Disneyland California: Closest Airports and Ground Transportation Choices

During travel to the Disneyland Hotel in California by airline, there are several air-ports which can be near the theme parks. Four of these airports are within an hour’s drive (depending on traffic) from Anaheim. Almost all of these four air-ports are also within forty miles or so from the resort. Here is a set of the airports with their mimic distance as well as expected driving times (depending on traffic) to the theme parks. (I have listed them from closest to farthest). cancun airport private transfers

– Steve Wayne Orange County Airport terminal (SNA) – 13 mls, approximately 20 minutes depending on traffic.
– Very long Beach Airport (LGB) – 18 miles, approximately 40 minutes depending on traffic.
– Los Angeles Cosmopolitan Airport (LAX) – thirty-five miles, approximately 50 minutes depending on traffic.
– Ontario Airport terminal (ONT) – 36 miles, roughly 45 minutes depending on traffic. 

The advantages to flying into the 3 smaller airports (LAX is the largest) are: they are closer to Disneyland, it could be faster to lease a car there and the airfare may be comparable in price. That is certainly worth looking at and comparing prices for airfare before booking your flight.

Once you have booked your flight you will need to determine how one can15484 get from the airport to the Disneyland Resort. For anyone who is planning on visiting other attractions besides Disneyland, you may want to consider renting a car. All four international airports have the following car rental companies: Alamo, Menace, Budget, Fox (except for LGB), Hertz and Country wide. Advantage, Dollar, Enterprise, Payless and Thrifty can be found at some of the four airports.

In the event you don’t want to rent a car, there are a variety other choices for transportation from the international airports to Disneyland. These selections are, the following:

– Taxi Service – this may be your best option depending on what airport you are soaring into and the actual size of your party is. If you are traveling into SNA or LGB, and have at least 3 people, then this cost for a taxi will probably be your cheapest gamble – around $45 one of the ways plus tip. This kind of is a set rate charge but may be higher if you get stuck in traffic. The other advantages to taking a taxi are: almost always there is a taxi waiting outside the airport-so no expecting a bus or truck, up to 6 people can ride for the same cost, therefore you will not have to make additional stops at other hotels, etc. before reaching to your hotel. You will need to call and make an advance reservation when going from your hotel to the airport.

– Disneyland Express Bus Assistance – this is a huge air-conditioned bus that services LAX and SNA international airports. This bus service is operated by Gray/Line Instructor America (not to be confused with another company called “Disneyland Express” which provides van service). The huge benefits are that you do not need to produce a reservation forward of time, and that it is just a fairly inexpensive service. The purchase price is approximately $32/roundtrip for adults from LAX and $25/roundtrip for the children. These prices do not include tips. If you pay ahead of time, then the price is approximately $28/adult roundtrip. The disadvantages to the service are that they only leave once every hour and that you may make several stops before coming at your hotel.

– Shuttle Van Shared Support – this service, which is available in any way four airports, picks you up at several locations at the airport. One of the most recognizable of this type of service is “Super Shuttle”. A Shuttle Van Shared Assistance picks up other people besides your group. Typical cost is around $33 each way for the first adult, plus a lower charge for every single additional part of your party. This kind of price does not include a tip. Generally, children under 3 can travel for free. The drawbacks to this type of service are that you do need to make reservations in advance, and it might take much longer to get to your hotel depending how many other stops they make first.

– Private Travel – this is a town car or truck service where the rider meets you at the baggage carousel holding up an indication with your name on it. You are the only party that the driver is picking up, therefore the advantage is that you will be taken straight to your hotel. Usually you can request a quick grocery stop at no additional cost. (You would want to request this extra stop at time that you make your reservation). Depending on the vehicle, this service can usually support 4 to 9 people. Although this service might be costly for only 1 to 2 people, it could be comparable in price to the Shuttle Truck Shared Service or Disneyland Express Bus Service when you have a greater get together. This is especially true from the airports that are further away from Disneyland, like LAX and ONT.

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