Free iPod Music Downloads Sites – Do They Exist?

Certainly, is the short answer. However the word free invokes all sorts of interpretations which includes something that you don’t have to pay for and is also as good as the paid article – which we all know is rarely the case! download video and Music free 2018

Music downloads that are free are easy to find all you have to do is go to your favourite google search and type in ‘free music download sites’ and you will find over thirty-three million websites with reference point to that search term. With this number of websites you could spend a lifetime and possibly still not find what you want. 

You might feel that with 33 million webpages it would be a breeze to find a download free site – but you are regrettably mistaken. The reason for this is that at least 99% of those pages are rubbish. I actually know this is a harsh term to use but there are a lot of dangers in downloading from many of these sites, that i will go into a little later.

Several of you reading this article will already be aware of the things i am going to speak about so please have patience as there are others who will need to really know what pitfalls are away there.

The ‘free music download site’ providers do so by providing data over the file sharing network, commonly known as P2P (peer to peer). The way in which this simply works is to think of multiple users online at the same time uploading and downloading and ‘you’ tap into into that ‘file flow’ – I use tried to keep this simple but it can attract more complicated! Hopefully you get the picture now.

As you can imagine there are limitations to this – you can only gain access to what is being ‘shared’ at that moment so you could get free music but not the songs you want!

The main consideration here though is the motive for these site operators or record sharers. Many are not cancerous but nearly all are not. Various contributors to a network may be budding artists looking for an audience and perhaps that incredibly elusive break to stardom, lots of people are just sharing music they love but however many contributors have ulterior purposes. Unfortunately many of these people use these web sites to infect your computer with viruses and malware – it can be somewhat of ‘sport’ for them! (So don’t become a willing victim! )

The last thing My spouse and i will speak about about many of these P2P sites is the quality pulls. When you have ever used them you will see broken links (songs that just partly download), download speed is often very slow, you may well not find the tunes you are interested in and worst of all you could conclude getting a malware or Trojan – need My answer is more!

There are however, some sites that do provide a relatively safe environment to get free for downloading these include Kazaa and Limewire – they are good sites but give a limited choice (more current songs than older songs) and download speeds are slow.

For anyone who is getting somewhat dejected here there is a ‘half way house solution”. This comes in the proper execution of unlimited down load sites that are specifically tailored for iPods.

Now i’m mentioning this because while they are really not free, usually a maximum of $40 for a lifetime membership they give extremely good value.

If you are wondering what they are let me in short , explain. An iPod music downloads site is effectively a membership to a database where you can download music from. The music (and music-video, game titles and even TV shows) are sourced from the P2P networks i described earlier but the ‘major difference’ is that these guys have sourced the files from ‘clean’ sites where the quality is excellent, there are no broken links, no infections and large choice simply because the files have been put into a ‘database’ – so really a ‘win-win’ situation. If you’re effectively getting free music after paying for a membership.

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