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Hello IAmA Readers,

After evaluating some of the effects of recent algorithm changes, the IAmA Moderator Team will be changing our rules about AMA requests starting immediately. AMA requests should now be posted to /r/IAmARequests. We also encourage you to tweet your requests and include @reddit_AMA, so we can help boost the signal.

Why the change?

Well, it comes down to three main reasons:

  1. Algorithm changes over the past year. AMA Requests were introduced long before the introduction of Popular and the ranking changes that came with it. A few years ago, it was quite common to see several posts from IAmA on the front page - we could send traffic to a couple of Requests and a celebrity AMA or two. These days, that's not the case. The new algorithm essentially allows only one or two posts from any given subreddit to be popular at once. This is great for smaller subreddits and allows for a much wider variety of content on our front pages. But it means that a single popular AMA request can keep people from seeing actual AMAs all day. When busy and interesting people take time out of their day to come talk to us, we want to show them to you guys - and that's not possible if they can be displaced by a simple request.

  2. Requests never did work that well. Most celebrities aren't actually reading Reddit. They're all on Twitter though - and a retweet from an account like ours will get their attention better than a Reddit post. Want to be a part of it? Follow us here.

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I moved from Sydney, Australia to do my service at the start of January. As I have never lived in Finland before this, I wasn't really required to do service but I thought that it would be a great life experience and I could see the benefits from experiencing army life.

I served in Santahamina near Helsinki in 1st Jääkärikomppania as my rooms machine gunner.

There was about 10 of us in the company who spoke very little Finnish, but this was not an issue since almost everyone speaks good English. All the instructions and commands were in Finnish but they were translated to us by friends if we did not understand.

I will try to answer everything that I can.




My name is Aron Davis and I'm the youngest candidate running for mayor in my city of Plantation, Florida. I'm a software engineer that's pro net neutrality and municipal broadband.

Ask me anything!


Social Media Below!




EDIT ********** I think the AMA is technically over, but I'll try to answer as many questions as I can. *********

Feel free to reach out on social media!


This AMA is part of the Big GameDev AMA Series. For more info check:

I’m Steven Sargent, aka Sarge, a producer with over 25 years of experience building and directing talented teams to deliver world class entertainment products. I’ve successfully shipped to market over 70 titles on almost all major gaming platforms.

With over 25 years of experience working in software development and publishing I have successfully built & managed development teams of all shapes and sizes for companies like Warner Bros, High Moon Studios, Appy Entertainment and Capcom. Some of the favorite games I have worked on are Sensible World of Soccer, Imperium Galactica II and Trucks & Skulls!

If you would like to learn more about a few games I have worked on watch the video game documentary Moleman 4 - Longplay:


EDIT ********** The AMA is over, check for more gamedev AMAs *********

Thanks to everybody who asked a question - it was fun answering them!

Have a great day!



EDIT 2 **************

Steven has answered some more questions today, maybe he will have time for a few more. You can also find an interview with him among the video extras of the Developer Edition of Moleman 4 - Longplay:


I have worn many hats in my life so far. The one I wear has mouse ears attached to it. Actually when I am working in the park I am most likely to be found at the World Famous Jungle Cruise as Skipper or in the Enchanted Tiki Room as an enchanting host.


Thanks for all your questions. I have to wrap this up for now. I may log back on later and answer the remaining questions if my schedule allows. I hope you'll check out the book (for those of you who haven't read it).


I'm an investigative reporter for The Wall Street Journal. I started looking into Elizabeth Holmes and her Silicon Valley blood diagnostics startup Theranos in early 2015. I published the first of many stories on the company, which was then valued at $10 billion, in October 2015 and have since published a book on the scandal called "Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup." I'm here to answer any questions you might have about the book or this saga.

My twitter:

My proof:


My name is Brian Clesi, and I'm the captain of the famous Creole Queen Paddlewheeler in New Orleans. Ask me anything about being a captain, interesting situations I've encountered aboard the Creole Queen, favorite memories, or anything else about a captain's life that you're interested in learning about.

A little more about me: I’ve been with New Orleans Paddlewheels, Inc. for 24 years, but started as the captain on the Creole in 2006 right after Katrina. For over a decade, I’ve piloted the ship on the powerful Mississippi. I started working on the cruise ships in 1994 and then was asked to come work here full time. I started on the docks and then worked my way up.


EDIT: Thanks for the all questions, but Captain Clesi had to run. Have a great weekend!


