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Hello, /r/WritingPrompts! With reddit doing their annual awards over at /r/bestof2018, I'm happy to announce the chance to win some sweet Reddit... Platinum? With the recent changes to reddit's optional premium tiers. If I've done my math correct, we should be receiving enough Coins to allow us to provide 22 Platinum!

This contest will work as such. There will be an unstickied thread, linked by this thread. This is where you will nominate. Do not use this thread to nominate.

The following categories are up for nomination, with the amount of Platinum available to win:

[WP] - 3 for prompts, 3 for stories. (Includes SP and any other flairs not included in the other categories.)
[EU] - 1 for prompts, 1 for stories.
[CW] - 1 for prompts, 1 for stories.
[IP + MP] - 1 for prompts, 1 for stories.
[RF] - 1 for prompts, 1 for stories.
[TT] - 1 for prompts, 1 for stories.
[PM] - 1 for prompts, 1 for stories.
[PI+CC] - 1 for prompts, 1 for stories.

Nominate here!


The nomination phase will continue until the 22nd, in which we will switch over to the voting phase. The voting phase will take a week from the 22nd to the 30th, after which winners will be contacted privately and given until January 1st to reply, when the winners will be announced. Here are last year's winners.

General Rules

  • Ties in the voting process will be broken by an anonymous moderator who will not be involved in this contest.

  • Nominated stories or prompts cannot be posted by banned or deleted accounts.

  • Nominated stories or prompts must be posted originally after January 1st, 2018 at midnight EST.

  • Users are restricted to one nomination per category, and may not nominate themselves.

  • Attempts to game the system for or against any nomination will result in appropriate punishment for those involved.

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“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”

― Helen Keller

Happy Thursday writing friends!

Hope is such a powerful feeling. It’s easy to hope. We hope for better lives, or health, happiness, luck, money. But, it’s also easy to lose hope.



Here's how Theme Thursday works:

  • Use the tag [TT] for prompts that match this week’s theme.

  • You may submit stories here in the comments, discuss your thoughts on this week’s theme, or share your ideas for upcoming themes.

  • Have you read or written a story or poem that fits the theme, but the prompt wasn’t a [TT]? Link it here in the comments!

  • Want to be featured on the next post? Leave a story or poem between 100 and 500 words here in the comments. If you had originally written it for another prompt here on WP, please copy the story in the comments and provide a link to the story. I will choose my top 5 favorites to feature next week!

  • Read the stories posted by our brilliant authors and tell them how awesome they are!

Please read the amazing stories on last week’s theme, Betrayal

You have all betrayed me. Shaaaame. (Love all of ya) So impossible to pick only five of your stories, but here I go...

First by /u/scottbeckman

Second by /u/rudexvirus

Third by /u/novatheelf

Fourth by /u/PhilosopherOfNothing

Fifth by /u/Thallo

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