing them to listen to something they don't need to hear.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 year ago

Thank you for this simple explanation, i really appreciate that man.

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CCENT2 points · 1 year ago

Sure, no problem. I'm presently studying for my CCENT so its fresh in my mind, feel free to PM if you have other questions.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 year ago

thanks so much and i wish u a good luck in ur ccent journey!

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Just 'cause it ain't in my flair doesn't mean I don't have certs1 point · 1 year ago

TL/DR: You're not wasting time retransmitting data if there are no collisions. You're not wasting time waiting for ARP requests and other broadcasts to be processed if they're segmented off into multiple broadcast domains. While a broadcast in domain "A" will essentially halt all other traffic in that domain, it won't effect "B" at all, so overall there is a benefit.

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