Hi! I'm Amanda, a podcaster, educator, and internet businessperson. I co-host Spirits (boozy dive into mythology and urban legends) and Join the Party (D&D real play for newbies and experts alike), which have with more than 2.5 million downloads between them.

In 2017 I founded the production collective Multitude, where I also consult with other podcasters and publish free resources for creators. After a decade of making stuff online, I've dedicated my career to helping fellow creators make a living.

I love teaching people how to make podcasts, raising up indie creators, and demystifying the business of digital media—so ask me anything!


ETA, 1 PM PST: Thank you for the questions! Reach out any time on Twitter if you have more (=


For the Ground Game series, we are working with our reporters in all 50 states to find what is coming up in American politics. We want to talk about what and who will be the talk of Washington months and years from now. We are looking for races, personalities and issues that will define US politics ahead of this year’s midterms and beyond. Our first episode and story focus on Mitt Romney’s run for the U.S. Senate from Utah and how he has evolved from a “Never Trumper” to a candidate who accepts that the president is the leader of his party. Proof:

We're closing out this AMA. Thanks for your questions!

Posted by
Robyn Paris - The Room
4 days agoGilded1

Hello, we're 6 actors from the cult film THE ROOM - the so-bad-it's good movie that inspired James Franco's film THE DISASTER ARTIST. We also star in the mockumentary series, The Room Actors: Where Are They Now? on YouTube ( and Funny or Die. for more info. For brand new episodes, go to: We're Juliette Danielle (Lisa), Robyn Paris (Michelle), Dan Janjigian (Chris-R), Greg Ellery (Steven), Kyle Vogt (Peter) and Philip Haldiman (Denny). Starting at 6PM Pacific/9PM Eastern, we'll answer questions for about an hour and 1/2. Proof:


Here is the link to the article that landed on the front page:

First we want to thank everyone who posted comments and referred it to others interested in youth and justice! This was a story that needed to be read.

The Juvenile Justice Information Exchange (JJIE) covers juvenile justice and related issues nationally on a consistent, daily basis.

In the past, traditional journalism organizations filled this function. Today, due to shrinking resources, there are large gaps in that coverage. The JJIE fills the void. We have been doing this since 2010 thanks to support from folks like you and larger foundations like Annie E. Casey, Tow, Park and MacArthur foundations.

I was a journalist for most of my career working at places like the Allentown, Pa., Morning Call, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune and Minnesota Public Radio (MPR). In 2002, I received an endowed chair at Kennesaw State University, the third-largest state school in Georgia with more than 30,000 students. Thanks to a generous gift from The Harnisch Foundation, we started the Center for Sustainable Journalism in 2010 and soon after started publishing the JJIE with professional journalists and editors. We also have a bureau at CUNY’s Graduate School of Journalism in New York and at the USC Annenberg School of Journalism in Los Angeles. The story’s author, Clarissa Sosin, is a recent CUNY bureau graduate.

We're going to kick off now (11 a.m. ET) and will continue through the afternoon! I’m hoping I get to shed light on any juvenile justice topics that may arise! Also, I would like to thank Clarissa Sosin for producing this impactful story and her editor and New York bureau chief Daryl Khan!

This will be a continuing story. In fact, we have a follow up today.

We are a nonprofit organization, publishing since 2010. If you would like, please feel free to donate to help us continue reporting on this youth justice story and others like it.


My short bio: I was a Euro Disney character actor for a year. I was a character set actor, Restaurant character, Parade Dancer and Character and Show Character.

My Proof: Not sure how to submit proof since my work involved dressing up in fur outfits and doing character sets... This is me, My cousins and mum and auntie on my last day with the entire cast of the 25th Anniversary show


We’re Will FitzGibbon (reporter), Hamish Boland-Rudder (online editor), and Amy Wilson-Chapman (community engagement editor).

Hopefully by now you've heard of the /r/PanamaPapers! Our 2016 investigation (which Amy wasn't here for) was one of the biggest leaks and journalism collaborations in history! The first round of data consisted of 11.5 million files, which were leaked to Suddeutsche Zeitung who shared them with ICIJ and more than 100 partners.

Yesterday (June 20), we released a new round of reporting from Panama Papers. In a rare opportunity, Suddeutsche Zeitung were leaked another 1.2 million files that covered early 2016 through the end of 2017. Again, they shared them with us, and our partners.

Many of our partners plan to publish stories in the coming days, and weeks. So stay tuned.

Who are we?

