How to Create Your Very Own Edible Landscape In Your Landscape Design

Ready-to-eat landscapes

Planting an Consumable Landscape

Edible Landscaping has become the oldest form of garden and when we are talking and considering consumable landscaping our company is really coming back to our roots by creating something that can not only be beautiful but also provide food for you all yr round. landscaper Geelong

When a great deal of folks think of consumable gardening they immediately believe that the sole consumable food to be found in a garden are vegetables and that you need an allotment or purpose built area to grow and maintain ready-to-eat plants, vegetables, fruits and herbs. This could not be further from the truth, with a little thought you will be able to integrate your edible plants directly into your landscape, generally without the interruption.

Correctly planned an edible landscape will provide you with fresh food throughout all the months available at time when it is ripe and ready to be collected.

Edible Landscape Forest 

Woods can often be the foundation of your gardening because of their size and dominance of the landscape that they are in. Many trees keep fruit and make fantastic and tasty crops, the trees to choose from are cherry, apple, pear, apricot, citrus, peach, pawpaw and plum are a few of the most evident examples.

They will are all breathtaking in their own right and are stunning when in bloom. The biggest problem with trees is they can be large and require a lot of pruning and control to keep your size and condition looking how you want them to look. That is for that reason why they are generally not used in landscape plans, the mess they cause when they learn to drop their fruit can be a concern for some landscapers, however, if you monitor and harvesting the fruits that are produced you are possibly the most delightful of the edible landscape.

Fruits For Your Edible Surroundings

You can grow a variety of edible all types of berries very easily in a very little bit of space, you can create space in your borders or you can grow them in pots and place them wherever you like within your landscape. My personal favourites are Strawberries, Raspberries and Blackberries but there are loads to choose from. They are look different and have different shapes, forms and designs, yet , they are all controllable and take well to shaping. Almost all safe to eat berries are incredibly easy to grow and many expand in the wild landscaping naturally anyway because they are so hardy, all you are doing is bringing them to a manipulated environment to make them part of your consumable landscape.


With a little bit of thoughts you can create a stunning centre piece to your landscape design and make it edible. Pampre will creep and expand in such a way that they allow you create some stunning designs and if you can complement that with being edible you are on to a winning combination.

You may guide where your raisin are going to increase and move the shade throughout your landscape area, this includes vertically, around fencing, over sheds, creating shades and any wide range of other uses.

Consumable Vegetable and Fruit Creepers

The plant growth and foliage of some fresh vegetables will naturally creep throughout the ground and spread obviously as they grow, the foliage on these vegetation are normally a profound green with large leaves plus they keep low to the floor, for this reason they can be used as line plants that look great and can contrast well with other plants in your landscape but also produce some wonderful food stuff, my favourite are cucumber, marrow, okra, pumpkins and gourds.

Herbs in the Edible Landscape

The most popular herbs offered are Rosemary, Mint, Sage, Thyme, Oregano, Chives, Turmeric and Lavender. The best way to find natural herbs is to visit your local nursery or if you know somebody who already has a crops, just take a few cuttings, they will all grow really easily from a cutting and you will soon have a completely developed shrub or plant.

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