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General Feedback/Getting Started Q&A Thread

This thread is for questions that are typically not permitted elsewhere on /r/DIY. Topics can include where you can purchase a product, what a product is called, how to get started on a project, a project recommendation, how to get started on a project, questions about the design or aesthetics of your project or miscellaneous questions in between. There ar


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  • This is a judgement-free zone. We all had to start somewhere. Be civil. .

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8 hours ago
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Hello /r/DIY,

We are excited to announce that we will be having our next AMA in just about two and a half weeks.

Travis Larson will be joining us on July 10th at 11 AM EST.

For those who are unaware of who Travis is you can find out more about him here.

Please look for the official AMA thread on July 10th to ask your questions!


(p.s haven't forgotten about the survey results I'm just busy pls don't hate me I love you all thank you)


I'd like to make some home improvements myself but I'm not sure what the laws limit me to and whether permits are required. Is there a resource to find such information? Also, is it something a layman can interpret? If not, who can I go to for further help?


Can I fix this myself ? What exactly is this supposed to be connected to ? Money is tight . Is it safe to run AC with this not connected to whatever? I’m just not seeing where it’s supposed to go . On the back somewhere? How do I even get to that ? The hanging tube thing


Not even 100% sure what to call them in order to do a proper search.

Is there a tool that will handle both the pop rivets (steel or aluminum that don't come out) AND the threaded rivets.inserts/riv nuts?

Thanks in advance.


I've been a long time lurker here and I would like to ask the community for some help. I have a fence/deck installation/repair company and I have a deck that needs pressure washed and refinished. The problem is the deck is by a small pond on the home owner's property and doesn't have access to the house water system.

  1. My pressure washer (Generac OneWash) and per the manual needs no less than 30 psi from coming from the water supply (the average house has 40 to 60 psi).
  2. I have a 65 gallon water tank that I would like to pressurize. The tank has a standard garden hose fitting. Here is an imgur link to a stock photo of the same tank.
  3. I have a trailer to carry the full tank to the location.

Any ideas would be great! Thank you for your suggestions!


Just hoping I can get a suggestion as to how to remove a stripped screw out of a jigsaw. My old man gave me a jigsaw a few weeks ago that works fine but has a 'trigger' that keeps getting jammed. I'm trying to take it apart to see if there's anything I can do to resolve this but I've managed to strip one of the screws and now can't get it out. All the videos I've looked at around this involve getting stripped screws out of wood and aren't particularly helpful as the screw is sunk into the plastic housing and is tough to get at. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


I'm looking to build a platform frame, and I want the mattress set deep within the frame so only the top 3 or 4 inches of the mattress protrude above the edges. My question is how wide should I make the interior of the frame so that I can make the bed, and tuck the sheets/comforter into the frame.

A queen size mattress is 80" x 60", so would a frame of 82" x 62" be enough? Should I go a little more? I don't want the gap too wide were things can fall in, or the mattress shifts around a bunch. Thanks!


I am creating a small temperature controlled space in my crawl space for fermenting beer. Just wanted to validate my plans. The crawl space has concrete floors.

I am going to use 2 exterior walls, I will mount some foam board directly to those walls.

Create the other two walls using foam board on the inside walls and regular drywall on the outside wall with some insulation between.

On the ceiling put insulation and then more foam boards.

On the floor I am going to use a rubber flooring.

The space will be like an 4'x8'

I have an portable AC unit that I bought from when my AC broke down that I am going to use to maintain the temps.

I dont know if it matter but I am in Illinois


So you can see the bench here. It was a rough build I know, but I only had a day to build it before I left town and I don’t own a truck so I only had a couple shots at getting enough lumber. I plan to take the table saw off the floating platform once I can figure out how to integrate into the table.

My thought process is that I’m best off buying an external fence then incorporating that into the bench, however I have no clue where to start or which to buy.