We'll try to answer all your questions! Will Fitzgibbon will probably answer most of them - he was the lead reporter on this for us.

We're going to kick off now (1pm ET) and will continue through the afternoon!

EDIT: We're going to wind up now, but we'll keep an eye out for new questions and reply when we can. Thanks so much to everyone for the great questions! Great to chat with you all.


There were lots of requests for this one, so if there's any interest, AMA!

Me Today - Me on TV


Quick intro we're /u/Seagate_Surfer, the official forums team for Seagate Technology. We're here to provide value to the reddit community.

Today, we've brought together three of Seagate's top research scientists and engineers. Their focus is on data center storage integration with expertise in areal density, HAMR, multi-actuator technology, and all things HDD and SSD. They recently published An Inside Look at Data Center Storage Integration: A Complex, Iterative, and Sustained Process on the Backblaze blog.

In Cupertino, CA we have:

  • Ted Deffenbaugh | Senior Director, Cloud and Hyperscale
  • Jason Feist | Senior Engineering Director

and at our Minnesota Design Center

  • Rich Segar | Senior Director, Global Reliability Technology


We're answering from 10a - 11a pacific daylight time; here we go!

  • EDIT: Wow- you guys are awesome. We talked the experts into answering more- let's keep going!
  • EDIT 2: Thank you, thank you, thank you. We hope this was as valuable for you as it was for us. Let's do it again. If you have more questions- we'll keep going on our page.

Hi, Redditors! As Taste of Home’s culinary director, I work with food stylists, recipe testers and editors to prepare, taste test and shoot both still photographs and videos of the thousands of recipes submitted by our readers. Each year, Taste of Home receives more than 12,000 original recipes, ideas and tips from our home cook audience; we select and test about 4,000 of them to publish in our magazines and books, and on our website and social media channels. I began my career hiring and advising freelance food stylists—then I became one. And now I oversee a team of talented individuals who make our food stories come to life. I am head over heels in love with what I do: working every day with food and people who love to eat! I am an expert at bringing treasured recipes to life in our professional test kitchen and visual production studio. AMA!

Check out our recipes at Follow Taste of Home on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter

We also have a super cool Watch page to teach you our cooking techniques: The Chef’s Hat



President Donald Trump’s immigration policies have created conditions in which migrant children in detention are forcibly injected with medications that make them dizzy, listless, obese and even incapacitated, according to legal filings. One mother said her child fell repeatedly, hitting her head, and ended up in a wheelchair. A child described trying to open a window and being hurled against a door by a supervisor, who then choked her until she fainted. Full story:



What’s up, Reddit! My name is Anthony Taranto, a.k.a. the Wedge Art Wizard for Callaway. From lasers and sand blasting to good old fashioned stamps and paint fill, I’ve been customizing wedges for 19 years now. Excited to answer your questions. Fire away!


Here’s where you can bid on one of my custom sets of Mack Daddy 4 wedges. We do one of these each month, and all proceeds from the winning bid are donated to a charitable cause. This month’s proceeds will be donated to Birdies For The Brave:

What do you think about this one?

Check out my Instagram for more work:

EDIT: That's all for today - thanks to everyone who chimed in and asked questions! And shout out to u/Sullydotcom who will be receiving this fancy Reddit wedge!


Hi Reddit! It's been years since I did one of these, but I hope it's like riding a bike (in that I will be surrounded by bigger kids who chase and bully me for hours).

My new book is called PLANET FUNNY: HOW COMEDY TOOK OVER OUR CULTURE, and it's a history of comedy as well as a nervous look at how we are now so waist-deep in jokes that it's almost oppressive.

If you listen to podcasts, musician John Roderick and I spin tales about historical oddities like White House pets and Milli Vanilli to the future residents of post-apocalyptic Earth in our time capsule podcast OMNIBUS.

Photographic evidence!

EDIT: Thanks for the questions, everyone. I'm a little disappointed we didn't get to talk more about Rampart, but oh well. If you enjoy comedy or super-provocative takes on modern life!!! check out Planet Funny at your library or local independent bookstore or big evil e-retailer. If you enjoy podcasts, subscribe to Omnibus right now! If you enjoy none of those things, please let me know what your hobbies are so I can tailor future projects to you as an individual!


I'm Dr Tim van Gelder, working on the University of Melbourne (Australia) based SWARM Project, which is a 4.5 year program of research into how human reasoning can be improved. We are funded by IARPA (Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity) to develop a new type of platform for collaborative intelligence analysis, combining crowdsourcing with new structured analytical techniques.

Learn more:

My proof:

EDIT: 10.25PM here - Thanks everyone - signing off now. Will look in again tomorrow and answer more questions.


My name is Michael A. Levine, and I'm a composer for film, television, games, and advertising. Ask Me Anything!

One of my breaks came when I composed the Kit Kat Gimme A Break jingle (which you can see amusingly butchered in The Office)

Since then, I’ve worked on a wide range of films as a composer (Served Like A Girl, Lego DC Super Hero Girls Braindrain, Adrift in Manhattan, Landfill Harmonic) plus writing additional music and playing violin for Hans Zimmer (The Dark Knight, Rango, Pirates of the Caribbean, Dunkirk) for whom, on The Simpsons Movie, I wrote the infamous Spider Pig choir piece. But I’m probably best known for my television scores for Siren, Cold Case, and Star Wars Detours. Plus I produced songs for The Naked Brothers Band. I also created Lorde's dark and moody rendition of Everybody Wants To Rule The World used in the Assassins Creed Unity trailer, and Go Tell Aunt Rhody, the theme song of Resident Evil VII: Biohazard, the first VR game of the series.

Siren, which is shown on both Freeform and Hulu, has demanded some things from me I’ve never done before including writing a song for a killer mermaid. If you have any questions about it - or any other of my adventures - please check in.

Starting at 12:00pm PT/3:00pm ET, I will be answering all of your questions. Excited to be here!

PROOF: My proof is on my twitter -- tweet 1 & tweet 2

Ask Me Anything!

EDIT: Thanks, everybody! It was a lot of fun answering all your questions.


Hi there! We are Jessica and Edward, the producing partners of How to ADHD, a YouTube show Jessica created in 2016. We also happen to be married! We focus on using compassion, humor, and evidence-based research to help people understand, work with, and love their ADHD brains. Our channel is

Jessica is the creator and host of the channel – she researches, writes, and performs all the episodes. Edward directs, edits, and animates them. That's the official description, anyway, we tend to collaborate on all aspects of the show.

We've created over a hundred How to ADHD videos, we did a TEDx talk in 2017 that's been seen more than ten million times, and in December 2017, we became full-time content creators, thanks to the generous support of our patrons on Patreon. (

Jessica also speaks about ADHD and mental health at events (like VidCon! We'll be there this week!) and on podcasts, and we generally do our best to help everyone understand what ADHD really is, and how to adapt to the challenges and appreciate the strengths of the ADHD brain. We're excited to be here, ask us anything!

**Ok I'll be real, this is my first time doing an AMA and I didn't know how to end it & you all asked such great questions I just kept going :D But we've got to finish the next video & get ready for VidCon now so thank you all so much and I hope to see you in the comments on the channel! (I'll also answer a few more questions here tomorrow if I can.) Hugs, Jessica **


I have been a professional Chaplain of some sort for almost twelve years, ten of which have been in Hospice. Hospice is a specialized care that helps patients and family throughout the last stages of life. Patients have to have a six month life expectancy, should the disease run its course naturally. The goal if hospice is to keep the patient comfortable.

Medicare (United States) states that there must be two counselors involved in care in addition to nurses, doctors and others to form the patient's interdisciplinary team. The Chaplain therefore is part of this team. The patient and family steer the team and the team supports them both before the death and the family after death.

In my time I've also been a Volunteer Coordinator and Bereavement Coordinator, but mostly I have acted as Chaplain and love my work. I have had five units of Clinical Pastoral Education on top of years of college and seminary.

Please, ask me anything.

*Note - I have sent in proof of verification to mods via their system. Because of my company's policy on social media, I cannot display name badge.


Kati Morton holds a masters in clinical psychology and is a licensed marriage and family therapist. She has a passion for education and empowerment, and shares helpful insights through her YouTube channel She hopes that by speaking candidly about mental health, and encouraging her viewers to reach out to get the support they need, we can remove the stigma associated with getting help.


Thank you all so much for hanging out with me! I hope some of my answers and advice were helpful! xox


I am Trita Parsi, author of Losing an Enemy - Obama, Iran and the Triumph of Diplomacy, and a strong supporter of the Iran nuclear deal. I want to stop Trump, Bolton and Pompeo from taking the United States into another endless war in the Middle East. Ask me anything!


Edit: Alright everyone, thanks so much for partaking in this! I look forward to doing it again. If you need to reach me, reach out over twitter. I am at @tparsi. Thanks!!!

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