Also I wanted to be able to use my router into the table, however am not sure how to setup the saw and make it lowerable to allow space for the router attached to a plywood platform piece and dropped in. So right now I just have to pull the whole thing out.

Any help is greatly appreciated and as a bonus here is the table(, which was my first project ever, and my vinyl stand I built haphazardly to get it off the floor following our recent move


Hello everyone,

i start a little project to recognize noise levels in the night. I used a Raspberry Pi a microphone in order to gather data that I then analyze. Unfortunately, I don't have time to exploit a neural network to recognize and i implemented a simple algorithm in which if i find a decibel (from data gathered) >= threshold i analyze the following data (one hour) and if 80% of this data are greater than threshold i found a good candidate as the moment when the noise begins (similarly with the moment when the noise ends).

I know, there is many variables like: microphone position, distance, atmospheric components etc... but my question is focused on algorithms. So, do you know about similar papers/project?

Thank you in advance,


Hi - not a start to finish gallery here - but a big swimming pool restoration in progress for 5 months now. We did a lot of improvements on this pool for many years, but when it started leaking over a year ago, we took the plunge and invested a lot of shells on a local contractor to do some major improvements.

That said, we have put 100% of the time and effort into this heavy vintage diving board. Throughout the years, we have done a few things - custom milled a new fulcrum rod, media blasted the spring (but didn't powdercoat). The supporting frame is in place (see gallery), all is good to go, but the diving board has generally not been touched and could use some TLC.

The main points of concern are the anchor threads, in old wood that is now cracking, and any kind of treatment we can do to the fiberglass (it sees a lot of sun in cali).

Here's the imgur gallery:

Any suggestions and questions welcome!

The business end of a perfect cannonball.


Hi all, title says it all really. Laying a patio, have leveled and compacted a sub-base out of Mot type 1.

Thinking of opting for screeding method, some sites suggest 6:1 sharp sand to cement, others say 10:1 is sufficient.

What do?


There is a diagram on the label that says where the wires are supposed to go. When it's wired for 110, the brown and red wires go on 2. On 220, it's red and blue. The place of red in the order is different. I tried switching the red wire to the other terminal where brown was attached to 2 and putting the blue one where red was, but they didn't reach. Does it matter which one goes on which terminal?

The wires in question, after rewiring 2 with red and blue wires is in the upper right. Sorry I didn't think to take a before picture.

EDIT: Another question. I took the motor off of the saw since I'm stupid and didn't realize that I didn't need to do that. Trying to get the bolts back on. How do I know it's lined up properly? I don't want to turn it on and get killed because it wasn't properly lined up.


My wife and I just purchased a house and she went to take a bath and found that it wasn't holding water. Looking at the drain we discovered that it was very corroded and decided to replace it. After a while of fighting to remove it, we discovered that it seemed to be an incorrectly fitting piece that was epoxied and puttied all around it to fit "good enough".

FINALLY we were able to get the whole drain out and discovered that that small chip was actually giant... and that there were cut marks around the edge.

We started researching ways to fix it but all the "kits" had bad reviews (peeling and temporary fixes) and all the "touch up" for bathtubs were for tiny scratches and knicks. Nothing this big.

What should we do? We're crafty people needing to be pointed in the right direction! I've tried finding youtube tutorials out there but there isn't really anything I found related to this much damage. Found a lot about taking the drain out, but nothing about repairing the tub after the fact.

We want to repair the chip and smooth it out so that there is a nice seal around the drain, color doesn't need to match perse, we want function more than looks, but if it can look "close enough" that'd be great.

Eventually we are planning to replace the whole tub/shower, but that may be 5 years down the line. But for now, I could really use a bath.

Also posted to r/plumbing but wasn't sure where to go.


I have a cracked rafter in my attic and I would like some advice on sistering it versus laminating it with a 2" x 6" on either side of the cracked one and then nailing it solid. The rafter is a 2" x 6" and cracked on installation 40 years ago. Thanks for any advice.

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